No Need for Tweaks: SYTYCD Season 10
News OK
(May 14, 2013)

The concept hardly sounds like a hit: a dance contest for unknowns often doing unusual dances. Yet Fox's So You Think You Can Dance, which launches its 10th season at 8pm Tuesday and Wednesday, continues to tap into what eludes other dance shows: the purity of the art.

We're All Just Big Ol' Apes
National Geographic Channel 
(May 13, 2013)

Going Ape (Nat Geo Channel, 10pm) - Food and sex: with all the benefits that come with being the alpha male it's no surprise that male apes work so hard to get to the top.

PGA's Rocco Mediate on Better-Than-a-Talk-Show Feherty
(May 13, 2013)

Love golf, hate it or think about it as something old white guys spend gobs of money doing, it doesn't matter when it comes to Feherty (Golf Channel, 10pm).

Freed Killer Struggles with Life on the Outside
Sundance Channel
(May 13, 2013)

Rectify (Sundance Channel, 10pm) - Daniel begins to lose his grip on reality as he struggles to adjust to life on the outside; Ted Jr. starts to question Daniel's innocence.

Jake Shimabukuro is the Jimi Hendrix of the Ukulele
Wall Street Journal
(May 10, 2013)

Jake Shimabukuro: Life on Four Strings (Friday - PBS, 9pm) - Jazz and rock critics have likened Mr. Shimabukuro (shee-mah-boo-kuh-roh) to such icons as Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix, comparisons now unfurled like Homeric boilerplate wherever his intercontinental tour schedule leads him. Credit power chords that cascade from the strings, sharp rhythmic patterns that ricochet off the uke's wooden body, fingers that fly faster than the eye can see.

Denis Leary Questions Marc Maron's Masculinity
(May 10, 2013)

Maron (IFC, 10pm) - Marc discovers the source of the awful smell stinking up his house. His podcast guest, Denis Leary, calls Marc’s masculinity into question, causing him to over prepare for removing the dead animal from under his house. Marc’s mom sets up a meeting between him and a family friend who becomes Marc’s eager new assistant.

Bob Saget Gets Dirty
(May 10, 2013)

Bob Saget: That's What I'm Talkin' About (Friday - Showtime, 10pm) - Bob Saget takes to the stage with a song in his heart. A filthy, filthy song to be exact. In his latest stand up special, Saget lets loose and embraces the dark side as he tells his favorite dirty jokes and stories about his dad - the guy who made him like this.

Rihanna's Bumpy Ride
USA Today
(May 6, 2013)

Rihanna came up with a novel idea to promote her seventh album, Unapologetic, just before its release last November: She chartered a 777 jet, loaded it with 150 or so die-hard fans and journalists, and took them on a whirlwind world tour of seven days, seven countries and seven shows. It turned out to be more arduous than awesome, though the behind-the-scenes documentary Rihanna 777 (Fox, 8pm) tries to give it a positive spin.

The Local Media Hound Could-Be Killer
Sundance Channel
(May 6, 2013)

Rectify (Sundance Channel, 10pm) - Daniel's day in town becomes a media spectacle. Trey Willis is questioned about a missing witness. Janet's day in town with Daniel turns into a media circus; Sheriff Daggett questions Trey Willis about a missing witness.

Live Playoffs on The Voice
(May 6, 2013)

The Voice season four is down to its final 16 contestants. Tonight at 8pm, they'll sing live as Adam, Blake, Usher and Shakira watch as viewers vote off their wannabes.

RuPaul Crowns a Winner
(May 6, 2013)

RuPaul brings together season five's queens to crown the winner - and relive the cattiness and cutiness of the season. RuPaul's Drag Race (Logo, 9pm).

Curious Online Love on Debbie Lum Doc
(May 6, 2013)

Seeking Asian Female (PBS, 10pm) - Steven is an aging white man obsessed with marrying an Asian woman, dreaming of a devoted young wife. Sandy is the young, feisty, ambitious Chinese woman he finds online. This engaging documentary follows their tumultuous love story.

The Amazing Race Season 22 Finale
CBS News
(May 5, 2013)

After more than 30,000 miles, five continents and nine countries, it's almost time for The Amazing Race teams to race to the finish line.The 22nd season of the CBS competition series wraps up this Sunday with a two-hour finale beginning at 8pm.

The Voice en Espanol Hosted by Daisy Fuentes and Jorge Bernal
(May 5, 2013)

Mark Burnett's great The Voice has gone a long, long way toward saving NBC, so it's no wonder Spanish-language sister network Telemundo is getting in on the action. Sunday night at 8pm, Daisy Fuentes and Jorge Bernal host La Voz Kids - a singing competition con red swirly chairs for kids. In those chairs are judges Paulina Rubio, Prince Royce and Roberto Tapia.

Sunday Afternoon at the Met for Verdi's Maschera
(May 5, 2013)

Un Ballo in Maschera (Sunday - PBS, 12noon), a new production of Verdi’s classic drama of political intrigue and thwarted romance, staged by acclaimed opera director David Alden and led by Met principal conductor Fabio Luisi.

A Woman Scorned on ABC's Better-Than-Ever Scandal
(May 2, 2013)

Scandal (ABC, 10pm) - The team makes a shocking discovery while investigating the mole; Fitz orders Jake to keep Olivia safe; Cyrus must clean up after Mellie's ultimatum.

Sherlock Searches for London Killer Moriarty in NYC
Latinos Post 
(May 2, 2013)

Elementary (CBS, 10pm) - After spending a few episodes training Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) for her new job as a detective, Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) will finally resume his hunt for Moriarty during Thursday’s episode, entitled “A Landmark Story.” The hit CBS crime-solving drama is nearing the end of its first season and gearing up for an already confirmed second season.

Legendary Singer Alison Moyet and Race Car Cutie Lewis Hamilton Hang with Graham
BBC America
(May 2, 2013)

The Graham Norton Show (BBC America, 10pm) - Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton speeds his way to Graham’s couch this week along with Dara O’Briain, Pedro Almodovar and Alison Moyet.

The Voice Judges Knock Out Wannabe Singers
(April 29, 2013)

It was bound to happen. The niceties are fading on The Voice (NBC, 8pm). Starting tonight in the Knockout rounds, the judges will start trimming their teams down to their final fours. Oh, sure, there will be tears. And there will be apologies along with promises of a great career ahead. But, let's face it, the knockouts ain't going to be pretty. But they will be fun.

Kid Trouble on ABC's Increasingly Funny Parents
(April 24, 2013)

How to Live with Your Parents (ABC, 9:30pm) - When Polly and Julian tell Natalie there's no camping trip this year, she creates an imaginary bully to deal with her parents' divorce.

Dr. Richard Smith Comes Face to Face with Aussie Dinosaurs
(April 24, 2013)

Monsters (PBS, 9pm) begins Down Under at the dawn of the Age of Dinosaurs. Host Richard Smith comes face-to-face with the previously unknown reptilian rulers of prehistoric Australia. Nova resurrects the giants that stalked the Great Southern Land and discovers that some of these animals were among the largest ever to have walked the Earth.

Brit Stockbroker Shaun Attwood Stumbles Into Big Trouble in Arizona
National Geographic Channel 
(April 24, 2013)

Locked Up Abroad (Nat Geo Channel, 9pm) - Shaun Attwood left his life in England to follow his dream and became a successful stockbroker in America.

Nadia G is Rocking Out Brunch (You Know for the Cool Crowd)
The Cooking Channel 
(April 24, 2013)

Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen (The Cooking Channel, 10pm) - Nadia G cooks up a bitchin' brunch and pokes fun at hipsters.

Can Former President Mohamed Nasheed Save His Country from Sinking?
(April 22, 2013)

Jon Shenk’s The Island President (PBS, 10pm) tells the story of former president Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives, a man confronting a problem greater than any other world leader has ever faced—the survival of his country and everyone in it.

Now That's Tricky
(April 22, 2013)

Quirks of the brain make humans, well, human, and can be harnessed for good or ill. A new television series on the National Geographic Channel called Brain Games (9pm) will use illusions, mind games and interactive experiments to reveal these inner workings of the human brain.

Unearthing Shakespeare's King 500 Years Later
Smithsonian Channel

The King's Skeleton: Richard III Revealed (Sunday - Smithsonian Channel, 9pm) - It took more than 500 years to find the remains of King Richard III, and for those who discovered him, the months spent proving his identity felt just as long.

Teen Musical RomCom Probably Shouldn't Be Complicated
The Hollywood Reporter
(April 21, 2013)

Lovestruck: The Musical (Sunday - ABC Family, 8pm) - Ask Sara Paxton, who plays Mirabella, to explain the multi-layered premise and the actress embarrassingly admits to The Hollywood Reporter, "It's complicated," before spending a good minute running through the logline. Jane Seymour, Chelsea Kane, Drew Seeley and Tom Wopat co-star in what Paxton calls a "romantic comedy" with a "supernatural" bent.

Wendie Malick Goes on the Lam in Funny After All These Years
Hallmark Movie Channel
(April 20, 2013)

After All These Years (Saturday - Hallmark Movie Channel, 9pm) - Audrey Brandon (Wendie Malick) has just celebrated her 30th anniversary with her “perfect” husband, Michael (Barclay Hope), when he leaves her for a younger woman. Soon after, Audrey is shocked to find Michael murdered on her kitchen floor.

A Good Little Movie with a Message
(April 20, 2013)

At its core a personal story about two mothers joined in grief, Mary and Martha (Saturday - HBO, 8pm) is also a passionate piece of advocacy. Moreover, it reflects Curtis’ penchant for envisioning a world where good can come of ordinary people’s do-good passion, which is both uplifting and reassuring, even if it doesn’t always conform to reality.

Jennifer Aniston-Produced Lifetime Movie Shines a Light on Mental Illness
USA Today
(April 20, 2013)

For Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer and Golden Globe nominee Bryce Dallas Howard, who worked together on the hit 2011 film The Help, Lifetime's Call Me Crazy: A Five Film (Saturday, 8pm) was a chance to collaborate again. For Brittany Snow, Call Me Crazy was an opportunity to work with Spencer, Howard and other accomplished women including Jennifer Aniston — one of the project's executive producers — and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson.

Nikita's Brain Conditioning Brings Up Dark Secrets
The CW
(April 19, 2013)

Nikita (CW - Friday, 8pm) - Strapped down and drugged, Nikita is subjected to Amanda's horrific mental conditioning process, sending her down a terrible trip through memory lane.

The Sharks Take a Liking (Mostly) to War-Inspired Jewelry
(April 19, 2013)

Shark Tank (Friday, 9pm), ABC's sorta great reality competition where five, properly convinced judges fork over serious seed money for aspiring entrepreneurs, returns with a fresh episode. Tonight's hopefuls include women who create jewelry inspired by the military.

Terror at the Marathon
(April 19, 2013)

CNN's Anderson Cooper is hosting Anderson Cooper Special Report (Friday, 10pm) with the latest details about the Boston Marathon bombings.

American Idol Buzz: Don't Expect to See Nicki Minaj Back Next Year
San Jose Mercury-News
(April 18, 2013)

American Idol (Fox, 8pm) has been plummeting in the ratings this season--at this rate, it won't finish the season as TV's highest-rated entertainment program, for the first time since 2004.

The Life and Times of Late Photojournalist Tim Hetherington is Very Good
(April 18, 2013)

A profile of a brilliant and acclaimed photojournalist, Tim Hetherington arrives this Thursday on HBO: Which Way is the Front Line from Here? The Life and Times of Tim Hetherington (8pm). Timing here is perhaps notable and entirely unintentional: Hetherington, who died April 20, 2011, in a rocket attack in Misurata, Libya, where he and a group of reporters were covering the fighting, spent a career covering terrible tragedies such as the one that happened in Boston Monday.

Singer Michael Bublé Stops By the Great Graham Norton Show
(April 18, 2013)

Singer Michael Bublé returns to the The Graham Norton Show (BBC America, 10pm). Also on: comedian Jack Dee and actress Amanda Holden.

Surprise Winter Order Gets the King Brothers Baking
Great American Country
(April 18, 2013)

Farm Kings (GAC, 9pm) - Once the holiday season ends, sales at the bakery begin to stall. In an attempt to save money, Joe brings the staff down to a minimum, but that means there are more roles to fill by the brothers themselves. When a surprise order hits Boldy’s, it’s all hands on deck, but with Joe, Pete, and Dan busy with other jobs, this means Tim will be forced to leave the farm and enter the fray at the bakery.

Kurt Warner Gives a Dreamer a Shot at Becoming a NASCAR Driver
USA Network
(April 18, 2013)

On the next episode of The Moment (USA Network, 9pm), Kyle Shields studies with Brendan Gaughan for an opportunity to earn a spot as a NASCAR driver for Richard Childress Racing. (Check out our Q&A with Kurt Warner.)

Senator John McCain and Ernie Brace Tortured for Years as Vietnam POWs
National Geographic Channel
(April 17, 2013)

Locked Up Abroad (Nat Geo Channel, 9pm) - As the longest POW in Vietnam history, Ernie Brace likely endured more than any other POW during the war. Held for almost eight years, he faced capture, starvation, sickness, torture, solitude and desperation.

Prehistoric Creatures Take Their First Steps on Dry Land
(April 17, 2013)

How did life storm the beaches and dominate planet Earth? Ancient Australian fossils offer clues in Life Explodes (PBS, 9pm). Half a billion years ago, Australia was still part of the super-continent Gondwana. The oceans were teeming with weird and wonderful animals, but the world above the waves remained an almost lifeless wasteland. All that was about to change, though.

TBS's Prank Show is Like Punk'd (Except It's Not Original or Funny)
(April 16, 2013)

You gotta give TBS credit for trying to revive a show, MTV's Punk'd, that was funny and probably too short lived. But what they're delivering in Who's Gets the Last Laugh? (10pm) is sort of a groan-inducing version of Punk'd that's neither original or funny. Donald Faison (Scrubs) hosts; guest stars like The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar hide in a control room as they play hidden-camera jokes on people. Like I said, "Groan."

James Cunningham's Eat St. is Good TV Eats
(April 16, 2013)

With countless shows on countless networks about food and travel and travel and food, let's just say it's difficult for newer shows to stand out. One show that has managed to carve its own niche in the food genre, in good part thanks to its utterly likable host, comedian James Cunningham, is Cooking Channel's Eat St. (8pm). On the show, James entertainingly intros a city and its food trucks. From there, the show's camera crews highlight the trucks' teams and customers. It's cute.

Deadliest Catch Kicks Off Season Nine Seemingly with Elliott Neese
E! Online
(April 16, 2013)

Has the captain jumped ship?! Fans of Discovery Channel's hit reality show Deadliest Catch are asking that very question after watching a promo for the ninth season, which centers on the absence of Elliott Neese, captain of the Ramblin' Rose. "Last season, Elliott faced huge setbacks, both at sea and at home," a narrator says in the clip, hinting that he wouldn't be returning.

Rebel Wilson Hosts MTV Movie Awards
USA Today
(April 14, 2013)

MTV Movie Awards 2013 (Sunday - MTV, 9pm) - Bridesmaids breakout star Rebel Wilson not only charmed audiences this past year in Pitch Perfect and Bachelorette, but she's also the first female host of the MTV Movie Awards since Sarah Silverman in 2007. Never one to back off a (sweetly phrased) raunchy joke, the Aussie is the perfect foil for A-list guests like Brad Pitt, who will be on hand to present Movie of the Year.

Bronislaw Huberman Saved 1,000 Musicians from Hitler's Wrath
(April 14, 2013)

Orchestra of Exiles (Sunday - PBS, 10pm) - In the 1930s Hitler began firing Jewish musicians. Overcoming extraordinary obstacles, the world famous violinist Bronislaw Huberman moved Europe's great musicians to Palestine and formed a symphony that would become the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. With allies including Arturo Toscanini and Albert Einstein, Huberman saved close to 1,000 Jews, along with Europe's musical heritage.

From Lake Placid to Reagan with a New Wave Beat
Denver Post
(April 14, 2013)

The 80s: The Decade That Made Us (Sunday - Nat Geo Channel, 8pm) - The story opens in Lake Placid, 1980, pre-Internet, when portable phones were the size of shoeboxes, with runaway inflation and a deep malaise, with the Olympic US-USSR ice hockey game singled out as a turning point. Suddenly, there was hope. And suddenly, there was Reagan.

Super-Comic Louis C.K. Stands Up
(April 13, 2013)

OK, while we impatiently await the return of the world's best sitcom (you know, except for last season), FX's Louis, we'll happily take Louis C.K.'s standup routine. Louis has said he has moved on from the self-deprecating sex-life stuff that was long the cornerstone of his comedy. But Louis is so good, we're more than willing to move on right alongside him. Taped live at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Louis C.K.: Oh My God (Saturday - HBO, 10pm) has the comedian talking about everything from murder to morality.

Drea de Matteo is a Cop on the Run from a Stalker
Lifetime TV
(April 13, 2013)

Stalkers (Saturday - Lifetime, 8pm) - Frustrated with the judicial system’s indifference towards stalking cases, ambitious A.D.A Julia Winston (Jodi O’Keefe) is determined to establish a task force charged with tracking and prosecuting predators before they harm or kill their victims. However, Julia’s “boys club” of bosses dismisses her concerns as trivial and repeatedly rebuffs her efforts.

The Doctor and Clara Travel to a 1983 Russian Sub
BBC America
(April 13, 2013)

Doctor Who (Saturday - BBC America, 8pm) - The Doctor and Clara land on a damaged Russian Submarine in 1983 as it spirals out of control into the ocean depths. An alien creature is loose on board, having escaped from a block of Arctic ice. With tempers flaring and a cargo of nuclear weapons on board, it’s not just the crew but the whole of humanity at stake.

Scientists Explore Ways To Revive Extinct Mammoths
(April 12, 2013)

Scientists are trying to collect enough DNA from extinct mammoths to revive the animal on National Geographic's Mammoth: Back From the Dead (Friday, 8pm).

A Spontaneous Date Goes Violently Wrong
Investigation Discovery
(April 12, 2013)

Dates From Hell (Friday - Investigation Discovery, 10pm) - After years of longing for the woman of his dreams, Allan, a hopeless romantic drops in on Christine for an impromptu date. He hopes to finally resolve his feelings of unrequited love. It’s a date that spirals into a confrontation of staggering violence.

Josh Groban Performs Live at Lincoln Center
(April 12, 2013)

Live From Lincoln Center (Friday - PBS, 9pm) will showcase the talents of one of the most versatile artists on the current scene, Josh Groban, who in little more than a decade has racked up record sales of more than 25 million worldwide. Titled "Josh Groban: All That Echoes," our program will feature songs from his most recent blockbuster album of the same name.

Lush Spy Tale Based on Alan Furst Novel
BBC America 
(April 10, 2013)

Spies of Warsaw (BBC America, 9pm) - David Tennant and Janet Montgomery star in this classic tale of spies, intrigue and romance, based on the novels of Alan Furst and adapted by Dick Clement & Ian La Frenais.

American Idol Top 6 Gear Up for Performances
(April 10, 2013)

American Idol (Fox, 8pm) - The Top 6 finalists give you a sneak peek of what to expect for this week's performances.

Stan's Lead Gets Him Closer to Gregory's Crew
(April 10, 2013)

The Americans (FX, 10pm) - Stan pursues a lead that puts him on the trail to one of Gregory's crew members, closing the gap between him and Elizabeth, and reigniting some of the deepest conflicts between her and Philip.

FX Rolls Out Broadcast Premiere of Battle: Los Angeles
(April 10, 2013)

Battle: Los Angeles (FX, 7:30pm) - A Marine Staff Sergeant who has just had his retirement approved goes back into the line of duty in order to assist a 2nd Lieutenant and his platoon as they fight to reclaim the city of Los Angeles from alien invaders.

America's Losing Battle: The War on Drugs
(April 8, 2013)

The House I Live In (PBS, 10pm) captures heart-wrenching stories of those on the front lines — from the dealer to the grieving mother, the narcotics officer to the senator, the inmate to the federal judge — and offers a penetrating look at the profound human rights implications of America’s longest war.

History in the Making as Louisville Takes on Michigan for NCAA Championship
USA Today
(April 8, 2013)

NCAA Basketball Tournament (CBS, 9pm) - Rick Pitino doesn't need to win the national championship on Monday night to get into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. He already took care of that this weekend. And he certainly doesn't need to beat Michigan to secure his legacy as one of the all-time greatest college coaches.

The Voice Coaches Start Selecting Their Final Team Members
(April 8, 2013)

The Voice (NBC, 8pm) - The coaches' teams begin to fill up as they vie for the final artists who might win it all.

DWTS Celebrities Dance to Their Most Memorable Year
Washington Times
(April 8, 2013)

One of the most popular themes returns to Dancing With The Stars (ABC, 8pm) this week, and it’s been among the most successful for competitors over the years.

Bad Relationships are Brewing on Sundance Mini Mystery
Sundance Channel 
(April 8, 2013)

Top of the Lake (Sundance, 10pm) - Despite a troubled past relationship and a dark secret that bonds them, Robin and Johnno are growing closer than ever. Robin’s mother warns her against dating him but refuses to explain why. Robin can only assume it stems from fear of his father, Matt, who is busy sending thugs into the bush to find Tui.

General Hospital Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary
(April 6, 2013)

There may be no greater moment in daytime TV than back in the 1980s when Luke married Laura on General Hospital. These days, General Hospital is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a look back at great moments like that. Katie Couric hosts the 20/20 special, General Hospital - The Real Soap Dish (Saturday - ABC, 8pm). Several of Port Charles' most famous residents stop by, including Tony Geary, Genie Francis, Kin Shriner, Maurice Benard, Jack Wagner and Rick Springfield.

Aunt Becky's Gonna Blow Someone's Brains Out
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
(April 6, 2013)

Lori Loughlin is best known as Aunt Becky, but she's taking on a more maternal character in Lifetime's A Mother's Rage. The TV-movie (Saturday, 8pm) follows Rebecca Mayer (Loughlin) and her daughter on a college road trip, which takes a turn for the worse when Mayer's overprotective instincts kick in. Mayer is desperate to keep her daughter safe from a perceived threat, but will she go too far?

Doctor Who's Karen Gillan Gets Zombied on Chris Hardwick's The Nerdist
BBC America
(April 6, 2013)

Board up your windows and check the expiration date on your canned goods. The Nerdist (Saturday - BBC America, 10pm) is getting ready to face the zombie apocalypse! With guests like The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and star of The Walking Dead Michael Rooker, our survival chances are on the rise.

Going Inside America's Prisons
(April 6, 2013)

Lockup: Extended Stay (Saturday - MSNBC, 10pm) - America's top-rated and longest-running prison reality series turns to Cleveland this season, taking viewers on a gritty, in-depth journey and capturing all the life-and-death drama that unfolds every day.

Outstanding Music Series Kicks Off with a Look at the Broadway Musical
USA Today
(April 5, 2013)

Michael Feinstein's American Songbook (Friday - PBS, 9pm) - The singer, pianist, cabaret star and Gershwin expert kicks off the third season of his celebration of the Great American Songbook with a salute to the music of Broadway. And he's gathered three of Broadway's greatest and most popular artists to lead the way: the always delightful Christine Ebersole; beloved Broadway, movie and TV icon Angela Lansbury; and composer/lyricist Stephen Sondheim, whose work over the last 40 years practically defines the Broadway musical.

Chad (Almost) Makes An Epic Movie on Out There
(April 5, 2013)

Out There (Friday - IFC, 10pm) - After botching his oral presentation for history class, Chad decides to make a movie instead. With Chris’ help/interference, the project becomes increasingly off-topic and out of control, leading to a disaster of near-biblical proportions.

Tabatha Takes Over a Failing Tennessee Salon
Bravo TV 
(April 4, 2013)

Tabatha Takes Over (Bravo, 10pm) - Tabatha kicks off season five when she visits the up and coming area of East Nashville, Tennessee where celebrity stylist Tanzy Clark Wright’s salon, Mogulz, is in a tizzy.

Eighty-Year-Old Millionaire Goes Missing
Investigation Discovery
(April 4, 2013)

Disappeared (Investigation Discovery, 8pm) - Eighty-one year old Bob Harrod is overjoyed when he marries his childhood sweetheart after sixty years apart. But days before his new bride moves in, Bob vanishes. Police cannot locate him and soon find a strong motive for foul play: Bob is a millionaire.

Blind Auditions Continue on Kinda Really Good The Voice Season 4
(April 1, 2013)

The revamped The Voice (NBC, 8pm) with judges Usher, Shakira, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine has already proved to be sorta nearly as fun as the original lineup of judges. The quartet continue to swirl tonight as wannabe singers audition to the back of cool red chairs.

More Than a Talk Show, Better Than a Talk Show
Golf Channel
(April 1, 2013)

Legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight sits down with David Feherty. Watch an all-new Feherty (Golf Channel, 10pm).

Huge Audience Expected to Watch The Bible Finale
New York Post
(March 31, 2013)

This is shaping up to be one bloody Easter Sunday. That’s when the fifth and final installment of the History Channel’s blockbuster mini-series, The Bible (8pm), will square off one last time against AMC’s post-apocalyptic zombie hit, The Walking Dead.

The Doctor Returns to Modern-Day London with a New Companion
(March 30, 2013)

BBC America's totally addictive Doctor Who (Saturday, 8pm) resumes its season with the Doctor (Matt Smith) facing a new nemesis, the Spoonheads, as he dashes through modern-day London. New nemesis. New companion. The Doctor is joined by new companion Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman). Steven Moffat (Sherlock) wrote the episode, The Bells of St. John.

BBC America Sci-Fi Drama is Insufficiently Entertaining
(March 30, 2013)

As for Orphan Black (BBC America - Saturday, 9pm), the series stars Tatiana Maslany (The Vow) as Sarah, a down-on-her-luck, one-time foster kid who sees her near-twin leap to her death off a train platform.

Who Killed the Family of Joyce Meyer's Security Guard?
CBS News
(March 30, 2013)

48 Hours: The Writing on the Wall (CBS - Saturday, 10pm) - The head of security for a televangelist -- his wife and sons murdered. Who wanted this family dead? Maureen Maher reports.

Bursting Overhead with the Force of 30 Atomic Bombs
(March 27, 2013)

Nova: Meteor Strike (PBS, 9pm) - A blinding flash of light streaked across the Russian sky, followed by a shuddering blast strong enough to damage buildings and send more than 1,000 people to the hospital. On the morning of February 15, 2013, a 7,000-ton asteroid crashed into the Earth's atmosphere.

American Idol Top 8 Takes on Motown
(March 27, 2013)

The Top Eight of American Idol (Fox, 8pm) 2013 have been tasked with taking on the theme of “Detroit: The Music of the Motor City” (aka Motown) for Wednesday’s performance show. With two country singers and a bunch who love ballads left in the competition, this week should be–ahem–interesting, to say the least. And, after we saw the abysmal knowledge of the Beatles by most of these folks last week, we wonder if they even know any of these songs. Uh oh.

Like It Or (More Likely) Hate It, The Neighbors Wraps Up
New York Times
(March 27, 2013)

In her 30-year acting career Jami Gertz has never heard a negative peep from her parents about her projects. “It could go straight to video,” she said, “and my father will be like, ‘You were the best thing in it.'"

The Much-Loathed (But We Like It) Whitney Wraps Season Two
Washington Post
(March 27, 2013)

It came as a bit of a surprise that the modestly rated and critically disliked sitcom Whitney (NBC, 8pm) was renewed for a second season, and industry experts seem to think it’s a long shot for Season 3. Nonetheless, comedian Whitney Cummings and the gang close out the season with an hour-long finale, as Whitney decides her psychiatrist is crazy, and R.J. decides to play cupid for Mark.

The (Real) World Ain't Quaint No More
(March 27, 2013)

Back in the summer of 1992, when the very first season of The Real World plopped seven strangers into a New York loft, we found out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.Twenty-one years later, eight strangers were similarly thrown together in Portland, Ore., for the show's 28th (yes, 28th!) season, premiering 10pm on MTV.

Wes Brown is a Bounty Hunter Looking for His Mother's Killer
Hallmark Movie Channel
(March 23, 2013)
Shadow on the Mesa (Hallmark Movie Channel - Saturday, 8pm) - Bounty hunter Wes Rawlins (Wes Brown) is a man of few words and the American West’s quickest draw. A silent but calculatingly honest man, Wes is devastated when his mother is brutally murdered by a couple of outlaws who are still on the run.

Josh Duhamel Gearing Up to Host Live Kids Choice Awards
ABC News 
(March 23, 2013)
Safe Haven star Josh Duhamel is gearing up to host Nickelodeon’s 26th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards (Saturday, 8pm) in a live ceremony airing tonight at 8 from USC’s Galen Center in Los Angeles.

Designers Compete for a Shot at Lord & Taylor's Windows
(March 21, 2013)

Project Runway (Lifetime, 9pm) - The Project Runway teams get a chance to design for Lord & Taylor.

Jeff Foxworthy Returns as Host of Bible Season Two Along with Kirk Franklin
(March 21, 2013)

GSN kicks off its second season of surprise hit The American Bible Challenge tonight at 9pm. Host Jeff Foxworthy gets a little company this season, with gospel singer Kirk Franklin joining the show as musical co-host.

Joan Rivers In Front of ... and Behind the Camera
Minneapolis Star-Tribune
(March 21, 2013)

Can we talk? If you’re going to get a narrator for a documentary called Why We Laugh: Funny Women (Showtime, 8pm), you might as well get Joan Rivers, who is still hands-down one of the world’s great comics. Also talking about their craft: Lily Tomlin, Kathy Griffin, Aisha Tyler and Janeane Garofalo.

As Idol Ratings Sink People Wonder: Is Nicki Minaj Good for the Show?
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
(March 20, 2013)

Anyone who tunes into American Idol (Fox, 8pm) regularly knows that this season sometimes feels like The Nicki Minaj Show.

Emotions Flare Up As Peter Searches for Answers About His Dad
(March 20, 2013)

Chicago Fire (NBC, 10pm) - Severide's father continues to unearth the past while Peter Mills investigates the truth behind his father's death.

Inside the Klan
(March 20, 2013)

KKK: Beneath the Hood (Discovery Channel, 8pm) - With the help of photojournalist Anthony Karen, who has chronicled the KKK for numerous years, Discovery Channel gains access to current members and no topic is off limits, including the Klan’s cross burning ceremonies. Filmmakers also go inside the home of KKK members Rev. Thomas Robb, his daughter Rachel and her children to give viewers an inside look at a klan family.

Scientists Search for God
Science Channel
(March 20, 2013)

Through the Wormhole (Science Channel, 9pm) - Did God invent humanity? Or did we invent God? Since our brains are where we experience reality, does imagining God make God real? One neuroscientist is trying to find the answer by peering into the human mind, and seeing what God really looks like.

Danny is Cute - But is He Murderer Too?
New York Times
(March 19, 2013)

Twisted (ABC Family, 9pm) - Danny Desai (Avan Jogia), a charismatic 16-year-old with a troubled past, returns to his home after spending five years in juvenile detention in this new mystery series.

Everything You'd Ever Want to Know About Aliens
Science Channel
(March 19, 2013)

This all-new special is an "Encyclopedia Galactica" of non-Earth life forms, and an investigation into the latest scientific understanding of life beyond planet Earth.

Perfect Couple Ain't So Sinless
Investigation Discovery
(March 16, 2013)

Deadly Sins (ID: Investigation Discovery - Saturday, 9pm) - A perfect couple known to many as Ken & Barbie is concealing a sinful secret life of demonic lust for sex,domination & blood. A poor little rich boy uses his family's influence to terrorize a small town beauty queen, all part of his sinister lust & wrath.

Deja Vu All Over Again on Elementary
(March 14, 2013)

Jane takes on her first solo case on Elementary (CBS, 10pm) while Sherlock investigates a NYC subway murder.

Another Reason Not to Trust Your Life Insurance Guy: Greed
(March 14, 2013)

On the next American Greed (CNBC, 10pm) episode Deadly Payout, a trio of Texas conmen scores $100 million, telling investors there's big money in the "life settlement" insurance biz. They claim policy holders can cash out before they die and investors can double their money. When the fraudsters fail to pay returns and keep the money for themselves, it all comes crashing down, leaving investors' finances in critical condition.

Male Models Replace Lots of Skin with Fashion
(March 14, 2013)

Oh, call it a desperate attempt to be relevant, but still-good Project Runway (Lifetime, 9pm) appears to be selecting items each week from the Jumping the Shark catalog. Can't fault the show, which is still an entertaining hour (or more) of fashion and fighting. But this season, the show's stunts feel strained. First, it's an all-teams season, meaning the designers almost never work alone. And, tonight, their models are half-naked guys. Hey, it may scream desperation but we'll watch.

Well, Maybe My Job Isn't So Bad After All
USA Today
(March 12, 2013)

Hell's Kitchen (Fox, 8pm) - Goodness, things really must be awful for employees out there in this era of 24/7 work-day demands. Why else would people watch Gordon Ramsay launch his abusive, absurdly vulgar tirades against the kind of fellow-worker-travelers you'd normally expect viewers to identify with — unless it's for the "at least my job's not that bad" burst of schadenfreude the show provides. If that strikes you as reason enough, have at it.

Bartering is a Family Affair
(March 12, 2013)

Family Trade (GSN, 8pm) is a new original series focused on the real-life drama, comopetition and humor inherent in the quirky barter system employed by G-Stone Motors, a GMC and Ford dealership in Middlebury, Vermont.

NYC Newcomer Laura Garza Goes Missing in Dead Series Premiere
Investigation Discovery
(March 12, 2013)

Dead of Night (ID, 10pm) - Laura Garza is a twenty five year-old aspiring dancer who has just moved to New York City. One night, after clubbing at a hot downtown venue, Laura disappears. The cops can't find Laura and unless they do, their prime suspect could walk away a free man. 

Real-Life War Heroes in Action
National Geographic Channel
(March 11, 2013)

Inside Combat Rescue (Nat Geo Channel, 10pm) - The team medevacs two Afghan allies who have been shot in a firefight. When one of the guns on their chopper breaks in midair, the men must change their tactics to land safely. With the threat of improvised explosive devices at the landing zone slowing down the process, the men are feeling the pressure to get their allies back to safety. Back at base, each man must deal with the stressors of the job in his own way.

Great Saturday TV: Ripper Street with a Graham Norton Chaser
BBC America
(March 9, 2013)

Ripper Street (BBC America - Saturday, 9pm) - Reid is adrift. His team is in pieces and Leman Street is shaken to its foundations following recent events. A kidnapping offers him cause to assemble his men and tackle the white slavery ring operating in their midst. But Reid is gripped by a growing obsession that leads back to a terrible secret from his own past.

Cute Family Comedy Wendell & Vinnie is Worth Finding
(March 9, 2013)

Wendell & Vinnie (Nick - Saturday, 8pm) - Vinnie (Jerry Trainor) is just living the dream He's the owner of a pop culture memorabilia store, has an awesome pad in L.A., and doesn't have a care in the world. After a sudden twist of events, Vinnie finds himself as the legal guardian of his wise-beyond-his-years nephew, Wendell. With a little help from Vinnie's sister, Wilma and next door neighbor Taryn, Vinnie gets the hang of being a parent. At the same time, Wendell could just be the parent Vinnie needs.

Game of Thrones Season Two Highlights
(March 8, 2013)
HBO's Game of Thrones kicks off its third season on March 31 but, before then, HBO is giving you a chance to get reacquainted (or acquainted) with the show, based on George R. R. Martin's book, "A Song of Ice and Fire." Season two highlights (HBO - Friday, 9:45pm). (Here's a preview of season three.)

Things Go Bump in the Night in Egg Harbor NJ
Travel Channel
(March 8, 2013)

On The Dead Files (Travel Channel - Friday, 10pm), physical medium Amy Allan and retired NYPD homicide detective Steve Di Schiavi, combine their unique and often conflicting skills to solve unexplained paranormal phenomena in haunted locations across America.

The Alien Comedy that TV Critics Hate a Little Less
TV Guide
(March 6, 2013)

ABC's latest on-air promo for The Neighbors (8:30pm) starts off by quoting some rather negative reviews, including four scorching ones from The Hollywood Reporter: "Small slice of stupidity," "Supremely unfunny," "It's awful" and "How the hell did this get made?"

Hardcore Munchies
Travel Channel
(March 6, 2013)

Feed the Beast (Travel Channel, 9pm) - We've all experienced it: It's after midnight, and even though the party's over, you're wide-awake ... and ravenously hungry. Good thing Mikey Roe knows where to find the best late-night eats.

That's a Scary Knickknack
South Coast Today
(March 6, 2013)

Haunted Collector (Syfy, 9pm) enters its third season, following expert John Zaffis as he scours the countryside to find folks terrorized by items and/or places. One of the early segments involves a horse farm purchased by Mary Lu Dolce Conti. Since moving in, Mary Lu's animals have been in a state of constant agitation.

Bobby Bottleservice Puts on a Wedding on Kroll Finale
Comedy Central
(March 6, 2013)

Kroll Show (Comedy Central, 10:30pm) - Bobby Bottleservice and his best friend Peter Paparazzo create a professional wedding planning service.

Science Channel Wonders If There's Life Out There
Science Channel 
(March 5, 2013)

Alien Encounters 2 (Science Channel, 10pm) - Science Channel's Are We Alone? month returns to viewers with a search for answers to bold new questions about mankind's search for extraterrestrial life.

Cop Drama's Spoiler Ending Toned Down in Ep. 2
USA Today
(March 5, 2013)

Golden Boy (CBS, 10pm) - There's also good news for viewers of this promising new procedural, particularly those who may have found the opener's flashback structure a bit confusing.

Curtis Dowling Tracks Down Art Treasures
(March 5, 2013)
Treasure Detective (CNBC, 9pm) - Curtis Dowling and his team of investigators are out to expose the fakes. They are on a mission to help collectors of art and antiques discover if they're holding trash or treasure.

Adam Gets Behind the Wheel of a GT40
(March 5, 2013)

Top Gear (History Channel, 9pm) - We find out what goes on in Adam's head as he takes control of the show and gets to do whatever he wants.

Country Cutie Taylor Swift and Richard Gere Hang with Graham
(March 2, 2013)

On the sorta super-great The Graham Norton Show (BBC America - Saturday, 10:15pm), the UK talk show where Graham chats with Brit and American celebs while sipping wine, country singer Taylor Swift stops by. So does Richard Gere, actor John Malcovich and on-fire Irish actress Saoirse Ronan (The Host).

Ripper Street is Finding Its Dark and Gloomy Groove
BBC America
(March 1, 2013)

Ripper Street (BBC America - Saturday, 9pm) - An international shipping magnate arrives in town with his Pinkerton retinue to complete the acquisition of an ailing London shipping line. Meanwhile, the murdered body of an engine inventor draws Reid’s attention just as Jackson and Long Susan’s past comes back to haunt them.

Baby Momma Gone Bad
Lifetime TV 
(March 2, 2013)

The Surrogate (Lifetime - Saturday, 8pm) - Successful author and college professor Jacob Kelly and his wife Allison can't have a baby on their own so the couple turns to Carriers, a full service surrogacy center, for help, and are introduced to Remy, who appears to be the perfect surrogate.

Portlandia Wraps Up a Really Neat Season Three
(March 1, 2013)

Portlandia (IFC - Friday, 10pm) - When a blackout strikes Portland, the citizens must resort to desperate measures in order to save their beloved city.

The Life of Olympic Star and Murder Suspect Oscar Pistorius
NBC News
(March 1, 2013)

Dateline NBC (Friday, 8pm) - Dateline NBC's Keith Morrison tells the astonishing murder case against the Olympic track star Oscar Pistorius, that has shocked the world.

Bob Ballard is Trying to Preserve the Titanic
National Geographic Channel
(March 1, 2013)

Dr. Bob Ballard has been living and breathing the Titanic since 1985 when he was part of the team that discovered it. Now, 100 years after the tragic sinking, the shipwreck is at risk.

Christie Hatman Hunts for Auction Treasures
Springfield News-Leader
(March 1, 2013)

Christie Hatman will be featured in an HGTV five-show series called Auction Agent (HGTV - Friday, 8pm).

Psych Gets Personal in Season Seven
North Jersey
(Feb. 27, 2013)

Psych (USA Network, 10pm) - The seventh season of the hit series begins tonight. Season 7 will explore Gus’ (Dule Hill) personal life and feature the wedding of one of the main characters. Parminder Nagra will recur as Gus’ girlfriend, exposing his romantic side and creating jealousy with Shawn (James Roday).

American Idol Gets Hashtaggy
New York Times
(Feb. 27, 2013)

These days, as more people watch television with a phone in hand or a computer in lap, it’s de rigueur for a network to have a Twitter hashtag on the screen. Television producers and stars — at least the ones with thick skins — appreciate the instant feedback, and now they’re figuring out ways to incorporate it into their shows, thereby completing the feedback loop.

Elephant Killers Exposed
(Feb. 27, 2013)

Battle for the Elephants (PBS, 9pm) explores the brutal slaughter of African elephants for their tusks, fueled largely by China’s demand for ivory.

M. William Phelps and John Kelly Revisit the Original Night Stalker
Investigation Discovery
(Feb. 27, 2013)

Dark Minds (ID: Investigation Discovery, 10pm) - The Original Night Stalker is America's most cunning serial killer. He terrorized California with a wave of rapes and murders, leaving a trail of bizarre clues. It's a race against time, but can he be found before the urge to kill rises again?

Eight-Foot-Tall Robots Bash Each Other's Metal Heads
(Feb. 26, 2013)

Each week, Robot Combat League (Syfy, 10pm) will feature tournament-style battles between eight-feet tall, state-of-the-art humanoid robots controlled by human "robo-jockeys".  Hosting the series is Chris Jericho, the wildly popular WWE wrestler and multifaceted performer.

Adrenaline Junkie Kevin Michael Connolly Has No Legs
Travel Channel
(Feb. 26, 2013)

Kevin Michael Connolly is an author, photographer and thrill seeker who, despite being born without legs, has a knack for pushing the limits. Catch the series premiere (Armed & Ready - Travel Channel, 10pm).

China Can't Shut Up Artist Ai Weiwei
(Feb. 25, 2013)

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (PBS, 10pm) - China’s most internationally well-known artist is also its most famous dissident. Ai Weiwei uses his conceptual art to challenge the government. Chinese authorities have responded by beating him up, bulldozing his newly built studio, holding him in secret detention for 81 days, and trying to mute his enormous presence in social media.

Curry, Cars and Mexico on Top Gear
BBC America
(Feb. 25, 2013)

Top Gear (BBC America, 9pm) - This week, Jeremy Clarkson subjects the new Kia Cee’d to a thorough road test involving eels, curry, a rock legend, an American cop, and a rather unusual game of rugby involving James May.

Web Dating Show Parody Makes the Move to E!
Entertainment Weekly
(Feb. 25, 2013)

Ken Marino’s dating show parody Burning Love is making the jump from the Internet to TV. The web series will make its debut on E! (10pm).

Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps Takes a Swing
Golf Channel
(Feb. 25, 2013)

The most decorated Olympian of all-time is taking on a new challenge — and his first goal is staying out of the water. With the help of legendary swing coach Hank Haney, Phelps will work on his golf game, travel to some of the world’s finest courses, and see how far his athletic prowess can take him on dry land. The Haney Project Michael Phelps (Golf Channel, 9pm).

The Academy Awards - Live Chat in Style
New Yorker
(Feb. 24, 2013)

This week on, Richard Brody forecast which films are likely to win Oscar’s favor. On Sunday evening, he’ll discuss the show and the scene in a live chat with our Culture Editor, Michael Agger. Leave a comment or ask a question about the awards below, and come back on Sunday, at 7:30pm Eastern to watch the ceremony with Richard and Michael. (The Oscars 2013. ABC - Sunday, 7pm Eastern.)

Bryan Cranston Narrates the Real-Life Argo Story
(Feb. 24, 2013)

Argo: Inside Story - Movie critics are buzzing over Argo, which chronicles the CIA's attempt to rescue 6 Americans during the 1978 Iran hostage crisis. Discovery Channel (Sunday, 12noon) gains access to the top players involved to hear their side of the story, including CIA, Tony Mendez.

Sunday Afternoon with Verdi
(Feb. 24, 2013)
Verdi’s Shakespearean tragedy Otello starring Johan Botha in the title role and Renée Fleming as Otello’s innocent wife, Desdemona, airs on Great Performances at theMet Sunday at 12 noon on PBS (check local listings).

Andy Samberg Hosts the Film Independent Spirit Awards
(Feb. 23, 2013)

As the first event to honor independent film exclusively, the Film Independent Spirit Awards has made a name for itself as the premier awards event for the independent film community. It's a celebration of the spirited pioneers who bring a unique vision to filmmaking. Currently in its 26th year, the show is as original as the films and filmmakers it honors. The Spirit Awards will air on IFC (Saturday, 10pm).

Oscar Buzz: Inside Vanity Fair's Oscar Party
CBS News
(Feb. 23, 2013)

Vanity Fair's Hollywood (CBS - Saturday, 10pm) - CBS News and Vanity Fair take you inside what many say is the most exclusive party of the year and share some of the most intriguing stories playing out on and off the silver screen.

Melissa's Ex and Lily Tomlin on Joan and Melissa Season Premiere
We TV 
(Feb. 23, 2013)

Joan & Melissa: Who Knows Best? (We TV - Saturday, 9pm) - In the Season three premiere, Melissa’s ex-husband, John, comes to stay at her house while his place is being fumigated. Plus, Joan makes a new friend at a party hosted by Lily Tomlin.

Gospel Singer and Guitar Player Sister Rosetta Sparked Rock 'n' Roll
(Feb. 22, 2013)

Sister Rosetta Tharpe (PBS - Friday, 9pm) - Discover the life, music and influence of African-American gospel singer and guitar virtuoso Sister Rosetta Tharpe from writer, producer and director Mick Csaky. During the 1940s-60s, Tharpe introduced the spiritual passion of her gospel music into the secular world of rock ’n’ roll, inspiring some of its greatest stars, including Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Little Richard.

Cougars in Colorado Fight to Survive
National Geographic Channel
(Feb. 22, 2013)

American Cougar (Nat Geo Channel, 8pm) - Cougars struggling to survive in the severe landscape of the northern Rocky Mountains have a new archenemy to contend with - reintroduced wolves competing for game and out to kill their cubs.

Romantic Teen Drama Adds to Cast and to Optimism About a Second Season
CW 56
(Feb. 21, 2013)

Beauty and the Beast (9pm) - The CW has cast an actor from the Twilight Saga in a new recurring role.

(Feb. 21, 2013)

Premio lo Nuestro 2013 (Univision, 8pm) - Did you ever wish you could have all of Latin America in one room? Well, Univision makes that wish come true with the 2013 Los Premios Lo Nuestro, event which brings together all the best Latin musicians and celebrities of our time.

Millionaire Yacht Scammer Michael Vorce Kicks Off Greed Season Seven
(Feb. 21, 2013)

American Greed (CNBC, 10pm) - Michael Vorce is a twenty-something playboy living it up in Grand Rapids, Mich. By all appearances Vorce makes millions buying and selling luxury yachts. And with all the boats he buys, he is able to borrow millions from banks. But when the loans come due, questions float to the surface, like 'Where are all the boats' and 'Where is all the money?'

American Idol Top 40 to Become Top 20 in Las Vegas
(Feb. 20, 2013)

American Idol judges Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban have chosen the Top 40 contestants — 20 gals and 20 guys — who will head to Las Vegas to perform on the stage of Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles LOVE Theatre at The Mirage.

Katie Couric Looks Back and Forward on 20/20 Oscars Special
ABC News
(Feb. 20, 2013)

Katie Couric takes movie fans of all ages inside the vast Oscar archives to witness the greatest moments in the show's history and to see rare behind-the-scenes footage and home movies of some of Hollywood's most iconic stars.

Chef Robert Irvine Heads to Nanny Goat's
(Feb. 20, 2013)
Restaurant: Impossible (Food Network, 10pm) - See Robert's latest mission at Nanny Goat's Cafe & Feed Bin in Kilgore, Texas.

Cop Down on Southland
(Feb. 20, 2013)

Southland (TNT, 10pm) - After Mendoza (guest star Chad Michael Murray) is injured in a drive-by, Ben takes it upon himself to solve the case.

What Ignited Sandy Hook Killer Adam Lanza?
(Feb. 19, 2013)

New reports suggest that Adam Lanza’s killing spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School may have been sparked by a July 2011 shooting and bombing attack in Norway that killed 77 people.

Dom Hangs Out with White Goliath Beetles
BBC America
(Feb. 19, 2013)

Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan (BBC America, 10pm) - In an attempt to locate one of the rarest animals on the planet – the giant white goliath beetle – Dom must infiltrate the “black market” insect trade in Cameroon, Africa.

Anthony Jeselnik is a Jerk
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
(Feb. 19, 2013)

Comedian Anthony Jeselnik, a 1997 graduate of Upper St. Clair High School, makes no apologies for his style of dark comedy that may strike some who hear it as inappropriate. And he's happy to warn listeners up front as evidenced in the title of his new Comedy Central series, The Jeselnik Offensive (10:30pm).

Which Country Has the Best Soldiers in the World?
(Feb. 19, 2013)

Ultimate Soldier Challenge (10pm), History's first-ever military competition series, will decide who are the best special forces in the world. Each episode pits three elite squads of military operators in head-to-head competitions as they match skills, wits and guts until only one team is left standing.

Dana Delany Returns to Body with a New Crew
The Hollywood Reporter
(Feb. 19, 2013)

When Body of Proof (ABC, 10pm) returns, it will have a different feel. The ABC medical drama, toplined by Dana Delany (as medical examiner Megan Hunt), went through several changes in front of and behind the camera in between seasons two and three -- the most obvious being the departures of a few regulars and the addition of two new characters, Detective Tommy Tommy Sullivan (Mark Valley) and his young partner Detective Adam Shaffer (Elyes Gabel).

Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman Fix Up a '67 Mustang on Season Premiere
(Feb. 18, 2013)

Fast N' Loud (Discovery, 9pm) - Richard trades his friend a ’58 Impala for a ’67 Mustang. He flips a smoking (literally) ’72 Pontiac Formula 400, but will it make up for his most embarrassing purchase yet? Aaron and the crew rush to the scene of a Gas Monkey accident.

Civil Rights Activist Whitney Young Jr. Changed the World One CEO at a Time
(Feb. 18, 2013)

The Powerbroker: Whitney Young’s Fight for Civil Rights (PBS, 10pm) follows Young as he shuttles between the streets of Harlem and the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies, tying the needs of Main Street to the interests of Wall Street. The film shows the pivotal events of the civil rights era — Brown v Board of Education, the March on Washington, and the Vietnam War — through the eyes of a man striving to change the established powers in a way no one else could: from within.

Oprah Winfrey Remembers Her Favorite After-the-Oscars Shows
(Feb. 18, 2013)

Oprah's Favorite After-the-Oscars Moments (OWN, 9pm) - In 2004, The Oprah Winfrey Show became the first TV show in history to broadcast from the Kodak Theatre the morning after the Academy Awards. Now, in this two-hour special, Oprah looks back at memorable moments from her after-Oscar parties.

Downton Abbey Season Finale: Share the Tears with Friends Live
(Feb. 17, 2013)

Downton Abbey (PBS - Sunday, 9pm) - Are you already anxious about saying goodbye to the Granthams and Crawleys? Preparing your final 'good day' to Mrs. Hughes and suddenly sympathetic Thomas? Spend the final Downton of the year in the company of your fellow Abbeyfiles as WNYC live-chats the finale. Join us here Sunday, Feb. 17 at 9pm (Eastern).

Mark Wahlberg Plus Sarah Silverman Talks Elvis in Graham Norton
BBC America
(Feb. 16, 2013)

Sarah Silverman just wants to tell her story about a nightmarish sleepover memory, but Mark Wahlberg is not going to let her get through it, no matter what Graham says... Graham Norton Show (BBC America - Saturday, 10:15pm).

Was Abraham Lincoln Dying When He Was Killed?
National Geographic Channel
(Feb. 15, 2013)

National Geographic is on the brink of solving a genetic mystery - was Abraham Lincoln dying of cancer when he was killed? Lincoln's Secret Killer: Revealed (Nat Geo Channel - Friday, 9pm) follows clues in photographs and relics, along with DNA testing, to shed light on this mystery.

Broadway Salutes Chicago and Cabaret Composers John Kander and Fred Ebb

Ring Them Bells! Rob Fisher Celebrates Kander & Ebb (PBS - Friday, 9pm) the concert was titled, and it was a true celebration of composer Kander and late lyricist Ebb, the Tony Award winners best known for the musicals Cabaret and Chicago.

A Social Media and Flash Mob and Home Decor Mashup
(Feb. 15, 2013)
 Bridging the gap between television and social media, Spontaneous Construction (HGTV - Friday, 8pm) activates a flash mob to help homeowners who are struggling with a renovation project.

The Other Type of Valentine's Day
Investigation Discovery
(Feb. 14, 2013)

Investigation Discovery reveals the breakup tactics taken by real people spurned by lousy lovers who feel the sting of Cupid’s acid-laced arrows. Joining 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (I.D., 9pm) as host is actress Tia Carrere with relationship expert to the stars Dr. Gilda Carle on hand to shed light on how and why love can go vengeful.

Yeah, So, Archer is the Best Show on TV (You Watching?)
(Feb. 14, 2013)

Archer (FX, 10pm) - Archer’s former fiancé wants him to save her cyborg boyfriend who is trapped in outer space. Archer wants… other things.

Technology Reveals Earth as Never Seen Before
(Feb. 13, 2013)

Earth From Space (PBS, 9pm) is a groundbreaking two-hour special that reveals a spectacular new space-based vision of our planet.

Wil Willis Shoots the Ma Deuce on Triggers Season Opener
Military Channel
(Feb. 13, 2013)

Triggers (Military Channel, 10pm) - Could the mighty M2 be the greatest machine gun in history? Nicknamed the Ma Deuce€, this fifty caliber American machine gun has been rocking the battlefield for over eighty years. Host Wil Willis puts this legendary weapon to the ultimate test.

Survivor Fan Makes Jump to Survivor Favorite in Caramoan
Entertainment Weekly
(Feb. 13, 2013)

Erik Reichenbach is one of the more intriguing returning players to come back for Survivor: Caramoan (CBS, 8pm).

Girls Go Hollywood on American Idol
(Feb. 13, 2013)

First it was the boys. Now, it's the girls' chance to shine in Hollywood on American Idol (Fox, 8pm). In tonight's two-hour episode, Idol's girls will sing for a shot at the semifinals. Judging from last week, Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe will put the girls in groups with the hopes of finding those singers who shine, and winnow out those who sputter.

The Super-Rich and Secretive Rockefellers
(Feb. 12, 2013)

The Rockefellers (PBS, 9pm) - They feared the temptations of wealth, yet their estate was once described as the kind of place God would have built–if only he had the money. They amassed a fortune that outraged a democratic nation, then gave much of it away. They were the closest thing this country had to a royal family, but they shunned the public eye, retreating behind the walls of their palatial home at Pocantico Hills, New York.

Naomi Campbell Smacks Down Wannabe Models
(Feb. 12, 2013)

The sneak peeks, the suspenseful elimination special and one mega blow out party—it was all the lead up to tonight's big event: The Face (Oxygen, 9pm). Now, we know you already have your evening blocked out to watch Team Naomi, Team Coco and Team Karolina battle it out in the first series of challenges (and the most handsome referee in town, Nigel, moderate the whole thing).

Dominic Monaghan Gets Up Close with a Giant Centipede
BBC America
(Feb. 12, 2013)

Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan (BBC America, 10pm) - Dom journeys into the wilds of Venezuela in search of a remote cave rumored to house the world’s largest centipede – scolopendra gigantica – an aggressive, venomous carnivore that is rumored to snatch bats right out of the air.

The Making Of Discovery and BBC's Africa
(Feb. 12, 2013)

For over three years, crews endured scorching deserts, frigid mountains and dense jungles to uncover new locations, new species and new stories about the vast African continent. Venomous snakes, curious elephants, violent storms and more stood in their way, but the filmmakers persevered. Get an insider's look at how Africa (Discovery, 10pm) came together.

Westminster Kennel Club Crowns a Winner
SB Nation
(Feb. 12, 2013)

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show - This year's event features over 2,700 competitors broken across 187 breeds (two of which -- the Russell terrier and treeing Walker coonhound -- are newly recognized by Westminster this year).

The Grammys Dish Out Plenty of Extras
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
(Feb. 10, 2013)

The rock band Within Reason won on the strength of a monthlong social media campaign. The Alabama group was selected from among 1,500 contenders from around the country who vied for the chance to perform in front of a live audience and be featured as part of CBS’ online coverage of the Grammy Awards (CBS - Sunday, 8pm).

Nelson Mandela's Grandkids Get a Reality TV Show
Cozi TV
(Feb. 10, 2013)

Being Mandela (Cozi - Sunday, 9pm) is a new reality television show starring Nelson and Winnie Mandela’s granddaughters. This 30-minute weekly show exclusively on Cozi TV will follow the next generation of this unique South African family through the experiences of sisters Zaziwe Dlamini-Manaway and Swati Dlamini, giving viewers a window into their daily lives, close knit family, conflicts and personal aspirations.

Billy Baldwin Falls in Love
Hallmark Channel
(Feb. 9, 2013)

Be My Valentine (Hallmark Channel - Saturday, 9pm) - Firefighter lieutenant Dan Farrell (William Baldwin) is a widower and single dad who isn’t looking for love. But a few weeks before Valentine’s Day, his team responds to a fire at a local florist and he can’t help but notice the pretty owner, Kate (Natalie Brown). When he struggles to buy flower arrangements for the stations annual Valentine’s Day Firefighter’s Ball, Dan enlists Kate’s expertise and soon the two are spending lots of time getting to know each other.

London's Creepy Underworld on Ripper
BBC America
(Feb. 9, 2013)

Ripper Street (BBC America - Saturday, 9pm) - The brutal clearing of a local slum for the underground railway reveals an almost indecipherable murder scene and an unreliable slum girl witness. Lucy Eames, beautiful and disturbed, is the unlikely key to a byzantine web of conspiracy.

Toni Braxton Belts Out Gospel in Interfaith Romance
Christian Post
(Feb. 9, 2013)

Toni Braxton, six-time Grammy Award winner, took on the role of Nina in the Lifetime original movie and told The Christian Post that the Twist of Faith (Lifetime - Saturday, 8pm) has a powerful message for people from all faiths and all walks of life.

Jack Osbourne Shines a Light on Elite K9s
The Indy Channel
(Feb. 8, 2013)

Alpha Dogs (Nat Geo Wild - Friday, 9pm) features Vohne Liche Kennels founder Ken Licklider and his trainers as they prepare dogs and handlers to participate in police operations around the world. The series is the brainchild of Jack Osbourne, son of rocker Ozzy Osbourne. Licklider said Osbourne visited the kennel near Peru to buy a dog and that the two became friends.

One-Time Doctor Who David Tennant on PBS's Outstanding Shakespeare Uncovered
(Feb. 8, 2013)

Shakespeare Uncovered (PBS - Friday, 9pm) - David Tennant meets fellow actors who’ve taken on Hamlet and compares notes on how to play a character that’s been played, probably, a million different ways. An acclaimed Hamlet in a recent Royal Shakespeare Company production, Tennant looks into the text about the doomed Danish Prince alongside the actors Jude Law, Simon Russell Beale and Ben Whishaw.

An American Hero: The Uncommon Valor of Clint Romesha
(Feb. 7, 2013)

In a Jake Tapper Reports (CNN, 10pm) documentary, the anchor and chief Washington correspondent will look back at one of the deadliest days of the Afghan war through a compelling interview with former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha, who led the courageous battle when Combat Outpost Keating was attacked on Oct. 3, 2009.

Dick Morris' Divorce from Fox News (Post Blowing His Presidential Prediction)
(Feb. 7, 2013)
This evening on Piers Morgan Tonight (CNN, 9pm), Piers sat down with former Fox News contributor Dick Morris to discuss his departure from the network, and his famously inaccurate predictions of the 2012 Presidential election.  Morris defended his prediction saying that "the real reason Romney lost was because of the storm... The fact of the matter is that before Hurricane Sandy started, Obama was trailing Mitt Romney."

Sir David Attenborough Examines Humans' Positive Impact on Earth and Its Creatures
(Feb. 6, 2013)

Attenborough's Life Stories (PBS, 8pm) - [David] Attenborough reflects on the dramatic impact that we have had on the natural world during his lifetime.

Egypt's 3,600-Year-Old Predecessor to the Car Revolutionized the World
(Feb. 6, 2013)

In Building Pharaoh's Chariot (PBS, 9pm), a team of archaeologists, engineers, woodworkers, and horse trainers join forces to build and test two highly accurate replicas of Egyptian royal chariots.

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney Dish Out Tuna, A Lot of Tuna
Comedy Central
(Feb. 6, 2013)

Kroll Show (Comedy Central, 10pm) - Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland turn the cameras on Gil's stepson, Elon, on their prank show Too Much Tuna.

Reliving the Best (and Darkest) Moments from Super Bowl XLVII
(Feb. 6, 2013)

60 Minutes Sports (Showtime, 10pm) - The first name in news magazines is now the last word in sports. An unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the largest event in America, the Super Bowl - a colossal undertaking from planning to the presentation of the Lombardi Trophy. Also, Armen Keteyian sits down with NFL Films' Ed Sabol and the family that changed the way we watch football.

N. J. Governor (and Probable 2016 Presidential Hopeful) Chris Christie
(Feb. 4, 2013)

Gov. Christie, the outspoken 55th and current Governor of New Jersey, was elected to the office in November 2009 and has gained attention on the national stage for delivering the keynote address at the 2012 Republican National Convention and for his response to the devastation throughout his state following Hurricane Sandy.

Homeland's Damian Lewis on Top Gear Season 19 Premiere
BBC America
(Feb. 4, 2013) 

Top Gear (BBC America, 9pm) - Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are back as the world’s most popular car program returns for a brand new series. In the first episode, Jeremy attempts to build a car that’s even smaller than the famous Peel P50 and then tests it out on the streets of London before putting his concept to the ultimate test of credibility in the fearsome Dragons’ Den.

Treating Gout and Depression with Good Eats
The Cooking Channel
(Feb. 4, 2013)
The Food Hospital (The Cooking Channel, 9pm) - Through the hospital doors this week - 36-year-old Garrett who's in constant pain from gout.
What Time Does Super Bowl XLVII Start?
Los Angeles Times
(Feb. 3, 2013)

Seven-layer dip? Check. Appropriate jersey? Check. Friends and loved ones gathered near a TV? Check. What time is the Super Bowl?... Oh for Pete Rozelle's sake, what time is the Super Bowl? Calm down. The Super Bowl may be prime-time viewing on the East Coast, but on the West Coast it's an afternoon affair. Super Bowl XLVII with the Baltimore Ravens versus the San Francisco 49ers playing in New Orleans' Superdome will kick off at 3:15pm Pacific (6:15pm Eastern) on CBS.

Alec Baldwin Hosts as NFL Honors Its Best Players
(Feb. 2, 2013)

The night before Super Bowl XLVII, the NFL will salute its best players and plays from the 2012 season with NFL Honors, a star-studded football and entertainment event. The two-hour primetime awards special from the Mahalia Jackson Theatre in New Orleans (Saturday, 9pm) on CBS.

Relationships Gone Wrong
(Feb. 2, 2013)

Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal (OWN - Saturday, 9pm) features intimately told stories from real couples that have suffered tremendous infidelities. In each episode, two couples share their deeply personal stories of heartbreak, while a therapist provides inside perspective on how to begin the healing process. Intensely revealing, this series illustrates how men and women can learn to come to terms with infidelity and share their stories of ultimate betrayal.

Gearing Up for the Big Game with the Best Super Bowl Concert
(Feb. 1, 2013)

The Best Super Bowl Concert Ever (VH1 - Friday, 9pm) - VH1 and the NFL join forces to celebrate Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans with a special concert featuring performances by Train and hosted by LIVE with Kelly & Michael co-host Michael Strahan and Big Morning Buzz Live host Carrie Keagan.

What's Under the Ocean?
National Geographic Channel
(Feb. 1, 2013)

Drain the Ocean: Revealed (Nat Geo Channel - Friday, 8pm) takes the viewer on a virtual expedition to the deep as NGC explores one of earth's last great frontiers.

Aarti Checks Out the World's Best BBQ
The Cooking Channel
(Feb. 1, 2013)

Taste In Translation (The Cooking Channel - Friday, 9pm) - If you think barbecue is strictly an American tradition, think again. In many countries grilling meat is more than just a meal - it's an obsession.

Chef Ramsay's Family Therapy Heads to Beaver PA
(Feb. 1, 2013)

Kitchen Nightmares (Fox - Friday, 8pm) - Chef Ramsay travels to the town of Beaver, Penn., and the family-owned Italian restaurant Levanti's, which is barely being held together by a brother and sister who spend more time tearing each other apart than building up their restaurant and its reputation.

Journey of NAACP Image Awards Shows African Americans Making Progress
The Hollywood Reporter
(Feb. 1, 2013)

When the 44th NAACP Image Awards ceremony airs [Friday, 8pm] on NBC, the event will have traveled miles, literally and metaphorically, from its start in a banquet room at the Beverly Hilton.

Luke Perry's Goodnight is Well Worth Finding
New York Daily News
(Jan. 26, 2013)

If Luke Perry isn't careful, someday he might be almost as well known for playing good guy Judge John Goodnight as he remains for playing bad boy Dylan McKay on the original 90210. Goodnight for Justice: Queen of Hearts marks Perry’s third go-round on the Hallmark Movie Channel (Saturday, 8pm) as Goodnight, a decent but restless fellow who works as a traveling judge in the semi-civilized Old West of the 1880s.

Ricky Gervais' Idiot Heads to India
Science Channel
(Jan. 26, 2013)

An Idiot Abroad 3 (Science Channel - Saturday, 9pm) - Ricky Gervais sends the world's oddest couple, Karl Pilkington and Warwick Davis on a journey following the footsteps of Marco Polo. In India, they do some laughing yoga, make a bollywood film, and join the Indian Circus.

It's All Team Challenges on Project Runway 11
Sacramento Bee
(Jan. 24, 2013)

As judge Heidi Klum will utter often, "You're either in, or you're out."Traditionally, when the team challenge comes up on Project Runway (Lifetime, 9pm), there's always drama. Imagine that for the entire season. Not only will each designer have to watch his or her own back, they'll have to watch out for their teammate's back as well.

Worldwide Hit Pablo Escobar Concludes Tonight
Latinos Post
(Jan. 24, 2013)

The hit Telemundo series Pablo Escobar: Patron Del Mal (10pm) will reach its grand finale [tonight]. The telenovela has been a hit around the world and has featured mightily in Telemundo's primetime success since its summer 2012 premiere. The series has chronicled the rise and fall of the world's most notorious drug trafficker beginning with his early childhood and ending at his death.

ABC's Acclaimed Last Resort Wraps Up Tonight
USA Today
(Jan. 24, 2013)

Because final episodes draw so much attention and discussion, we sometimes forget that most series never get the chance to plan and produce an actual wrap-up-the-plot finale.

Winter X Games Kick Off with Men's SuperPipe
Bleacher Report 
(Jan. 24, 2013)

The X Games brings the action fast and furious. From Thursday, Jan. 24 to Sunday, Jan. 27, the X Games will run its course, and there is plenty of television coverage for us to enjoy all the action. As it has been since 2002, Aspen, Col. is the home for this year's X Games. The field is as stacked as ever, and it should be a great four days.

Big Brother is Overhead (and He's Got a Bomb)
(Jan. 23, 2013)

Rise of the Drones (PBS, 9pm) - These unmanned flying robots–some as large as jumbo jets, others as small as birds–do things straight out of science fiction. Much of what it takes to get these robotic airplanes to fly, sense, and kill has remained secret.

(Yawn) Nicki's Still Taking Shots at Mariah Down South
Winston-Salem Journal
(Jan. 23, 2013)

An audition episode of American Idol (Fox, 8pm) that was filmed in Charlotte will air today.

Rich Dicks Head to Mexico on Nick Kroll's Kroll Show
Comedy Central
(Jan. 23, 2013)

Kroll Show (Comedy Central, 10:30pm) - Rich Dicks go to Mexico, Dr. Armond gets a spin-off show, successful moments are celebrated in traditional football-fashion.

Finding Food on Latin American Streets
Travel Channel
(Jan. 23, 2013)

Street Eats: Latin America (Travel Channel, 10pm) - Whether you're hungry for tacos in Mexico or ceviche in Peru, the street vendors of Latin America serve the tastiest local cuisine. From freshly caught fish to exotic Amazonian fruits, it's all on the streets.

The Lords Find Da Vinci's Gun
National Geographic Channel
(Jan. 23, 2013)

Lords of War (Nat Geo Channel, 9pm) - The guys are in southern California meeting collectors, testing antique guns, and auctioning amazing items.

Celebrity Chef Show is Kinda Like The Voice with Food
New York Daily News
(Jan. 22, 2013)

The Taste launches Tuesday night (8pm) and it makes the judges work for their dinner.

ABC's Long-Running Medical Drama Private Practice Ends Its Run
Los Angeles Times
(Jan. 22, 2013)

A new beginning ends the drama Private Practice as the series ends its run at 10pm on ABC.

Lisa Ling Plunges Into the Real World of 50 Shades of Grey
(Jan. 22, 2013)

Tonight, Lisa Ling kicks off a new season of her thoughtful, smart and beautifully shot Our America with Lisa Ling (OWN The Oprah Winfrey Network, 10pm). On the show, Lisa investigates people living out-of-the-norm lives. She kicks off this season by immersing herself into bondage and S&M. (Check out TVFirstLook's 5Qs on Friday q&a with Lisa Ling.)

Chef Gordon Ramsay Goes to Jail
BBC America
(Jan. 22, 2013)

Ramsay Behind Bars (BBC America, 9pm) - Gordon Ramsay has six months behind bars in one of Britain's toughest prisons to get inmates working and earning. But this kitchen might be his worst nightmare yet.

From Pee Wee's Playhouse to Fine Art
(Jan. 21, 2013)

Beauty Is Embarrassing (PBS, 10pm) - Take a ride through the life and current times of one of America’s most important artists, Wayne White. Raised in the mountains of Tennessee, Wayne White started his career as a cartoonist in New York City. He quickly found success as one of the creators of the TV show, Pee-wee’s Playhouse, which led to more work designing some of the most arresting and iconic images in pop culture.

Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman Vanish in a House Fire
Investigation Discovery
(Jan. 21, 2013)

Disappeared (Investigation Discovery, 10pm) - Lauria Bible attends a 16th birthday sleepover for her best friend Ashley Freeman in rural Oklahoma. That night, the house goes up in flames, and the girls mysteriously vanish. The clock is ticking to find the missing girls before it is too late.
Downton Abbey's Foundation Shaken By Women's Rights and War
(Jan. 20, 2013)
Downton Abbey (PBS - Sunday, 9pm) - Two social revolutions arrive at Downton Abbey: the Irish civil war and the fight for women's suffrage. A mysterious conspiracy keeps Anna and Bates apart.

Seven-Time Tour de France Winner Lance Armstrong Fesses Up
(Jan. 17, 2013)

Oprah Winfrey's exclusive, no-holds-barred interview with Lance Armstrong, Oprah and Lance Armstrong: The Worldwide Exclusive, has expanded to air as a two-night event on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network. The special episode of Oprah's Next Chapter will air Thursday (9pm) and Friday (9pm).

Nerds in Battle
(Jan. 17, 2013)

Hosted by Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, King of the Nerds (10pm) is the ultimate nerd-off. The series will follow eleven fierce competitors from across the nerd spectrum as they set out to win $100,000 and be crowned the greatest nerd of them all.

Liv Tyler Guest Judges All Stars 2 Finale
St. Louis Today
(Jan. 17, 2013)

Project Runway All Stars (Lifetime, 9pm) - The final three designers make a mad dash to Mood to gather materials for the collection they must string together in four days. Guest judge Liv Tyler helps pick the Season 2 winner.

(Groan) American Idol Returns with Focus Shifted to Judges
North Jersey 
(Jan. 16, 2013)

American Diva might be a better name now for Fox’s American Idol (Fox, 8pm).In the months leading up to tonight’s Season 12 launch, Idol has generated lots of stories about the supposed animosity between new judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. And a 45 minute "sneak peek" of auditions Fox sent out shows that friction.

The Guys Get Weird Trying To Be the Office Clowns
(Jan. 16, 2013)

The funniest show that you're probably not watching, Comedy Central's Workaholics (10pm) kicks off new episodes tonight. The guys get weirder than usual to be the class cubicle clowns.

Syfy's Surprisingly Good Face Off Kicks Off Season Four
(Jan. 15, 2013)

Face Off season four premieres Tuesday at 9pm with guest Michael Westmore.

Murder in Reverse
Investigation Discovery
(Jan. 15, 2013)

When it comes to murder, no detective starts their search at the beginning of the crime. Rather, a murder investigation always begins with the body, after the deed is done.

Discovery's Stunning Africa Heads to the Savannah
(Jan. 15, 2013)

Africa (Discovery Channel, 10pm) - The Savannah is constantly changing and often unpredictable. To survive here, creatures must be able to adapt as the region turns from wet to dry or cold to hot. From dense forests to snow-capped peaks, it's feast or famine in the eastern part of the continent, producing some of nature's ultimate daredevils and survivors.

Being Human's Sally Isn't So Dead in Season Three
(Jan. 14, 2013)

After two seasons of playing a wandering ghost on Being Human, actress Meaghan Rath thinks she's found her sweet spot. "For a lot of the time, she is conflicted," Rath says of Sally, who was murdered by her boyfriend, only to be condemned to the apartment where it happened and usually can be seen by a few people.

Syfy's Under-Loved Lost Girl Kicks Off Season Three
(Jan. 14, 2013)

Lost Girl (Syfy, 10pm) - Bo does a favor for Lauren and ends up risking how own freedom. And a new Ash is revealed.

Aphrodite Jones Revisits the Casey Anthony Trial with Lawyer Jose Baez
Investigation Discovery 
(Jan. 14, 2013)
True Crime with Aphrodite Jones (ID Investigation Discovery, 10pm) - We're all familiar with the tragic death of Caylee Anthony and her mother's bizarre lies about it. Like many, Aphrodite was outraged when party-hard single mom Casey was found innocent. But what did the jury see that so many others missed?

Howard Stern's Jon Hein Looks at the Science of Making Food
(Jan. 14, 2013)

Food Factory (Destination America, 10pm) - Jon Heim from radio's Howard Stern Show goes behind factory doors to find out how food companies make the stuff we eat. Tonight, that includes Primo pasta and Dubble Bubble bubblegum.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Co-Host 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards
Golden Globes
(Jan. 13, 2013)

Golden Globe winner Tina Fey (30 Rock) and Golden Globe nominee Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation) will host the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards (NBC - Sunday, Live 8pm Eastern), to be held January 13 at 5pm at the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. (Full list of Golden Globe nominees.)

David Duchovny's Hank Takes on the Rock 'n' Roll Life
(Jan. 13, 2013)

Californication (Showtime - Sunday, 10:30pm) - After a crazy ex rocks his world in the worst way, Hank has to pick himself up -- for a change -- and he finds himself adrift in the wild and glamorous world of rock and roll.

1980s Pop Star Cyndi Lauper Isn't So Unusual
New York Daily News 
(Jan. 12, 2013)

Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual (WE TV - Saturday, 9pm) - The show tracks Lauper singing on NBC’s The Voice, serving as grand marshal at a Kentucky Derby parade, finishing her autobiography, writing music for a Broadway show, playing regular gigs and working with her charitable foundation. In between, living with her husband of 20 years, David, and their son Declyn, 14.

Miss North Dakota and Miss Washington Win Awards Ahead of Miss America 2013
Miss America 
(Jan. 13, 2013)
Miss America 2013 (ABC - Saturday, 9pm) - Miss North Dakota Rosie Sauvageau was named Thursday night's preliminary Talent winner for her Vocal/Piano Solo performance "To Make You Feel My Love," during the third night of the 2013 Miss America Competition at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

Naomi Judd Stars in Adaptation of Beth Kendrick's Novel
Hallmark Channel 
(Jan. 12, 2013)

The Nearlyweds (Hallmark Channel - Saturday, 9pm) - When Erin (Danielle Panabaker), Casey (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Stella (Britt Irvin) discover that a paperwork error has annulled all their marriages, they reassess their relationships with their new nearly- husbands.

No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk
(Jan. 9, 2013)

American Horror Story: Asylum (FX, 10pm) - Grace tells Kit devastating news about the aliens' experiments on Alma; Dr. Thredson receives an unexpected visitor; the Monsignor goes to extreme lengths to silence Jude.

Sandra Bullock To Receive Honor at First Big Awards Show of the Season
E! Online
(Jan. 9, 2013)

America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock can add America's favorite do-gooder to her already impressive résumé.

Scientists Track Down Our DNA Connection to Neanderthals
(Jan. 9, 2013)

Decoding Neanderthals (PBS, 9pm) - In 2010, a team led by geneticist Svante Paabo announced stunning news. Not only had they reconstructed much of the Neanderthal genome—an extraordinary technical feat that would have seemed impossible only a decade ago—but their analysis showed that "we" modern humans had interbred with Neanderthals, leaving a small but consistent signature of Neanderthal genes behind in everyone outside Africa today.

Serious Trouble on Frozen Interstate 80
National Geographic Channel 
(Jan. 9, 2013)

Hell on the Highway (Nat Geo Channel, 10pm) - A violent blizzard slams Donner Summit, and severe conditions mean a gold mine for tow truck companies.

Fox Mines the D-List for Celebs to Throw Off a Ledge
(Jan. 9, 2013)

Fox takes a chapter from [Battle of the Network Stars] with Stars in Danger: The High Dive (8pm).

Emmy-Winning Fan-Obsessed Justified Kicks Off Season Four
Denver Post
(Jan. 8, 2013)

While most of the current best cable dramas compete to be dark and demon-filled studies of tragic antiheroes, one stands out as somewhat more optimistic.

Dumped Bachelor Sean Lowe Gives TV Love One More Try
Fayetteville Observer
(Jan. 7, 2013)

Poor Sean Lowe, he with the six-pack abs and the mesmerizing blue eyes. It must besohard to find a date, especially after being on a nationally televised dating show and you've had plenty of chances to show off said abs.

Communities Come to the Aid of Families in Crisis
(Jan. 7, 2013)

The Trouble Next Door (OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, 10pm) - A married couple must overcome their paralyzing fear of being judged when they call on neighbors for help with their emotionally explosive six-year-old son and their music-obsessed teen. The community doesn't just help the kids, they also confront mom.

Mexican Journalists Reporting on the People Who Would Have Them Killed
(Jan. 7, 2013)

Reporto (PBS, 10pm) - In Mexico, more than 50 journalists have been slain or have vanished since December 2006, when President Felipe Calderón came to power and launched a government offensive against the country’s powerful drug cartels and organized crime. As the drug war intensifies and the risks to journalists become greater, will the free press be silenced?

Cesar Millan's Global Competition to Find the Best Families for Dogs
(Jan. 5, 2013)

Leader of the Pack (Nat Geo Wild - Saturday, 10pm) - Following the wild success of his long-running series Dog Whisperer, Millan's new show takes him to the beautiful country of Spain, where each week he transfers extreme canine cases to his new Dog Psychology Center in Miraflores - located just outside of Madrid.

Michigan Vet Dr. Pol is Nat Geo Wild's No. 1 Star
National Geographic Channel 
(Jan. 5, 2013)

The Incredible Dr. Pol (Nat Geo Wild - Saturday, 9pm) - The Pols are experiencing some unusual emergencies and the only explanation they can think of is the full moon.

Merlin Begins Its Epic End
Los Angeles Times
(Jan. 4, 2013)

BBC’s fantasy adventure Merlin cast its final spell in England over Christmas with a heartbreaking two-part finale that brought to a grand conclusion a series whose popularity rivals Doctor Who — the show drew about 7 million viewers each episode in the U.K., compared with around 1.7 million per episode in the U.S.

Milwaukee Bar Designers Flux Make Over Homes
DIY Network
(Jan. 4, 2013)

Jeremy Sham and his team at Flux Design may look a little rough around the edges, but they infuse every renovation project with artistry and inspiration.

Fatal Attraction in Small Town Cold Spring
My Lifetime
(Jan. 4, 2013)

Cold Spring (Lifetime Movie Network - Friday, 8pm) - Prompted by an almost fatal car accident, Sara and Roy, a married couple, decide to start a new life and move to the small town of Cold Spring.

Next Food Network Star's Aarti Sequeira Tastes the World's Food
Mercury News

(Jan. 4, 2013)

Taste in Translation - You may remember Aarti Sequeira as the winner of Next Food Network Star and host of Aarti Party.

Sherlock Investigates a Dry-Cleaning Mess
(Jan. 3, 2013)

Sherlock and Joan investigate the murder of the general manager of a high-end Manhattan hotel whose body is found inside an industrial laundry machine. Meanwhile, since Joan's time with Sherlock is almost up, he offers her an apprenticeship, on the next episode of Elementary (CBS, 10pm).

Chef Ben Sargent's Fishing-Cooking Show is About 100 Times Better Than It Sounds
The Cooking Channel
(Jan. 3, 2013)

Hook, Line & Dinner (The Cooking Channel, 8pm) - Ben takes a tour of his home away from home, Puerto Rico, where beautiful surf, great friends and fantastic food all meet for an exciting show. He catches local grouper in a crash boat and braves blue water hunting with a speargun and shark wranglers culminating in the creation of authentic Puerto Rican dishes Sofrito and Mofongo.

Holocaust Survivors Reunited After 73 Years
The Jewish Week
(Jan. 3, 2013)

There are no happy endings to the Holocaust, but this story comes close.Thanks to the efforts of a group of Midwestern eighth graders, a pair of best friends who escaped Germany together and hadn’t seen or heard from each other in 73 years have been reunited. Their lives are the lead story on a new show on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Lost & Found (9pm).

Stockbroker Sterling Brooks Gets a Second Chance at Life
Hallmark Movie Channel
(Jan. 3, 2013)

He Sees You When You're Sleeping (Hallmark Movie Channel, 8pm) - Mary Higgins Clark's Christmas fantasy tells the tale of Sterling Brooks, a self-absorbed stockbroker who is killed in a freak accident. In order to secure a heavenly future, Sterling is given the chance to redeem himself by reuniting a family. Stars Cameron Bancroft and Erika Eleniak.

PBS Follows the Journey of the Republic Party's Only Non-White Congressman
(Jan. 3, 2013)

Mr. Cao Goes to Washington (PBS, 9pm) follows the journey of Rep. Joseph Cao, the first Vietnamese American elected to the US Congress, the only non-white House Republican of the 111th Congress, and the only Republican to vote for President Obama’s Health Care Reform Bill.

Kathy Griffins Stands Up Post-New Year's Eve Backlash
Tampa Bay Times
(Jan. 3, 2013)

Kathy Griffin: Kennedie Center On-Hers (Bravo, 10pm) - Kathy continues her track record of starring in comedy specials on the only network that will have her. At least she has the guts to make fun of Miley Cyrus.

The Devil and the Monsignor on FX's Dark AHS: Asylum
FX Networks
(Jan. 2, 2013)

American Horror Story: Asylum (FX, 10pm) - The Monsignor confronts the Devil. Dr. Arden’s experiments reach a shocking conclusion. Dr. Thredson facilitates a surprising reunion for Kit.

Fantastic UK Drama The Hour Wraps Season Two Tonight
BBC America
(Jan. 2, 2013)

Scandal hits The Hour (BBC America, 9pm) as Hector’s face hits the tabloids. The team  uncovers a major conspiracy story, but how will they tell it with one of their own in the same spotlight? Meanwhile, Bel and Freddie cross a line that threatens their relationship.

Bobby Deen is Lightening Up Paula Deen's Recipes
The Cooking Channel
(Jan. 2, 2013)

Not My Mama's Meals (The Cooking Channel, 9pm) - Bobby Deen learns how to make light, but still flavor-filled beer for his chicken at the Brooklyn Brew Shop.

Cousins Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri Help Would-Be DIYers
The Cousins
(Jan. 2, 2013)

It's not just kitchens anymore, it's a whole new thing. Cousins Anthony and John are taking on bigger, more extreme transformations than every before. Sometimes you get in over your head, and sometimes you just want to take it to the next level. Cousins on Call (HGTV, 8pm).

Addicted to the Game
(Jan. 2, 2013)

Sweepstakers (OWN, 10pm) follows the quirky, obsessive, and competitive world of sweepstaking, through the lives of three female sweepers who spend a jaw-dropping number of hours each week trying to win incredible prizes, like cars, trips, electronics, and cash.

The 124th Tournament of Roses Parade Kicks 2013 Into Gear
(Jan. 1, 2013)

HGTV celebrates the new year with the only live, uninterrupted, high-definition telecast of the 124th Tournament of Roses Parade (11am Eastern).

TLC's T-Boz is Reinventing Herself and Her Career (Again)
(Jan. 1, 2013)

Three years ago, T-Boz was supposed to be working on her solo album. But that's not exactly what happened. And now, she's having to reinvent herself again.

PBS Tips Its Hat to Jews' Influence on Broadway
(Jan. 1, 2013)

As Sir Robin carols merrily to King Arthur in Monty Python’s Spamalot, “In any great adventure, if you don’t want to lose…you won’t succeed on Broadway if you don’t have any Jews.”

Alaska Troopers Track Down Dangerous Drunks in Seriously Rough Weather
National Geographic Channel
(Dec. 30, 2012)

Alaska State Troopers (Nat Geo Channel - Sunday, 9pm) - Danger is on the rise as flooding takes over south-central Alaska. A 17-inch storm surge and high winds have left thousands in danger and even uprooted residential homes.

Construction Crew Reality Competition Pumps Up the Testosterone
TV Guide
(Dec. 30, 2012)

Discovery Channel is heading to the construction site for its next testosterone-fueled series. The cable network just picked up Machines of Glory (Sunday, 4pm), a new competition show that pits three crews of machine operators against each other in a series of hardhat battles.

Soldiers in Afghanistan Risk Their Lives Clearing IEDs
(Dec. 29, 2012)

Heroes of Hell’s Highway, a new three-part series airing consecutively beginning Saturday 8pm (Discovery), follows two platoons who go into the heart of Taliban country to clear Improvised Explosive Devices, or IEDs, so the rest of the military can get through. The series celebrates the soldiers’ efforts and the critical role they play in making the country safer.

Seductress Charms Her Way Off of Death Row
(Dec. 29, 2012)

She Made Them Do It (Lifetime - Saturday, 8pm) follows the twisted life of Sarah Pender (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) a charismatic, intelligent young woman who would become one of the country’s most sought after fugitives.

Christiane Amanpour Uncovers the Mysteries of the World's Great Religions
ABC News
(Dec. 28, 2012)

Back to the Beginning (ABC - Friday, 9pm) - Christiane Amanpour retraces the mysteries of the Bible in her ABC special.

HGTV Reveals the Winner of 2012 Urban Oasis Condo in Miami
(Dec. 28, 2012)

One lucky viewer will win this year's HGTV Urban Oasis (HGTV - Friday, 8pm).

Designer Elie Tahari is a Guest Judge on All Stars
(Dec. 27, 2012)

The Project Runway All Stars tackle a ready-to-wear look for guest judge Elie Tahari tonight on Lifetime (9pm).

GAC Counts Down the Year's Top 50 Music Videos
(Dec. 27, 2012)

Top 50 Videos of the Year (Great American Country, 8pm) - There were over 120 videos to pick from but only 50 made it into the countdown.

Gospel Sisters Erica and Tina Campbell Botch an Apollo Tribute
(Dec. 27, 2012)

Mary Mary (WE tv, 9pm) - Mary Mary has a performance at the Apollo Theater to honor Lionel Richie that goes terribly wrong when they forget the lyrics on stage.

Letterman, Hoffman and Led Zep Among Kennedy Center Honors Recipients
(Dec. 26, 2012)

Bluesman Buddy Guy, actor Dustin Hoffman, comedian and television host David Letterman, ballerina Natalia Makarova and rock band Led Zeppelin will receive honors for 2012 on The 35th Annual Kennedy Center Honors (CBS, 9pm).

Bel's Pursuit of Cilenti Derailed by a Dead Body
BBC America
(Dec. 26, 2012)

The Hour (BBC America, 9pm) - When a source’s body is found, a shaken Bel (Romola Garai) commands the team to halt their pursuit of the dangerous Cilenti. Freddie is determined to track a new lead: a mystery company seeking to profit from the nuclear bases.

Nadia G's Pursuit of Happiness Includes Alfredo Sauce and Chocolate Chips
The Cooking Channel
(Dec. 26, 2012)

Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen (The Cooking Channel, 10pm) - G dishes out the only sure-fire recipe for happiness she knows: Spicy crunchy onion rings, crazy-rich & creamy linguine alfredo, and chocolate chip cookies with bacon and fleur de sel. The Spice Agent reports on paprika. Panos talks cream. Hans talks explains how, when it comes to food, we look for happiness in all the wrong places.

Ginnifer Goodwin Hangs with Whitney for Good Ol' Celeb Bashing
E Online 
(Dec. 26, 2012)

Love You, Mean It (E, 10:30pm) - Weekly pop culture talk show hosted by Whitney Cummings and her sidekick Julian McCullough. With guest Ginnifer Goodwin.

Scary Snowmen and a New Companion on Steve Moffat-Penned Doctor Who
NBC New York
(Dec. 26, 2012)

The Snowmen, for any normal TV program, sounds like the title of a heartwarming holiday special. But with Doctor Who (BBC America - Christmas Day, 9pm) we can only imagine the icy chill to come as the time-traveling worlds-saver battles Frosty's Victorian forbearers.

A Brit Overload (in a Good Way) on Graham Norton
(Dec. 22, 2012)

The Hobbit's Martin Freeman sits down for a glass of wine and a chat with Brit talk show super-host Graham Norton. Comedian Lee Mack's also on the couch alongside Brit comic-author-super-great Dawn French. Girl group Girls Aloud sing. The Graham Norton Show (BBC America - Saturday, 10pm).

PBS Three-Hour Special Saturday Afternoon Tackles the Big After-Newtown Questions
(Dec. 22, 2012)

What Next After Newtown (PBS Saturday - 3pm Eastern check local listings). In a live-broadcast, WNET-Thirteen in a Public Television special event continues the coverage of the Newtown shootings: looking for long-term solutions and answers to the tragedy. Jeff Greenfield, Maria Hinojosa, Susie Gharib and Scott Simon host.

Nothing to Watch on Saturday Night? Give Wedding Band a Shot
(Dec. 22, 2012)

Wedding Band (TBS - Saturday, 10pm) - Rutherford books Mother of the Bride to play the corporate event for a big new client: Crate & Crockery Kids. The problem? It’s where Eddie works, and his conservative boss, Hank (guest star Kurtwood Smith) doesn’t know his up-and-coming vice president rocks out on weekends.

ABC's Christiane Amanpour Traces History Back to the Bible
ABC News
(Dec. 21, 2012)

Back to the Beginning (ABC - Friday, 10pm) - The story of Noah's Ark and the Great Flood is one of the most famous from the Bible, and now an acclaimed underwater archaeologist thinks he has found proof that the biblical flood was actually based on real events.

PBS Leads a Discussion About America's Response to the Newtown Killings
(Dec. 21, 2012)

Gwen Ifill anchors After Newtown (Friday, 8pm), featuring contributions from PBS NewsHour, Frontline, Washington Week, NOVA and Need to Know. The show addresses such issues as access to guns and the politics of gun laws; mental illness in young adults; the science of detecting violent impulses; and how communities react to unspeakable tragedy.

Asha Leo and John Barrowman Count Down the Best of Doctor Who
BBC America
(Dec. 21, 2012)

The Brit List (BBC America, 10pm) - Pop culture correspondent, Asha Leo, is joined by special guest John Barrowman (Torchwood, Doctor Who) to announce the rankings of the “Top Five Companions,” “Top Five Scariest Moments,” “Top Five Best Monsters,” “Top Five Guest Stars” and “Top Five Things You’ll Only See on Doctor Who.”

New Tech Suggests the Mayans Headed to Georgia 1,000 Years Ago
(Dec. 21, 2012)

America Unearthed (History2, 10pm) - New evidence has surfaced that could reveal where the Mayans went after abandoning their original cities around 1000 A.D.

An Open Letter to Simon Cowell: Can You Make The X Factor Less Terrible?
(Dec. 20, 2012)

If you watch The X Factor (Fox, 8pm) or even keep a distant eye on what's going on on the Simon Cowell singing competition, it's impossible not to notice how utterly devoid of urgency tonight's season finale is.

Project Runway All-Stars Doc Shines a Light on Marchesa
The Hollywood Reporter
(Dec. 20, 2012)

Project Runway Spotlight: Marchesa (Lifetime, 10pm) - The Project Runway spotlight shines on Marchesa this week. Lifetime is debuting a special on the fashion house, co-founded by Project Runway: All Stars judge Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, at 10pm Thursday, following a new episode of All Stars.

Country Music Stars Sing for Christmas
(Dec. 20, 2012)

Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles will host the CMA Country Christmas special (ABC, 9pm). Dierks Bentley, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Martina McBride, Scotty McCreery, The Band Perry and Keith Urban will be on hand to perform and share their favorite tales of the season.

Obamas Joined by Past First Families Bush, Clinton and Carter for Christmas
(Dec. 20, 2012)

A White House Christmas: First Families Remember (NBC, 8pm) - Meredith Vieira hosts a special look at Christmases past and present in the White House, going behind the scenes with First Lady Michelle Obama and the White House staff as they prepare for the 2012 holiday season and thousands of visitors each day. Also featuring former First Ladies Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush, Rosalynn Carter and their children.

Tate, Carly and Fifth Harmony on Two-Part X Factor Season Final
(Dec. 19, 2012)

The X Factor finalists Fifth Harmony and Carly Rose Sonenclar share their thoughts about making it to the finals. Plus, the contestants reveal who they will be singing a duet with for the season finale of the Fox reality series. The X Factor finale airs Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm.

Country Superstars Rascal Flatts Put a Spotlight on Adoption and Foster Care
Rascal Flatts
(Dec. 19, 2012)

A Home for the Holidays with Rascal Flatts (CBS, 8pm) - See the guys host & perform on this special television event celebrating inspirational stories about adoption from foster care.

More Than 70 Beauties Strut for the Crown
(Dec. 19, 2012)

Miss Universe 2012 (NBC and Telemundo, 8pm) - Over 70 hopefuls from across the globe will be tested to find the one woman who personifies the beauty and intelligence of Miss Universe.

Tiaras and Cheer Double Bill is Two Hours of Terrible
New York Post
(Dec. 19, 2012)

Cheer Perfection (TLC, 10pm) - Watching children get abused to satisfy the performance fantasies of adults got old several reality shows ago. But it sells, so here’s the latest, an eight-episode look at a cheerleading program for preteen girls.

Dragons Find Friendship on Mysterious Island on Holiday Special
TV By the Numbers
(Dec. 17, 2012)

Dreamworks Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury (Fox, 8pm), based on the hit DreamWorks Animation film franchise How To Train Your Dragon.

Ted May Be Proposing to Patrice in Two-Part HIMYM
(Dec. 17, 2012)

How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8pm) - With Christmas fast approaching, Barney tells Ted that he plans on proposing to Patrice, which leads Ted to debate whether or not to tell Robin. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily run into an acquaintace from college. Seth Green and Peter Gallagher guest star.

Tiny and Friends Review 2012's Pop Culture Hottest Moments
(Dec. 17, 2012)

Tameka "Tiny" Harris and a few of her friends come together for the ultimate year-end pop culture review special, Tiny Tonight (VH1, 10pm).

Survivor Season 25's Big Finale Night
(Dec. 16, 2012)

Survivor: Philippines (CBS - Sunday, 8pm) - As always, finale night consumes three hours, with the first two being the pre-taped segments that were all filmed on location before the contestants returned home.

Divas to Celebrate Dance Music 
(Dec. 16, 2012)

VH1 Divas is throwing the hottest dance party of 2012 LIVE from Los Angeles at the Shrine Auditorium on Sunday (9pm) with Grammy Award-nominated host Adam Lambert.

Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
(Dec. 16, 2012)

Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (PBS - Sunday, 9pm) - Jane Seymour, Nathan Gunn [join] the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra for a magnificent Christmas special.

Oprah's Six Babies Crying
Channel Guide Magazine
(Dec. 15, 2012)

The McGhee sextuplets are the focus of OWN’s newest docuseries Six Little McGhees premiering Saturday (10pm).High-school sweethearts Mia and Rozonno McGhee wanted one thing in life — a family. After trying to conceive on their own, they turned to fertility treatments that blessed them with sextuplets.

Casper Van Dien's Christmas Miracle
North Jersey
(Dec. 15, 2012)

Baby's First Christmas (Hallmark Channel - Saturday, 8pm) — Kyle Lockwood and Jenna Ford (Casper Van Dien and Rachel Wilson) are lawyers at the same prestigious firm who can't stand each other.

Could Nurse Kate Be Falling in Love with St. Nick?
(Dec. 15, 2012)

The Real St. Nick (Lifetime - Saturday, 10pm) - Kate is a nurse at St. John's Hospital. A couple of days before Christmas, a cute young man in a Santa costume is brought into her ward, unconscious.

Super-Great Super-Nutty Portlandia's Winter Preview
Seattle Times
(Dec. 14, 2012)

Before the show’s official, Jan. 4 third season premiere, IFC will premiere a bonus episode, Winter in Portlandia (IFC - Friday, 10:30pm). It’s the first time viewers will visit Portlandia in winter, one of several attempts in the third season by Armisen, Brownstein and executive producer/director Jonathan Krisel to push at the show’s creative boundaries.

Walter's Acid Trip on Fringe Black Blotter
(Dec. 14, 2012)

Fringe (Fox - Friday, 9pm) -Walter takes an LSD trip down memory lane in an attempt to recall a plan to defeat the Observers.

HGTV Peeks Inside the Homes of Celebs Like Cheryl Burke
(Dec. 14, 2012)

Celebrity Holiday Homes (HGTV, 9pm) - Step inside the homes of your favorite celebrities, like Cheryl Burke, BeBe Winans, Dee Snider, Tamara Tunie, Lisa Lampanelli and Haylie Duff, as designers get their spaces ready for the holidays.

Army Ranger Tim Abell Hunts Down Preppers with Weapons
(Dec. 13, 2012)

There's nothing more fun than preparing for the end of the world, at least judging by a slew of TV shows where real-life preppers stock up on food and supplies for, you know, when Earth goes kaboom. Destination America is joining the trend tonight with Armageddon Arsenals (10pm). Retired Army ranger Tim Abell travels around the country in search of preppers with big ol' stashes of weapons.

Lincoln Center Shines a Light on Opera's Rising Stars
(Dec. 13, 2012)

The Richard Tucker Opera Gala (PBS, 8pm) - A cherished highlight of the New York musical season is the annual Gala event of the Richard Tucker Music Foundation. Established in 1975 by the family of the beloved tenor a few months after his untimely death, the Foundation offers, by way of a Competition, financial support to young opera singers on the brink of important careers.

Rock Royalty Perform to Raise Money for Hurricane Sandy Relief
USA Today
(Dec. 12, 2012)

Music royalty including Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and the Rolling Stones lead the star-studded lineup for Wednesday's 12-12-12: The Concert For Sandy Relief (where to watch). It will be broadcast internationally live from Madison Square Garden beginning at 7:30pm Eastern.

Hilary Clinton and Seth MacFarlane Among Year's Most Fascinating People
ABC News
(Dec. 12, 2012)

Barbara Walters: 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012 (ABC, 9:30pm) -The special features a wide-ranging list of eclectic figures, including Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, outspoken New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas, the British boy band sensation One Direction.

Jordan Rescues Toys from the Land of Misfit Toys
Travel Channel
(Dec. 12, 2012)

Toy Hunter (Travel Channel, 9pm) - Jordan is on the hunt for some Yuletide bestsellers of the past, while also searching for misfit toys that are always in high demand around the holidays.

Who is the Dark Archer?
Inside Pulse
(Dec. 12, 2012)

Arrow (CW, 8pm) - Dark Archer takes the stage in modern-day Starling City in Dec. 12′s Arrow episode 9 called Year’s End. Could Tommy Merlyn, played by actor Colin Donnell, live up to his comic book heritage and become the villainous archer Merlyn? Or is this someone else?

CNBC Takes a Closer Look at the Hotel Business
(Dec. 12, 2012)

Hotel: Behind Closed Doors at Marriott (CNBC, 9pm) - CNBC cameras examine the Ritz-Carlton's obsessive culture of customer service, and travel to India to witness Marriott's shrewd expansion into the developing world – all part of the story of an American, family-run dynasty that's thrived by walking the line between playing it safe and taking some calculated and hugely successful risks.

Mindy Tosses Her Boyfriend Into Office Christmas Party Nuttiness
Tampa Bay Times
(Dec. 11, 2012)

The Mindy Project (Fox, 9:30pm) - Mindy takes her boyfriend to the office Christmas party. Because that's when you want your boyfriend to meet your coworkers, when they're all liquored up and uninhibited, flirting and mouthing off about salaries.

Four Homeowners Vote On Who Has the Best Christmas Decorations
How Stuff Works
(Dec. 11, 2012)

Four Houses (TLC, 10pm) - In New York, designer Marie puts her refined holiday decorations up against the Christmas light spectacular of retired fireman Kevin, philanthropist Dhonna's over-the-top live holiday house and retail coordinator Jason's heartfelt family tribute.

Real or Fake? TruTV's Caught Red-Handed Has Viewers Wondering
(Dec. 11, 2012)

When it comes to reality TV, some element of "realness" or believability often comes in handy ... but, not always. A growing trend in reality TV is reality TV that ain't so real. Case in point, possibly, is TruTV's Caught Red Handed (10pm). On the show, a team of security officers spy on store shoppers as they, well, steal stuff. Check out a new episode tonight.

Michael Buble Sings Christmas Classics with Rod Stewart and Carly Rae Jepsen
(Dec. 10, 2012)

Michael Bublé returns to NBC with another star-studded holiday Christmas special, Michael Bublé: Home for the Holidays (10pm).

Which of The Voice's Final Four Has the Best Chance to Win?
USA Today
(Dec. 10, 2012)

With four singers and two weeks left, it's almost time to crown The Voice champion for Season 3. In Monday's semifinal performance show (NBC, 8pm), the remaining singers fight for two spots.

Trace Adkins and Kristin Chenoweth Host 3rd Annual ACAs
(Dec. 10, 2012)

American Country Awards (Fox, 8pm) - Hosted by multi-platinum recording artist Trace Adkins and Emmy and Tony Award winner Kristin Chenoweth, the two-hour live music spectacular is the only country music awards show that gives fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite artists.

Erik Estrada and Laura McKenzie Co-Host the 2012 Hollywood Christmas Parade
Hollywood Christmas Parade
(Dec. 10, 2012)

The Hollywood Christmas Parade, an American tradition in its 81st year, will be telecast on local television stations nationwide throughout December (local listings and tonight on Hallmark Channel, 6pm).

Amazing Race Final Four Teams Race for $1 Million
(Dec. 9, 2012)

The Amazing Race (CBS - Sunday, 8pm) - With the $1 million dollar prize on the line, the final four teams race through France en route to the finish line in New York City, where they’ll encounter a terrifying Houdini-inspired Roadblock.

TV for a Man's Man
(Dec. 9, 2012)

History Channel already skews toward men, but the addition of shows like Ax Men (Sunday, 9pm) have helped further establish the cabler as a go-to for male auds. Ax Men often boasts male viewership that's more than double the tune-in among females.

Joan Rivers and Jake Gyllenhaal Have a Laugh (and a Glass of Wine) with Graham Norton
BBC America
(Dec. 8, 2012)

The Graham Norton Show (BBC America - Saturday, 10pm) - Plenty of laughs are sure to abound when Top Gear stars Jeremy Clarkson and James May stop by. Plus, TV diva Joan Rivers and Hollywood A-lister Jake Gyllenhaal.

Who Will Win CMT Artists of the Year?
(Dec. 8, 2012)

2012 CMT Artists of the Year (CMT - Saturday, 10pm) - For the first time ever, CMT is keeping the illustrious list of honorees top secret until they are revealed on the night of Dec. 8.

Christmas Killers Falling from the Sky
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
(Dec. 8, 2012) the Syfy original '12 Disasters of Christmas (Saturday, 8pm), sword-size shards of ice plunge from the sky, piercing grandmas and greedy developers alike.

Holly Robinson Peete, Kathie Lee Gifford and Jewel Open Their Holiday-Decorated Homes
(Dec. 7, 2012)

Celebrity Homes: Holiday Decorating from the Stars (HGTV - Friday, 9pm) - Check out these star-studded design and entertaining ideas from the homes of Kathie Lee Gifford, Jewel and Holly Robinson Peete.

Samuel L. Jackson Hosts Video Game Awards 2012
Entertainment Weekly
(Dec. 7, 2012)

VGA 10 (Spike TV - Friday, 9pm) - In the game of the year category, Assassin’s Creed III (Ubisoft/Ubisoft Montreal) and  The Walking Dead: The Game (Telltale Games) will square off against Dishonored (Bethesda Softworks/Arkane Studios), Journey (Sony Computer Entertainment/thatgamecompany) and Mass Effect 3 (Electronic Arts/BioWare).

Director Peter Jackson Shares Secrets About The Hobbit with Ann Curry
NBC News
(Dec. 6, 2012)

Rock Center with Brian Williams (NBC, 10pm) - The Hobbit film director Peter Jackson said that the pressure to outdo his Academy Award-winning The Lord of the Rings trilogy initially made him hesitant to return to The Shire and tackle the prequel to the Rings.

Gospel Singing Sisters Erica and Tina Campbell Praise, Sing and Fight
(Dec. 6, 2012)

By now, Erica and Tina Campbell are well on their way to being bona fide gospel music legends, but when it comes to their music, they’ve always flipped the script and made the kind of churchy tracks that get played in the nightclub.

A&E's Excellent Panic 9-1-1 is Terrifying
(Dec. 6, 2012)

Panic 9-1-1 (A&E, 10pm) - The situations in the this episode are close calls.

Vogue Editor Anna Wintour is Sugary Sweet (Not the Devil)
New York Daily News
(Dec. 6, 2012)

Anna Wintour is soft, fuzzy and even warm. At least that’s the picture painted by a new HBO documentary, In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye, and the people who made it.

PRCA Championship Live on GAC Staring Tonight
Great American Country
(Dec. 6, 2012)

The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo is the season-ending, premier championship event for the PRCA. GAC is once again set to deliver live coverage of every round and every ride as the very best cowboys and barrel racers compete for the coveted World Championship Gold Buckles in 2012.

LL Cool J and Taylor Swift Host Grammy Concert Special
(Dec. 5, 2012)

Singer/songwriter Janelle Monáe will perform with Fun on The Grammy Nominations Concert Live (CBS, 10pm).

Santa is a Killer on AHS: Asylum
(Dec. 5, 2012)

American Horror Story: Asylum (FX, 10pm) - A murderous Santa wreaks havoc on Briarcliff. Sister Jude faces off with the Devil. Arden has a shocking encounter in the Death Chute.

Kids are Cheaters But is it a 21st Century Thing?
New York Times
(Dec. 5, 2012)

By the end of Faking the Grade: Classroom Cheaters (9pm), there is little doubt that we are a nation of weasels. What is misleading in this CNBC special, to be broadcast on Wednesday, is the implication that this is a 21st-century phenomenon.

Khloe Reflects on Her The X Factor Co-Hosting Gig
The Daily Beast
(Dec. 5, 2012)

When Khloe Kardashian Odom signed on as a host of The X Factor (Fox, 8pm), she thought it would be a walk in the park. But she didn’t anticipate a few things.

The Voice's Blake Shelton Hosts His First-Ever Christmas Special
(Dec. 3, 2012)

Blake Shelton (NBC's The Voice) will host his first Christmas special, Blake Shelton's Not So Family Christmas (NBC, 10pm).

National Geographic is Counting Down to the End of Time
New York Times
(Dec. 3, 2012)

The Mayan Apocalypse 2012 (Nat Geo Channel, 9pm) - Other broadcasters may focus their attention on Dec. 25 (or 8, or 26), but as far as National Geographic is concerned, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are for sissies.

The Voice's Final Six Sing for a Slot in Quarter-Finals
(Dec. 3, 2012)

The Voice (NBC, 8pm) - The six remaining artists perform, with a trip to the quarterfinals hanging in the balance.

Anthony Melchiorri is Up for More Crawling Underneath Hotel Beds
Travel Channel
(Dec. 3, 2012)

Hotel fixer Anthony Melchiorri returns for a second season of Hotel Impossible. Get an exclusive first look at the new season and catch the premiere (Travel Channel, 10pm).

Jesse Capen May Have Fallen Victim to Lost Dutchman's Gold
Investigation Discovery
(Dec. 3, 2012)

Disappeared (ID Investigation Discovery, 10pm) - 35 year-old Jesse Capen vanishes on a camping trip in Arizona's Superstition Mountains. While law enforcement searches the vast wilderness, his family finds a huge secret on his computer. His disappearance may have to do with the legend he is chasing.

Michael Buble Sings and Helena Bonham Carter Talks Christmas
BBC America (Dec. 1, 2012)

The Graham Norton Show (BBC America - Saturday, 10pm) - Admit it, you've always wondered what the Christmas tree at the home of notoriously eccentric oddballs Helena Bonham Carter looks like, eh?

NBC Airs James Stewart Christmas Classic Tonight
New Orleans Times-Picayune (Dec. 1, 2012)

It's a Wonderful Life (Sunday, 7pm), NBC's annual broadcasting of Frank Capra's 1946 holiday classic, starring James Stewart as a man who - with help from an angel named Clarence - discovers what his life would have been like had he never been born.

Christmas Romance - Is Aiden the One?
Hallmark Channel
A Christmas Bride (Hallmark Channel - Saturday, 8pm) - After Jessie Patterson (Arielle Kebbel) calls off her third engagement - at the altar! - she swears off serious relationships until she finds “the one.” That is, until charming but chronically single Aiden MacTiernan (Andrew Walker) comes along. Unbeknownst to Jessie, Aiden has bet his friends that he can convince a woman to marry him by Christmas.

CeeLo Green is Celebrating the Holidays with The Muppets and Rod Stewart
TVFirstLook (Nov. 30, 2012)

The Voice's CeeLo Green is putting down his cat and coming from behind his swirly red chair to celebrate Christmas, CeeLo style. On CeeLo's Magic Moment (TV Guide Network - Friday, 8pm), he is singing Christmas songs with Rod Stewart, Eric Benet, The Muppets and some of The Voice contestants.

Paige and Vino Sent Packing on The X Factor
Fox (Nov. 30, 2012)

[Last night], on the live results show, another double elimination sent home Paige Thomas, one of Demi Lovato’s Young Adults, and Vino Alan, one of L.A. Reid’s Over 25s, on The X Factor.

Chef David Chang Hangs in NYC and Eats Soy on Mind of a Chef Marathon
PBS (Nov. 30, 2012)

The Mind of a Chef (PBS - Friday, 9pm) - This episode is all New York with the Torrsi boys, oysters, carrot dashi, and farming. Plus Chang visits native New Yorker Ivan Ramen in Tokyo where he is making ramen that is taking the city by storm.

NYC Mom Takes a Knife to Hubby
Investigation Discovery (Nov. 30, 2012)

Wives with Knives (ID - Friday, 10pm) - A New York City mother of four meets the man of her dreams until he starts using drugs and repeatedly abusing her. Just when she thinks he's gotten rid of his demons, he brutally attacks her and in a fight for her life she stabs him to death.

Drew Carey's Improv Show Gets His Vegas Audience in on the Act
GSN TV (Nov. 30, 2012)

Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza (GSN - Friday, 8pm) half-hour of improvised sketch comedy, complete with audience participation. The show is based on a series of live improv performances that are taped in front of live audiences at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Sam's Past Stirs Trouble on Hunted
Coming Soon (Nov. 30, 2012)

Hunted (Cinemax - Friday, 10pm) - Determined to delve further into Hourglass, Sam makes a startling revelation relating to her past. However, her investigations trigger the interest of Byzantium’s client. When Aidan instructs Natalie (Indira Varma) to uncover the leak in MI6, her shocking discovery exposes her to dangers on all sides.

Britney and Intro "Scream & Shout" on The X Factor
Fox (Nov. 28, 2012)

Britney's back. This time she's back on the music scene on's new single and music video for the future hit song, "Scream and Shout."

CeeLo Green, Bette Midler and Mariah Carey Kick Off Christmas at Rock Center
NBC (Nov. 28, 2012)

NBC heralds the arrival of the holidays with a dazzling display of musical talent and the lighting of the world's most famous Christmas tree during the 15th annual Christmas in Rockefeller Center (8pm).

Joan Collins Joins Fran Drescher's Happily Divorced in a Recurring Role
Advocate (Nov. 28, 2012)

[Joan] Collins is playing a thinly-veiled version of herself on Happily Divorced, the TV Land (10:30pm) comedy starring Fran Drescher as a woman trying to make friends with her gay ex-husband. [Advocate] caught up with Joan on election day and found her still every inch the diva.

The Leverage Gang Takes on a Walmart-y Store
Oregon Live (Nov. 27, 2012)

Leverage - Nate and the gang of grifters also return to wrap up their season with five new episodes. In the first one, The Low Low Price Job, the do-gooding bad guys go up against a nasty megastore. (TNT, 10pm.)

Jeff and Jenni Work on Their Issues for Flipping Out's Season Six Finale
Bravo TV (Nov. 27, 2012)

Flipping Out (Bravo, 9pm) - Jeff and Jenni work to resolve their issues regarding Cabogate. Meanwhile, Gage worries that Jeff’s unconventional work habits may jeopardize the deal for a new paint line. Finally, Jeff and Gage’s move to their dream home is bittersweet when they lose one of the family.

American Natives Survive as Millions of People Die
History (Nov. 27, 2012)

Mankind: The Story of All of Us (History, 9pm) - Genghis Khan--the bloodiest warlord in history--sweeps south from Mongolia into China and creates a mighty empire. He leaves 40 million dead bodies in his wake.

Rizzoli & Isles Resumes Season with New Eps
Minneapolis Star Tribune (Nov. 27, 2012)

One of cable's biggest hits, Rizzoli & Isles (TNT, 8pm) returns with five new episodes that explore the mysterious, tantalizing chemistry between Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander.

Broadway's Annie Hits Up Animal Shelters for Sandy
Hallmark Movie Channel (Nov. 27, 2012)

Hosted by popular Today Show weatherman, Al Roker, Annie’s Search for Sandy (Hallmark Movie Channel, 7:30pm) goes on the road to animal shelters across the country in search of the perfect dog to play Sandy in the new Broadway production of the Tony Award-winning classic musical, Annie, which just opened to rave reviews at the Palace Theatre.

Two-Part DWTS All-Stars Season Finale Begins Tonight
TVFirstLook (Nov. 26, 2012)

Tonight, ABC's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars kicks off its two-part season finale (8pm). Unbelievably. It seems like only days ago that the All-Stars season began with so much promise.

Olympic Host Rio is Still a War-Torn City on Witness Finale
Time (Nov. 26, 2012)

Through the month of November, the terrific HBO four-part documentary series Witness (9pm) is telling that story.

Rod Stweart, Cee Lo, Mary J. Blige and Michael Buble Sing for the Holidays
PBS (Nov. 26, 2012)

Grammy Award-winning, two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Rod Stewart, hosts his first holiday special, Rod Stewart: Merry Christmas, Baby, on Thirteen's Great Performances beginning this December on PBS (check local listings). In New York, Thirteen will air the program Monday, Nov. 26 at 8pm.

Anthony Bourdain Lays Over in Paris
Travel Channel (Nov. 26, 2012)

The Layover (Travel Channel, 10pm) - In Paris, Tony does as the French do. He sips coffee at Le Pure Café, sits down at Le Dome for an enormous shellfish tower, discovers the lost art of bread baking and indulges in a guilty pleasure: a duck press.

Extreme Makeover Team Returns for Holiday Specials
Fayetteville Observer (Nov. 26, 2012)

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC, 9pm) was canceled in the middle of season nine, but four home projects remained in production. ABC will show those holiday-themed projects, which will air over the next four Mondays. Jenny McCarthy will be the host. This episode will feature a family from Knoxville, Tenn., who has several adopted children.

The Cast of Downton Abbey Discusses Seasons One and Two
PBS (Nov. 25, 2012)

Join Dame Maggie Smith, Elizabeth McGovern, Hugh Bonneville, Dan Stevens, Michelle Dockery, Siobhan Finneran and many more of the series’ most popular actors for Downton Abbey Revisted (PBS - Sunday, 8pm), a fond recollection of favorite moments from Seasons 1 and 2, plus interviews with the actors and creative team and rare behind-the-scenes footage. Hosted by Angela Lansbury.

Joey Lawrence and Emily Hampshire Find Catholic-Jewish Romance for the Holidays
Hallmark Channel (Nov. 25, 2012)

Hitched for the Holidays (Hallmark Channel - Sunday, 8pm) - When commitment-phobe Rob Marino (Joey Lawrence) breaks up with his girlfriend before Thanksgiving, he is criticized by his big Italian family about his inability to keep a relationship through the holidays.

Your Problems Will Go Away...Forever: Thanksgiving Weekend TV Marathons
TVFirstLook (Nov. 23, 2012)

Oh, cruel Black Friday. Overloaded with boxes upon boxes of slow cookers, luggage you don't need and sweater sets you'll never wear? Well, be a good American and suppress those silly worries about your soon-to-arrive credit card bills.

Jingle All the Way Sequel Has Keith Urban Singing "Jingle Bells"
Hallmark Channel (Nov. 23, 2012)

Jingle and Bell's Christmas Star (Hallmark Channel, 7pm) - Jingle the Husky Pup is back in his latest holiday adventure, and this time he and his buddy Andrew have some new friends. A little girl named Sofia and her Husky Pup, Bell, have moved from sunny Palm City to Pineville just before Christmas.

CBS Visits with Drew Brees and Alicia Keys
CBS Miami (Nov. 23, 2012)

With a nod to history, CBS News is bringing back Person to Person (CBS, 10pm) as a television event with the celebrities and newsmakers that are the legends of today.

Nick Sitcom iCarly Wraps Its Five-Season Run Tonight
South Coast Today (Nov. 23, 2012)

The tween comedy iCarly (Nickelodeon, 8pm) says goodbye after five seasons. The show stood out by trying to integrate Web content and old-fashioned sitcoms. Or, at least it was a sitcom about a kid (Miranda Cosgrove) with her own website.

Cornell and Nat Geo Ornithologists' Eight-Year Study of Birds of Paradise
Cornell Sun (Nov. 22, 2012)

[Edwin] Scholes and [Tim] Laman released the photographs from their eight years studying the bird’s dazzling displays in a science book called "Birds of Paradise: Revealing the World’s Most Extraordinary Birds," on Oct 23.

Some of TV's Best Bets for Thanksgiving Weekend
The Daily Beast (Nov. 22, 2012)

Thanksgiving isn’t just about gorging yourself on turkey and pumpkin pie--it’s also about getting prostrate on the couch after stuffing yourself … or getting away from your family for a few hours in front of the television.

Charlie Brown Screws Up Thanksgiving Dinner (But It Works Out)
ABC (Nov. 21, 2012)

In the 1973 special, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown (ABC - Wednesday and Thanksgiving Day, 8pm) wants to do something special for the gang.

It's Thanksgiving (Mayhem) on Top Chef
Bravo TV (Nov. 21, 2012)

Top Chef: Seattle (Bravo, 10pm) - This ain’t your mama’s chicken and dumplings. In this week’s Quickfire, the chefs must make different varieties of dumplings from all over the world.

Jim Rome Talks Sports on Showtime
Los Angeles Times (Nov. 21, 2012)

Jim Rome cut his teeth talking sports on Southern California radio, taking his show to locales such as Reuben's in Brea and the Rose and Crown pub in Anaheim to bond with fans and build an audience, delivering a smart, opinionated style.

The Kilchers Celebrate a Fall Feast in Homer, Alaska
Discovery Channel (Nov. 20, 2012)

Otto confronts a predator killing calves from inside his herd. Atz Lee and Jane catch and smoke salmon in their secret fish camp. Eivin uses a samurai sword to prepare Thanksgiving dinner.

Lauren Graham Guest Stars on Matthew Perry's Go On
NBC (Nov. 20, 2012)

Go On (NBC, 9pm) - Ryan and Steven go head-to-head over a college buddy. Lauren Graham guest stars.

Paula Abdul Sings and Dances on the Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars
ABC (Nov. 20, 2012)

Choreographer and recording artist, Paula Abdul will perform a groundbreaking number exclusively created for this season’s final Macy’s Stars of Dance performance on Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars the Results Show (ABC, 8pm).

Anthony Bourdain's Big TV Plans Begin Tonight with Layover Season Two
Philly Eater (Nov. 19, 2012)

Anthony Bourdain's show, The Layover, is kicking off the second and final season on Monday (9pm).

Michael Jackson's Bad on DWTS All-Stars Semi-Finals
News Net 5 (Nov. 19, 2012)

Dancing with the Stars All-Stars (ABC, 8pm) - The Michael Jackson dances will all be from the "Bad" album to mark 25 years since its release. We'll have to wait until Monday night to see who does "The Way You Make Me Feel," "Man in the Mirror," "Dirty Diana," "Smooth Criminal" and "Bad" itself.

Mariah Gives Her Support to Husband Nick's TeenNick Halo Awards
USA Today (Nov. 19, 2012)

Sometimes the carpet isn't red — orange? — but Mariah Carey can look pretty stunning on any old carpet. She proved it again Saturday night at the TeenNick Halo Awards at the Hollywood Palladium.

Veronique de Viguerie Travels Into War-Torn South Sudan
Star Pulse (Nov. 19, 2012)

The third installment in a four-part documentary series from award-winning filmmaker Michael Mann, Witness: South Sudan debuts exclusively on HBO (9pm). In this documentary, Veronique de Viguerie – follows the "Arrow Boys" and their struggle against mass murderer General Kony is South Sudan.

Oprah's Back with an All-New Oprah's Favorite Things
OWN TV (Nov. 18, 2012)

For the first time since 2010, Oprah's Favorite Things (OWN - Sunday, 8pm) returns to television in a two-hour special event!

American Music Awards Celebrate 40 Years and Honor Dick Clark
ABC News (Nov. 18, 2012)

Music’s biggest names will gather this Sunday night in L.A. to celebrate the 40th Anniversary American Music Awards, airing live from the Nokia Theatre L.A. on ABC (8pm).

High School Sweeties Reunite at Christmas (Aww)
Lifetime (Nov. 17, 2012)

Holiday High School Reunion (Lifetime - Saturday, 8pm) - Twenty-eight-year-old Georgia is convinced the man of her dreams is the one "that got away" back in high school.

Santa Delivers Romance at Christmastime
Hallmark Channel (Nov. 17, 2012)

Matchmaker Santa (Hallmark Channel - Saturday, 8pm) - As a little girl, Melanie Hogan (Lacey Chabert) wished to find her own prince charming just like her parents found true love. Now an adult, Melanie is running her own bakery and dating a handsome CEO, Justin (Thad Luckinbill).

Travie McCoy Visits Reba's Super-Fluffy and Super-Fun Malibu Country
ABC (Nov. 16, 2012)

Malibu Country (ABC - Friday, 8:30pm) - Reba is insulted when Mr. Bata wants guest star Travie McCoy, a rapper, to record one of her songs; Lillie Mae realizes she has a secret admirer; Cash tries to hide his accent.

Jennifer Hudson, Usher and Bobbi Kristina Remember Whitney Houston
USA Today (Nov. 16, 2012)

It starts with a dance party and ends with tears, fitting bookends on a night devoted to the memory of Whitney Houston.

Kinda Dull ANTM College Season Wraps Tonight
TV Without Pity (Nov. 16, 2012)

Tonight is the season finale of America's Next Top Model. Cycle 19 had a bunch of changes, including an unnecessary college theme and a crop of new judges.

David Chang Hangs with Chefs Christina Tosi and Rene Redzepi
PBS (Nov. 16, 2012)

The Mind of a Chef (PBS - Friday, 9pm) - There is something rotten in David Chang’s kitchen and that’s a good thing. Rotten is delicious; katsuibushi in Japan, XO sauce, rotten bananas with Chef Christina Tosi, and Kimchi. Then, Chang hangs out with one of his best friends- who happens to be the world’s top chef- Rene Redzepi.

Burton Snowboards and Blendtec Kitchen Equipment on Millions
CNBC (Nov. 16, 2012)

How I Made My Millions (CNBC, 8pm) - Jake Burton Carpenter left his job in finance to pioneer a sport that was virtually unknown: snowboarding. Despite little training in design or construction, he built his first snowboards inside a Vermont barn. A decade later, Burton would be selling his iconic boards in 33 countries, the dominant player in a fast-growing industry.

Country Crooner Tate Stevens is The X Factor's Brightest Star
Entertainment Weekly (Nov. 15, 2012)

The X Factor (Fox, 8pm) - Tate Stevens, the ultimate diva, aimed for the heartstrings with his cover of Shania Twain's "From This Moment."

Juanes, Santana, Pitbull, Natalie Cole Among Stars at The Latin Grammy Awards
Univision (Nov. 15, 2012)

The XIII Latin Grammy Awards (Univision, 8pm) - Grammy and 17-time Latin Grammy  winner (and current nominee) Juanes and 10-time Grammy and three-time Latin Grammy winner Santana will perform together for the first time, while current nominees Caetano Veloso (2012 Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year) and Arturo Sandoval will join forces for a special performance on the XIII Annual Latin Grammy Awards.

Brit and Scott Search the Wild West for Gold
The Hollywood Reporter (Nov. 15, 2012)

Discovery Channel is going on the hunt for Wild West treasures in its latest unscripted series, Ghost Town Gold, which debuts Thursday (10pm).

Superstorm Sandy's Still-Unfolding Real-Life Tragedies
TVFirstLook (Nov. 15, 2012)

Nat Geo Channel takes a closer look at the science behind Superstorm Sandy and gets first-person accounts of the very real real-life tragedies that are still unfolding. Superstorm 2012, tonight at 10pm.

Comedy Legend Joan Rivers Stands Up on Showtime
Showtime (Nov. 15, 2012)

Joan Rivers: Don't Start with Me (Showtime, 9:45pm) - Grow up, check your sensitivity at the door and feel the comedic wrath of entertainment icon Joan Rivers.

Whitney Gets Another Shot at Winning Over Viewers
Youngstown News (Nov. 14, 2012)

Whitney (NBC, 8pm): The critics hated it and viewers mostly ignored it. Still, Whitney was renewed and launches its second season tonight, replacing that sitcom with a monkey that critics hated and viewers ignored.

The X Factor's Pretty Cool Rankings of Shame
TV Guide (Nov. 14, 2012)

Say what you will about Simon Cowell, but he's brought some intriguing changes -- Yay, Demi! Boo, Khloe! -- to the second season of The X Factor (Fox, 8pm).

Ducks are a Whole Lot More than Popcorn Eating Paddlers
PBS (Nov. 14, 2012)

Nature (PBS, 8pm) - Ducks are ancient creatures. True originals, ducks practice habitual lifestyles that have been essential to their evolutionary success for millions of years. There are more than 120 different species of ducks—many with delightful names like “Buffleheads,” “Shovelers,” and “Woodies” that embody their charming personalities and curious mannerisms.

Tow Truck Drivers Do Battle with the Snow
National Geographic Channel (Nov. 14, 2012)

Hell on the Highway (National Geographic Channel, 10pm) - The snow comes in hard, tangling and mangling traffic in Donner Pass.

Hollywood Salutes Eddie Murphy
Spike TV (Nov. 14, 2012)

Eddie Murphy: One Night Only (Spike, 10pm) will pay homage to Murphy's journey from a 15-year-old aspiring comedian, to the record-breaking Raw, which remains the highest grossing stand-up film of all time, to his indelible characters and impressions from Saturday Night Live such as Buckwheat, Gumby, Mr. Robinson and James Brown.

Ingrid Visser Swims with Whales on Frontier Earth Season Premiere
TV Guide (Nov. 13, 2012)

Leading Animal Planet's slate is Frontier Earth (8pm) with Dave Salmoni, which follows famed natural history host Salmoni as he showcases rare animals and meets with scientists who are experts in their various animal fields.

Where Would Mankind Be Without Inventors?
History Channel (Nov. 13, 2012)

Mankind: The Story of All of Us (History, 9pm) - On a unique planet, a unique species takes its first steps: Mankind begins. But it's a world full of danger. Threatened by extinction, we innovate to survive--discovering fire and farming; building cities and pyramids; inventing trade--and mastering the art of war. From humble beginnings, we become the dominant creature on the planet. Now the future belongs to us.

New Season New Apocalyptic Fears
Deseret News (Nov. 13, 2012)

National Geographic Channel's No. 1 series, Doomsday Preppers, will return for its second season with back-to-back episodes Tuesday (9pm).

Alaska Cops Chase Down Criminals in Extreme Conditions
Discovery Channel (Nov. 13, 2012)

Alaska Marshals (Discovery Channel, 10pm) - In Alaska, America's last frontier, some of the country's most hardened criminals are on the run. U.S. Marshals search for dangerous fugitives while battling the elements. Law enforcement here is like no other assignment in the U.S.

Brit Chef Jamie Oliver and Brit Designer Paul Smith Share Stories of Their Lives
Sundance Channel (Nov. 13, 2012)

Iconoclasts (Sundance Channel, 8pm) - Two pioneers of modern British culture, Jamie Oliver and Paul Smith, share their friendship, their work and the passions that drive them. Go behind the scenes with them to visit Oliver’s test kitchen and see how Smith designs his trademark stripes.

Libya From Photojournalists' Point of View
HBO (Nov. 12, 2012)

Witness (HBO, 9pm) follows our current generation of photojournalists into these conflict zones in Mexico, Libya, Brazil and South Sudan. In the four-part series, war photographers carry us into the heart of the human drama of the people in the action on the ground.

UK Docu-Soap Debuts Tonight on Style
My Style (Nov. 12, 2012)

The UK's No. 1 docu-soap, Made in Chelsea, follows the lives and loves of a group of fashionable, elite twenty-somethings who live and party in one of London's most exclusive postal codes—and it's coming to Style Network Monday (8pm).

The Most Comprehensive Sex Study in Generations is Informative Though Not Sexy
TVFirstLook (Nov. 11, 2012)

It may be asking too much of a scientific examination of American's sex lives for a documentary about it to be, well, sexy. Discovery Channel's Curiosity: Sex In America (Discovery - Sunday, 9pm) definitely isn't sexy. But it is informative, and eye opening.

Daniel Craig and Daniel Day-Lewis Among BAFTA L.A. Winners
BBC America (Nov. 11, 2012)

The Britannia Awards (BBC America - Sunday, 7:30) are BAFTA Los Angeles' highest accolade, a celebration of achievements honoring individuals and companies that have dedicated their careers to advancing the entertainment arts.

Oprah Sits Down with Bette Midler and Valerie Simpson
OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network (Nov. 11, 2012)

Oprah's Next Chapter (OWN, 9pm) - Oprah visits the larger-than-life Bette Midler at her home in New York City to discuss her legendary career and latest movie with Billy Crystal. Then, Valerie Simpson, one half of the musical duo Ashford & Simpson, talks to Oprah about the loss of Nick Ashford, her husband of 37 years.

Jason Gedrick is a Teacher During Christmas Break
Hallmark Channel (Nov. 10, 2012)

The Wishing Tree (Hallmark Channel - Saturday, 8pm) - Professor Evan Farnsworth (Jason Gedrick) is a widower who works tirelessly at a prestigious boarding school in Maine, dedicating all his time to helping his students believe in themselves.

Hasselhoff Makes Christmas Consultant More Fun Than It Should Be
San Francisco Chronicle (Nov. 10, 2012)

The film, the first of 10 new films Lifetime is calling its It's a Wonderful Lifetime Marathon, is competently written by Gregg Rossen and Brian Sawyer and directed by John Bradshaw.

Ben Cotton Stars in Battlestar Galactica's Next Chapter Starting Today
Sacramento Bee (Nov. 9, 2012)

An all-new chapter in the Battlestar Galactica saga, Blood & Chrome ( Prime, beginning Friday, Nov. 9) takes place in the midst of the first Cylon war.

Anthony Bourdain Narrates a Look Inside the Mind of Chef David Chang
New York Times (Nov. 9, 2012)

The well-mannered world of PBS food shows will get a jolt on Friday with the national premiere of The Mind of a Chef (PBS - Friday, 9pm), a 16-episode series about the culinary inspirations and obsessions of David Chang, the young (35) and unfiltered chef and impresario of the Momofuku restaurants.

Chef Gordon Ramsay Goes Nuts in Brooklyn's Mama Maria's
Fox (Nov. 9, 2012)

Kitchen Nightmares (Fox - Friday, 8pm) - Chef Ramsay heads to Mama Maria's in Brooklyn.

Kristin Chenoweth Hosts an Awards Show for Heroic Pooches
Daily Herald (Nov. 8, 2012)

This awards show has the usual — red carpet, stars and a glamorous Beverly Hills setting. But it’s also one of the few where people know who won before it airs, and no one bothers whispering that some honorees are bitches.

It's Thanksgiving in Michael Symon's Kitchen
The Cooking Channel (Nov. 8, 2012)

Symon's Suppers (The Cooking Channel, 9:30pm) - Michael Symon and his wife Liz share recipes for their favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

Kevin Tries to Become a Judge on FX's The League
FX (Nov. 8, 2012)

The League (FX, 10:30pm) - Kevin decides to run for judge and ends up at a charity event with Bills Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. The guys take an intelligence test to decide who's the smartest. Andre refuses to believe he's balding.

Padma's Love Letter to Seattle on Top Chef
Seattle Times (Nov. 7, 2012)

"A love letter to Seattle and its food scene": That's how Padma Lakshmi describes Top Chef: Seattle (10pm), which premieres Wednesday night.

Curious Friendships Shed Light on Animal Emotions
PBS (Nov. 7, 2012)

Nature: Animal Odd Couples (PBS, 8pm) - Are animals capable of feeling complex emotions? Recent observations of unexpected cross-species relationships in zoos and animal sanctuaries around the world may provide some answers.

Ever Wonder What's on Fido's Mind?
PBS (Nov. 7, 2012)

We humans have long wondered how animals see the world—and us. Does your dog really feel shame when it gives you that famous "guilty look?" What is behind the "swarm intelligence" of slime mold or a honeybee hive? How can pigeons possibly find their way home across hundreds of miles of unfamiliar terrain?

Debi and Gabriele Head Back to Italy for Food and Family
The Cooking Channel (Nov. 7, 2012)

Extra Virgin (The Cooking Channel, 9:30pm) - Actress Debi Mazar and her Italian husband, Gabriele Corcos, invite you into their home as they share their tremendous passion for Tuscan food and for each other.

The Most Important Night on TV May Be the Most Anti-Climatic
TVFirstLook (Nov. 6, 2012)

Tonight's election coverage is must-see TV. Full stop. The election of the president of the United States will have ramifications around the world for decades to come.

The Kilcher Clan Heads Out for Fish as Winter Looms
Discovery Channel (Nov. 6, 2012)

Alaska: The Last Frontier (Discovery Channel, 9pm) - Summer half over, the Kilchers head out fishing, but it's not for least not entirely. They need 100s of pounds of fish to eat and barter with during winter. Each couple has their own time-proven technique for catching salmon, halibut and trout.

The Chefs Head to Chicago for a Pizza Showdown
BBC America (Nov. 6, 2012)

Chef Race: U.K. vs. U.S. (BBC America, 10pm) - With 7 chefs left, the teams head to Springfield, Ill. where they must make as  much money as they can out of a pizza oven.

Heavily Courted Latinos Discuss Presidential Election Results
CNN en Español (Nov. 6, 2012)

On Tuesday, Americans will be casting their ballots to elect their next president and vice president of the United States. CNN en Español will broadcast the most comprehensive and experienced coverage of the United States’ election starting at 7pm Eastern.

Hallmark Kicks Off Week of Hero Dogs with Puppy Love Encore
Hallmark Channel (Nov. 6, 2012)

Puppy Love (encore - Hallmark Channel, 8pm) - When single mom Megan Nolan (Candace Cameron Bure) moves to a new town, she feels guilty for uprooting her ten-year-old daughter Caitlin (Katie Hawkins). Seeing that Caitlin’s only friend is their neighbor Gail’s (Kali Rocha) dog, Megan agrees to adopt a pooch of their own to keep her company.

Anthony Bourdain Heads to Brooklyn for Last-Ever No Reservations
Gadling (Nov. 5, 2012)

For lovers of food, snark and real or armchair travel, a sad day is nearly upon us: the final episode of the Travel Channel's No Reservations. On Monday, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations – The Final Tour will air at 9pm.

Todd Carmichael Risks Life and Limb for a Cup O' Joe
Travel Channel (Nov. 5, 2012)

Dangerous Grounds (Travel Channel, 10pm) - Todd Carmichael travels the globe, hunting for the highest-grade coffee in the world.

Michael Mann and David Frankham's Visceral Miniseries Would Benefit from Structure
The Hollywood Reporter (Nov. 5, 2012)

Witness (HBO, 9pm) - All four episodes were shot by Jared Moossy with the dexterity and immediacy that only hand-held digital technology allows, creating suspenseful interludes especially in the Rio and South Sudan segments. And the series editors make appropriate use of still images to highlight the photoreporters’ work.

Tech-preneurs Hit Up Silicon Valley VCs for Cash
Los Angeles Times (Nov. 5, 2012)

Is it rude when an investor in the middle of a pitch grabs your Powerpoint presentation and flips through it? "It is rude probably," colorful Silicon Valley angel investor Dave McClure said.

The Voice Heads Into Live Playoff Rounds
News OK (Nov. 5, 2012)

The Voice (NBC, 8pm) moves into live playoff rounds during the week of Nov. 5, Election Week, giving viewers their first opportunity to vote for their favorite artists.

Chiquitas with Guns on Abismo de Pasión Finale
UVideos (Nov. 5, 2012)

Abismo de Pasión (Univision, 8pm) - Augusto Castanon Castanon and Stephanie are parents of Elisa. They live with Carmina, who plans to flee the town with Rosendo Arango. Alfonsina hears this and immediately tells Augusto. Abyss Of Passion is a story filled with intrigue, betrayal, secrets but mostly a lot of passion and love.

Last Resort's Autumn Reeser is Falling in Love for the Holidays
Hallmark Channel (Nov. 4, 2012)

Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade (Hallmark Channel - Sunday, 8pm) - Chicago native Emily Jones (Autumn Reeser) loves her city, and has dedicated her career to coordinating its beloved Thanksgiving Day parade every year.

Jennie Garth and BBall's Metta World Peace Star in The Eleventh Victim
ESPN (Nov. 3, 2012)

You may have heard that Los Angeles Lakers forward and longtime NBA bad boy Metta World Peace is starring in a made-for-TV movie based on a novel by Nancy Grace for Lifetime (The Eleventh Victim - Saturday, 8pm).

James Bond's Daniel Craig Sits on Graham Norton's Couch
BBC America (Nov. 3, 2012)

The Graham Norton Show (BBC America - Saturday, 11pm) - The dashing Daniel Craig, a.k.a. “Bond. Mr. James Bond” stops by to talk about the latest 007 film, Skyfall. He’s joined by his co-star, the lovely Dame Judi Dench, and actor Javier Bardem.

Super-Great Country Duo The Civil Wars on Austin City Limits
ACLtv (Nov. 3, 2012)

Austin City Limits (PBS - Saturday, 8pm) presents new American acoustic music with the Civil Wars and Punch Brothers. The Civil Wars play tunes from their Grammy-winning album Barton Hollow. Punch Brothers showcase their latest Who’s Feeling Young Now?

Modell's Sporting Goods Boss Mitchell B. Modell Goes Undercover
TVFirstLook (Nov. 2, 2012)

CBS reality show Undercover Boss, where CEOs put on bad wigs to find out what their workers are up to, kicks off its fourth season (Friday, 8pm) with Modell's Sporting Goods' Mitchell B. Modell. Also this season: Tilted Kilt and Cinnabon.

HBO Joins NBC on Hurricane Sandy Telethon to Benefit the Red Cross
HBO (Nov. 2, 2012)

HBO will join the networks of NBC Universal in presenting Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together, a live one-hour special on Friday 8pm) in response to the widespread devastation caused by the storm.

Last Man Standing Jumps Into the Obama-vs.-Romney Fray
ABC (Nov. 2, 2012)

Last Man Standing (ABC, 8pm) - Mike (Tim Allen) tries to convince Mandy to vote for Romney, but Obama supporters Kristin and Ryan disagree with his methods.

CMA Country Music Awards Showing Off Country's Next Gen
Washington Post (Nov. 1, 2012)

There’s a sea change going on in Music City — and the Country Music Association Awards (ABC, 8pm) are in the middle of it.

Season Two's PR All Stars Hit the Disco Dance Floor
TVFirstLook (Nov. 1, 2012)

Lifetime's Project Runway All Stars (9pm) is a little sillier and funner (and, well, better) than the great Project Runway that inspired it. Maybe it's Isaac Mizrahi's bad-boy-silly-boy influence. Whatever it is, it's a good thing. Tonight, the designers take on disco.

The King Bros Keep It Local (and Shirtless)
Great American Country (Nov. 1, 2012)

Farm Kings (GAC, 9pm) - The King Brothers subscribe to the locavore lifestyle – a movement that urges customers to buy and eat only what is grown locally.

Hurricane Sandy's Impact on the East Coast on Rock Center
NBC News (Nov. 1, 2012)

Rock Center with Brian Williams (NBC, 10pm) - NBC News reports on the record-breaking hybrid storm system that swamped neighborhoods, paralyzed the nation's biggest city, and left millions of families from the Carolinas to Ohio without power. NBC's Brian Williams anchors a special broadcast with the latest on Hurricane Sandy's impact.

Derek vs. Laura vs. Nicole on Syfy's Super-Fun Live Face Off Finale
Zap2It (Oct. 31, 2012)

If any competitive reality series merits a Halloween season finale, it's Face Off (Syfy, 10pm). The Syfy program is all about horror makeup, so the traditional night for macabre disguises couldn't be better timing for the show's Season 3 winner to be declared.

New Co-Hosts and Final 16 Perform Live on The X Factor

Following the conclusion of the 2012 World Series, The X Factor’s Top 16 acts will perform live for the first time on a special two-hour-and-seven-minute show (Fox, 8pm).

The Four-Century-Old Mysteries of Machu Picchu
PBS (Oct. 31, 2012)

Nova: The Ghosts of Machu Picchu (PBS, 9pm) - Perched atop a mountain crest, mysteriously abandoned more than four centuries ago, Machu Picchu is the most famous archeological ruin in the Western Hemisphere and an iconic symbol of the power and engineering prowess of the Inca.

Comedian and Talk Show Host Ellen DeGeneres Receives the Mark Twain Prize
PBS (Oct. 30, 2012)

Ellen DeGeneres: The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize will air on PBS stations nationwide on Tuesday (8pm).

Jaleel White Returns for Season Two of Syfy's Spooky Game Show
Syfy (Oct. 30, 2012)

Total Blackout (Syfy, 10pm) is a half-hour extreme game show in which contestants battle each other and their fears in a series of challenges, confronting their own worst enemy - themselves. However, there is a twist - all the challenges are played in complete darkness; no lights, no blindfolds and no-holds barred as the players face their fears and unexpected surprises in a series of nerve-wracking games.

The Week Ahead on Dancing with the Stars All Stars
Detroit Free Press (Oct. 29, 2012)

Dancing with the Stars All Stars (ABC, 8pm) - Going into Monday's show, Sabrina Bryan tops the leaderboard with a score of 58.5. The Disney Cheetah Girl singer and actress may be doing well now, and she could last a few more weeks, but she was sent home early in 2007 in a "shocking" upset.

Top Gear's Richard Hammond Takes to the Streets of NYC
BBC America (Oct. 29, 2012)

Richard Hammond's Crash Course (BBC America, 10pm) - Guided by a veteran taxi driver, Richard gets a gig as a New York City cabbie. Richard attempts to take on the role of a stand-up comedian at a comedy club and face his fear of a live audience.

The Upside of Dyslexia
Contra Costa Times (Oct. 29, 2012)

Dyslexics are hardly deficient. Over the years, neurology researchers at Yale University have identified in dyslexics an array of higher critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities, like those Shader displays, fueling a movement to reframe the condition as an asset, not a disability.

Macky Alston's Sundance-Winning Doc About Openly Gay Bishop Gene Robinson
PBS (Oct. 29, 2012)

Love Free or Die (PBS, 10pm) is about a man whose two defining passions the world cannot reconcile: his love for God and for his partner Mark. The film is about church and state, love and marriage, faith and identity — and one man’s struggle to dispel the notion that God’s love has limits.

Homeowners Decorate (and Over Decorate) Their Halloween Houses
Providence Journal (Oct. 28, 2012)

Three Fairhaven, Mass., families who turn their homes and yards into ever more elaborately haunted houses each Halloween star in a documentary about their obsession that's on TV Sunday night.

The White House When President Obama Leaves
Washington Post (Oct. 28, 2012)

Has Discovery Channel decided how the presidential election is going to shake out? The Silver Spring-based network announced Wednesday that it will premiere a documentary Sunday (10pm) called Flipping the White House, in which former staffers discuss what it’s like to transform the White House when one president leaves and another moves in.

Catherine Bell's Cassie Nightingale is One Busy Witch
Hallmark Channel (Oct. 27, 2012)

The Good Witch's Charm (Hallmark Channel - Saturday, 9pm) - Good Witch Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell) is back to her bewitching ways, but this time she’s also juggling a newborn daughter and her job as town Mayor.

The Funniest Talk Show on TV (Yeah, We Said It) Kicks Off a New Season
BBC America (Oct. 27, 2012)

The Graham Norton Show (BBC America - Saturday, 11pm) - Graham kicks off his twelfth season with former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Scottish actor/comedian Ronnie Corbett and comedienne Miranda Hart. Plus, R&B sensation Usher hits the stage.

Sabado Gigante's Don Francisco Celebrates 50 Years on TV
NPR (Oct. 27, 2012)

For 50 years, Spanish-speaking TV viewers have tuned into the weekly variety show Sábado Gigante (Univision - Saturday, 8pm). Host Don Francisco commands a festive live audience in Miami, with celebrity interviews, musical performances, goofy sidekicks and scantily clad dancers.

Hoops and Yoyo and the Haunted Shopping Mall
Hallmark Channel (Oct. 26, 2012)

Hoops & Yoyo's Haunted Halloween (Hallmark Channel - Friday, 7pm) - hoops&yoyo can’t wait for Halloween. But they have waited until the last minute to begin their search for costumes. When that search leads them to the mall, they are accidentally locked inside after closing.

Gordon Ramsay Kicks Off Nightmares with a Two-Parter at Boston's La Galleria 33
Fox (Oct. 26, 2012)

Kitchen Nightmares (Fox - Friday, 8pm) - Chef Gordon Ramsay travels to Boston to visit La Galleria 33 in the first part of a special two-part episode.

Cash-Strapped Americans Head to Ghana for Gold
Discovery Channel (Oct. 26, 2012)

Jungle Gold (Discovery - Friday, 10pm) - There are millions of dollars in gold buried under Ghana's dense jungles. Determined gold miners from around the world seek their fortunes in the dangerous and gold-rich jungles of Ghana, Africa's second largest gold producing country. It sounds like a perfect get-rich-quick opportunity, but in Ghana, mining is the easy part.

Designer Isaac Mizrahi Judges Project Runway's Best on All Stars
Seattle Times (Oct. 25, 2012)

Project Runway All Stars (Lifetime, 9pm) - Wendy Pepper, Uli Herzner, Peach Carr, Casanova. These are some of the designers returning for the second all-stars edition of this involving sartorial competition.

Holmes Investigates the Murder of Wall Street Hotshot
CBS (Oct. 25, 2012)

Even though he despises bankers, Holmes agrees to consult on a case involving the death of a Wall Street executive who appears to have overdosed on heroin. Meanwhile, with Holmes’ encouragement, Watson tries to re-enter the dating scene on the next episode of Elementary (CBS, 10pm).

SF Giants Ahead of Detroit Tigers Heading into World Series Game Two
Washington Post (Oct. 25, 2012)

An historic night by Pablo Sandoval led the Giants to a 1-0 lead in the World Series Wednesday night. Tigers ace Justin Verlander was ousted in the 4th inning while Giants starter Barry Zito allowed only one run in 5 and 2/3 innings.

Stars and Bones in Chile's Remote Atacama Desert
PBS (Oct. 25, 2012)

POV (PBS, 10pm) - Patricio Guzmán’s Nostalgia for the Light is meditation on memory, history and eternity. Chile’s remote Atacama Desert, 10,000 feet above sea level, provides stunningly clear views of the heavens. But it also holds secrets from the past in its arid soil: human remains, from pre-Columbian mummies to the bones of political prisoners “disappeared” during the Pinochet dictatorship.

Connecticut Native Captures Beauty of Real-Life Hedwig
New Haven Register (Oct. 24, 2012)

North Haven-raised Michael George Male, filmmaker of tonight’s Nature episode Magic of the Snowy Owl on PBS, remembers the first time he saw one of the creatures. It was at a rather humble site near Sackett Point Road.

Militia Rising Puts a Spotlight on Military Groups
Discovery Channel (Oct. 24, 2012)

If the world as you know it falls apart, will you rise up to fight? Discovery Channel’s new one-hour documentary (Militia Rising, 10pm) follows citizen militia, survival and prepper groups in Arizona, Florida and Indiana who are preparing for the worst.

Mo Rocca's Grandma Teaches Him How to Cook
The Cooking Channel (Oct. 24, 2012)

My Grandmother's Ravioli (The Cooking Channel, 8:30pm) - Seventy-six year-old grandmother and math teacher Ruth Teig teaches Mo Rocca how to make classic Jewish cuisine.

Noah's Arc's Darryl Stephens Stars in DTLA
NewNowNext (Oct. 24, 2012)

DTLA (Logo, 11pm) will make its U.S. television premiere on Logo. From the executive producer of the The L Word and the star of Noah’s Arc, DTLA depicts the relationships and sex lives of eight friends with varied ethnic, cultural, and sexual orientations that work and live in the vibrant community of Downtown Los Angeles. Starring Darryl Stephens (Noah’s Arc).

The CW Gives Hit Rookie Arrow a Full Season
Zap2It (Oct. 24, 2012)

The CW has picked up its new drama Arrow (8pm) for a full season, which is what you do when a show delivers your network its biggest audience in three years.

Don't Mind the B---- Star Krysten Ritter Talks Ahead of Season Two Premiere
People (Oct. 23, 2012)

Krysten Ritter is happy to be a b----. She's less eager to be a bride. The star of Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 (ABC, 9:30pm) has a good thing going with her boyfriend, the Hurt Locker and True Blood actor Brian Geraghty, and doesn't see the need to walk down the aisle anytime soon.

ABC's Happy Endings Ready to Be Bigger Than a Cult Hit
NBC Chicago (Oct. 23, 2012)

In its freshman season, the ABC sitcom about six friends weathered some critical backbiting that initially saw it as a variation on the established formula that’s worked for shows like Friends and How I Oet You Mother.

Werner Herzog Delves Into the Mind of a Murderer
Investigation Discovery (Oct. 23, 2012)

Into the Abyss: A Tale of Life, A Tale of Death (Investigation Discovery, 8pm) - Exploring a triple homicide case in Conroe, Texas, Werner Herzog probes the psyches of those involved, including the 28-year old death row inmate scheduled to die for the crime within 8 days of his on-camera interview.

Family Guy Creator (and Oscar Host) Seth MacFarlane Sings with Norah Jones
Sundance Channel (Oct. 23, 2012)

Iconoclasts (Sundance Channel, 8pm) - Seth MacFarlane and Norah Jones, two entertainers on opposite ends of the spectrum, come together for some good laughs.

Obama's October Surprise Expected During Tonight's Final Debate
TVFirstLook (Oct. 22, 2012)

Tonight, Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama face each other one last time before next month's 2012 presidential election. And, judging by the previous two debates and Obama's tenuous lead in the polls, you can expect some fireworks.

Richard Hammond Becomes a Stuntman in Crash Course Season Opener
BBC America (Oct. 22, 2012)

Richard Hammond's Crash Course (BBC America, 10pm) - Richard goes to Hollywood to tackle the coolest job in town — stuntman (check out 5Qs on Friday: Richard Hammond).

RuPaul Brings Back Her ... All-Stars
Logo TV (Oct. 22, 2012)

RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race (Logo, 9pm) - They come armed with stilettos, feathers, and sequins, prepared for a battle where one false move-or eyelash-could spell doom. They are the best of the best, the top queens from Drag Race seasons 1-4, and they're ready to lip-synch for their lives.

Joss Whedon Muse Summer Glau Guests on Alphas' Season Finale
IGN (Oct. 22, 2012)

Already beloved by genre fans for her memorable roles in series like Firefly, The 4400 and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Summer Glau has been appearing on yet another super-cool show of late, Syfy's Alphas (8pm).

Andrew Dotson's Mother Looks for His Killer
I.D. Investigation Discovery (Oct. 22, 2012)

Final Witness (Investigation Discovery, 10pm) - An Ohio teen, Andrew Dotson, falls in with the wrong crowd and goes missing. Five weeks later his brutalized body is found in a cornfield. The investigation hits a brick wall and it looks as if the case will go unsolved, until an unlikely hero emerges.

Jon Stewart and Celebs Fight Autism
Washington Post (Oct. 21, 2012)

Comedy Central has released a touching clip from its Night of Too Many Stars (Sunday, 8pm) broadcast that features Katy Perry singing Firework with a young autistic girl named Jodi DiPiazza who clearly found a way, through her love of music, to ignite the light, and let it shine.

Drugs and Las Vegas Make a Messy Mix
National Geographic Channel (Oct. 21, 2012)

Drugs, Inc. (Nat Geo Channel - Sunday, 9pm) - Deep in the heart of the Nevada desert is Las Vegas--America's ultimate Sin City. Each year 40 million tourists come to this adult fantasyland to gamble and party. This oasis of hedonism fuels a massive demand for illegal drugs.

Kellie Martin Talks About Hallmark Movie I Married Who?
Tulsa World (Oct. 20, 2012)

This week Kellie and I discuss her Hallmark Channel original movie, I Married Who? (Satruday, 8pm) Kellie plays uptight real estate agent, Jordan Grady, who goes to Las Vegas for her bachelorette party and wakes up after a night of celebrating to find she’s married to movie star Matt Swift ( Ethan Erickson). Let’s just say that romantic comedy ensues.

Real Families Relive Real-Life Emergencies
Discovery Fit & Health (Oct. 20, 2012)

Untold Stories of the ER (Discovery Fit & Health - Saturday, 10pm) features the dramatic stories of real-life trips to the emergency room, as told by both patients and doctors. Unusual, touching, humorous or life-changing - no story is too big or too small. The events are re-enacted, with full medical accuracy, to showcase the amazing things medical professionals do every day.

The Division After Percy Falls on Nikita Season Three
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Oct. 19, 2012)

Nikita's Percy may be dead, but his legacy lives on in The Dirty Thirty. On the Season 3 premiere (The CW - Friday, 9pm), Nikita & Co. discover that taking over Division means having to clean house after the death of its leader Percy (Xander Berkeley) last season. "When the recall order was sent out, 'Percy is dead. Come back in from wherever you are in the world,' some agents complied.

POV Doc Delves Into a Native American Medical Mystery
PBS (Oct. 18, 2012)

Sun Kissed (PBS, 9pm) - When a Navajo couple discovers their children have a disorder that makes exposure to sunlight fatal, they also learn their reservation is a hotbed for this rare genetic disease. Why?

Who Will Win Project Runway Season 10?
Zap2It (Oct. 18, 2012)

Lifetime's Project Runway (10pm) ends its 10th season as it began it -- with a huge New York event.

Magic Secrets on History Channel Special
History (Oct. 18, 2012)

In Lost Magic Decoded, a new two-hour special (History, 9pm) Steve Cohen tracks down, decodes, and resurrects ten of the most thrilling and shocking magical illusions ever witnessed. He gains access to the ancient incantations, secret sorcery, and mysterious contraptions that have gripped audiences for centuries.

Flight Attendant Survives a Hitman's Bullet
Investigation Discovery (Oct. 17, 2012)

Devil You Know (Investigation Discovery, 10pm) - A beautiful flight attendant falls in love with a wealthy businessman,who promises the world.

Are Crime Scene Investigations Sending the Wrong People to Jail?
PBS (Oct. 17, 2012)

In Forensics on Trial, Nova (PBS, pm) investigates how modern forensics, including the analysis of fingerprints, bite marks, ballistics, hair, and tool marks, can send innocent men and women to prison—and sometimes even to death row. Shockingly, of more than 250 inmates exonerated by DNA testing over the last decade, more than 50 percent of the wrongful convictions.

Christian Reality Show Challenges People To Do Something Great
One News Now (Oct. 17, 2012)

The Changers (GMC, 9pm) - The premise of the story in each episode is to find someone like Scott, a California surfer, and challenge him to step out of his comfort zone in order to help someone in need. In this case, he is challenged by Changers co-hosts Beverly Adams, a Texas Christian philanthropist, and Michael Jr., a Christian comedian, to help Jessica plan her Santa Barbara beach wedding.

Obama Faces Romney for Round Two in Friendlier Town Hall Setting
TVFirstLook (Oct. 16, 2012)

Later tonight (9pm Eastern), President Barack Obama should be sitting pretty, or prettier in his bid to win a second term as president of the United States. Even if he blows this debate, he's still trouncing Mitt Romney in the polls that matter most - the Electoral College count in the 10 or so swing states that will decide this election.

Prepping For the End of It All
National Geographic Channel (Oct. 16, 2012)

Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out (Nat Geo Channel, 8pm) - Are you prepared for the end of the world? These men hope they are.

Final Flashpoint Season Begins Tonight
TV Line (Oct. 16, 2012)

The fifth and final season of the Canadian-produced police drama Flashpoint, which launched in the Great White North on Thursday night, now has a Stateside premiere date. ION Television, which picked the series up from CBS last fall, will launch Season 5 on Tuesday, Oct. 16, at 11pm.

Military Channel's Secrets Of Reveals Secrets of Navy Seals
Military Channel (Oct. 16, 2012)

Secrets Of (Military Channel, 10pm) - The Navy SEALs are one of the most elite special operations forces in the world. From the assault on Osama bin Laden's compound to the rescue of both Jessica Buchanan and Captain Phillips from Somali pirates, this program reveals the missions, tactics, and weapons of this unique military shock force.

Judd Apatow Hangs Out with Girls' Lena Dunham
Sundance Channel (Oct. 16, 2012)

Iconoclasts (Sundance Channel, 8pm) - Two trailblazers of modern comedy come together for an inside look at the creative process. Go behind the scenes with Judd Apatow (Superbad, Freaks and Geeks) and Lena Dunham (Girls) to see how they turn personal experience into universal laughs.

Homeland Security Snags Drug Smugglers at JFK Airport
National Geographic Channel (Oct. 15, 2012)

In this episode of To Catch a Smuggler (National Geographic Channel, 9pm), officers and special agents with Homeland Security continue to contend with smugglers attempting to sneak cocaine and other illegal substances through security at JFK International Airport.

Nick's Super-Fun Game Show Kicks Off Season Two
Nickelodeon (Oct. 15, 2012)

What do you get when you have four celebrities and one super talented kid? Figure It Out (Nick, 7pm).

TV One Docu-Series Celebrity Crime Launches with Rae Carruth
South Florida Times (Oct. 15, 2012)

Celebrity Crime Files (TV One, 10pm) - first season explores the real story behind crimes involving: Rae Carruth — the former NFL player conspired to murder his pregnant girlfriend and make the murder look like a random act of violence. What Carruth didn’t expect, was that she would survive long enough to dial 911.

Legendary News Anchor Tom Brokaw Reflects on History as He Lived It
Military Channel (Oct. 15, 2012)

The Brokaw Files (Military Channel, 10pm) - Return to D-Day – On the 40th anniversary of Normandy’s storming, Brokaw revisited the battlefield and spoke with three Americans who survived D-Day but are still dealing with the horrific memories.

Will Ryan vs. Biden Trounce Record-Breaking Palin vs. Biden?
TVFirstLook (Oct. 11, 2012)

Four years ago, when former Alaska governor Sarah Palin burst onto the scene as John McCain's vice presidential candidate, the country took notice. Whether Americans loved her or loathed her, Sarah Palin captured the country's fascination.

Friends You Hate Mixed Up with Fantasy Football
News OK (Oct. 11, 2012)

To be a fan of The League on FX (10:30pm), you don’t need to know much about Fantasy Football, or sports at all. You just need to have friends that you hate. FX’s ensemble comedy follows a group of old friends in a Fantasy Football league who care deeply about one another – so deeply that they use every opportunity to make each other’s lives miserable.

FX's Great (But Under-Loved) Sunny Gets Darker in Season Eight
The Hollywood Reporter (Oct. 11, 2012)

So, what can fans expect from season 8 of [It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - FX, 10pm)? Without getting into spoiler territory, the season premiere sees the return of Dennis and Dee’s Nazi grandfather (last seen back in season one), with the two being asked to make a difficult decision about his life.

Treasures of New York Goes to Theodore Roosevelt's House
Thirteen (Oct. 11, 2012)

Hosted by Jon Meacham, this episode of Treasures of New York: Roosevelt House (Thirteen, 8:30pm) takes an intimate look at the Roosevelt House, now the Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College, where FDR celebrated his 1932 presidential victory and established the New Deal.

PBS's Incredible Nature Will Focus on Tigers, Owls and David Attenborough
TVFirstLook (Oct. 10, 2012)

Nature (PBS, 8pm) is one of those TV series that has been on for so long that, no matter how great it is, it's easy to forget it's still on the air. That is, until you stumble on it one day when its quiet brilliance and dazzling photography remind you that Nature is a DVR keeper. This season, Nature begins with Chris Morgan's Siberian Tiger Quest. Also this season: snowy owls and a three-part David Attenborough special.

New Nova scienceNow Host David Pogue Figures Out What Makes Us Human
PBS (Oct. 10, 2012)

Nova scienceNow (PBS, 10pm) - Scientists have struggled for centuries to pinpoint the qualities that separate human beings from the millions of other animal species that have evolved on this planet. David Pogue explores the traits we once thought were uniquely ours—language, tool-making, even laughter—to uncover their evolutionary roots.

Nova Season Begins with the Mysterious Ulfberht Sword
PBS (Oct. 10, 2012)

The Vikings were among the fiercest warriors of all time. Yet only a select few carried the ultimate weapon of their era: the feared Ulfberht sword. Fashioned using a process that would remain unknown to the Vikings’ rivals for centuries, the Ulfberht was a revolutionary high-tech tool as well as a work of art.

PBS's Brilliant Frontline Takes a Closer Look at Romney and Obama
PBS (Oct. 9, 2012)

On Oct. 9, 2012, acclaimed Frontline producer Michael Kirk (Money, Power and Wall Street, Top Secret America) presents The Choice 2012.

Abby Lee Miller Moves from the Dance Studio to the Judges' Table
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Oct. 9, 2012)

She's been called "a genius" by Jimmy Fallon but also described in far less complimentary terms by legions of Dance Moms fans around the world. And now, Pittsburgh's Abby Lee Miller is set to launch yet another reality show when Abby Lee's Ultimate Dance Competition debuts at 9pm Tuesday on Lifetime.

James Franco and Marina Abramovic Kick Off Iconoclasts
USA Today (Oct. 9, 2012)

It seems like James Franco makes headlines almost every day for some sort of arty project. However, I think today's Franco news is worth pursuing, partly because it's backed by the Sundance Channel.

Jessica Lowndes Talks 100th Episode and Carly Rae Jepsen
Celebuzz (Oct. 8, 2012)

When we last saw Jessica Lowndes’ Adrianna on the CW’s 90210, she was jetting off to tour with the help of Austin (Justin Deeley) while her ex-boyfriend Dixon (Tristan Wilds) was in a horrific car accident.

The Celebrities Take the Lead on DWTS
Orlando Sentinel (Oct. 8, 2012)

The 11 remaining couples have to deliver show-stopping routines on Dancing With the Stars [All-Stars] or face a great chance of elimination.

Fox Kicks Off Animation Block with Treehouse of Horror
Fox (Oct. 7, 2012)

In the 23rd installment of Treehouse of Horror, The Simpons (Fox - Sunday, 8pm) takes us back to ancient times when a Mayan Homer (Dan Castellaneta) and Marge (Julie Kavner) witness the prediction by ancient calendar makers that 2012 will be the end of the world.

Great: Recently Renewed Mutli-Emmy Winning Boardwalk Empire
HBO (Oct. 7, 2012)

Boardwalk Empire (HBO - Sunday, 9pm) - In Nucky's absence, Mickey makes a critical liquor-delivery call; Capone's feud with O'Banion heats up.

Sherri Shepherd is Joy White in True Harlem Kidnapping Movie
New York Daily News (Oct. 6, 2012)

Sherri Shepherd remembers hearing of the shocking reunion between Carlina White and her biological parents last year - 23 years after she had been kidnapped as an infant from Harlem Hospital Center.

Scott Baio is a TV Dad Turned Stay-at-Home Dad in Nick at Nite Sitcom
Entertainment Weekly (Oct. 6, 2012)

On Nick at Nite’s upcoming show See Dad Run (Nick - Saturday, 9pm), David Hobbs (Scott Baio) switches parenting roles with his wife, becoming the stay-at-home dad as his wife returns to work.

Upstairs Downstairs Remake May Never Live Up to Comparisons
TVFirstLook (Oct. 5, 2012)

In the early 1970s, PBS's Upstairs Downstairs was a critical and ratings triumph. The period drama's remake, which begins its second season on PBS on Sunday at 9pm, has met with a wide range of reviews, from thumbs way down to raves.

Making Farming Cool One Shirtless King at a Time
Pittsburgh Business Times (Oct. 4, 2012)

The King family’s Freedom Farms span 150 acres and a trio of retail ventures from New Kensington to Butler, assembled over the past three years. Now they’ve embraced the mandate to “make farming cool again” through a reality TV series. Farm Kings debuts on the Great American Country network (9pm).

Tina Fey's 30 Rock Begins Countdown to the End
NBC New York (Oct. 4, 2012)

The nominal star of a show packed with them, of course, is Tina Fey, who put together the best sitcom of any former SNL player – perhaps because 30 Rock (NBC, 8pm) is the primetime comedy closest in pace and spirit to NBC’s long-running late-night hit. Fey learned on SNL to keep things fast, funny and fresh.

Weather Gets Nasty on Forecast Disaster
National Geographic Channel (Oct. 4, 2012)

Forecast Disaster (Nat Geo Channel, 9pm) - Weather gets scarier by the day. In the blink of an eye, waters can sweep away villages, winds can tear through communities, avalanches can bury sleepy mountain towns, and the earth can quiver, crippling entire regions.

Two Moms Take on the Philippines Government
PBS (Oct. 4, 2012)

Give Up Tomorrow (PBS, 10pm) exposes shocking corruption within the judicial system of the Philippines in one of the most sensational trials in the country’s history. Two grieving mothers, entangled in a case that ends a nation’s use of capital punishment but fails to free an innocent man, dedicate more than a decade to executing or saving him.

Mitt Romney Needs to Hit a Homer in 1st Presidential Debate
TVFirstLook (Oct. 3, 2012)

Today's presidential debate (9pm Eastern) is now-or-never time for Mitt. Oh, sure, there's another month to go before polls close. But the reality is voters are already voting in many states either with mail-in ballots or at early-voting booths.

Bugs and Daffy Wreak Havoc on the Cul-De-Sac
Cartoon Network (Oct. 3, 2012)

The fun continues in season two of The Looney Tunes Show (Cartoon Network, 7:30pm), a modern, animated half-hour comedy series from Warner Bros. Animation.

Top Chef Chefs Get Another Moment in the Spotlight
Philadelphia Inquirer (Oct. 3, 2012)

If at first you don't succeed on Top Chef, just appear on Life After Top Chef (Bravo, 10pm). The Bravo spinoff - premiering at 10pm Oct. 3 - will follow four chef'testants in their post-reality lives: Richard Blais, Fabio Viviani, Spike Mendelsohn, and Somerton's Jennifer Carroll.

The CW Drama Supernatural Zooms Into Season Eight
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Oct. 3, 2012)

"Sorry, Sam, you are well and truly alone." That taunt at the end of last year's Supernatural finale sets up the psychological drama for Season 8, which kicks off Wednesday (The CW, 9pm). Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) reunite in the premiere, but all is not as it once was.

Putting a Stop to Gender Violence
PBS (Oct. 2, 2012)

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide (Pt. 2 - PBS, 9pm) was filmed in 10 countries and follows [Nicholas] Kristof, WuDunn, and celebrity activists America Ferrera, Diane Lane, Eva Mendes, Meg Ryan, Gabrielle Union, and Olivia Wilde on a journey to tell the stories of inspiring, courageous individuals.

A Redemption Challenge on Face Off
TVFirstLook (Oct. 2, 2012)

In season three, Syfy's Face Off (9pm) is becoming a must-watch reality show. While the show is arguably just one in a long list of reality challenges, its twist - Hollywood makeup artists - is unusual and, sometimes, mind blowing. Tonight, Face Off's eliminated contestants get a shot at returning to the competition.

Alaska's Kilcher Family Emerge From Harsh Winter for Season Two
Discovery Channel (Oct. 2, 2012)

Alaska: The Last Frontier (Discovery Channel, 9pm) - The extended Kilcher family struggle to get through a record-breaking harsh winter.

Brit Chefs Take On Americans in Jamie Oliver Reality Show
BBC America (Oct. 2, 2012)

Chef Race: U.K. vs. U.S. (BBC America, 9pm) pits 16 chefs – eight Brits versus eight Americans – against each other as they race across the country using their culinary skills and business savvy in the hopes of winning a grand prize of $100,000 dollars. Michelin-starred London restaurateur, Richard Corrigan (MasterChef), serves as a mentor and judge Claire Robinson (5 Ingredient Fix) hosts.

Melanie Griffith Guests on Raising Hope New Season
TV Guide (Oct. 2, 2012)

Raising Hope (Fox, 8pm) - before the former will-they-or-won't-they couple exchange "I do's," Jimmy and the entire Chance family will have to deal with Sabrina's mother, Tamara, played by recurring guest star Melanie Griffith.

What Makes Miami International Airport Tick
Miami Herald (Oct. 2, 2012)

As a young boy, Chris Sloan would wander around Miami International Airport in awe of the exotic airlines and glamorous travelers who passed by. He grew up to be an aviation buff and co-owner of a production company with his wife, and Thursday he showed off his latest work right in the middle of MIA: Airport 24/7: Miami, a series that debuts on the Travel Channel at 9pm.

Whose Side is Miles On?
NBC (Oct. 1, 2012)

Revolution (NBC, 10pm) - Nora brings Charlie and Miles to a rebel camp, while Aaron and Maggie make an electrifying discovery. Mark Pellegrino guest stars.

Nick Jr. Nighttime Block is Just for Mom
Newsday (Oct. 1, 2012)

NickMom offers four original series including sketch comedy, talk, docu-series and stand-up performances, which will air from 10pm to midnight and then replay from midnight to 2am on NickJr., when the kiddies are fast asleep and not in need of a Dora The Explorer fix.

Music and Meltdowns on Star-Studded IHeartRadio Music Festival
USA Today (Oct. 1, 2012)

Want to catch that Green Day meltdown one more time? Then, tune into the CW Monday (8pm) when the network will air a two-hour concert special of the iHeartRadio festival, which took place Sept. 21-22 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Women Empowering Women on Two-Day PBS Special
PBS (Oct. 1, 2012)

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide (PBS, 9pm) was filmed in 10 countries and follows Kristof, WuDunn, and celebrity activists America Ferrera, Diane Lane, Eva Mendes, Meg Ryan, Gabrielle Union, and Olivia Wilde on a journey to tell the stories of inspiring, courageous individuals.

Looking Back Ahead of 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards
BET (Oct. 1, 2012)

The Cypher Replay (BET, 8pm) - A two-part special featuring some of the hottest cyphers from past BET Hip Hop Awards. The show will also include commentary from rappers who participated as well as never before seen footage from behind-the-scenes.

Major Developments Keep Dexter Fresh in Season Seven
Fast Company (Sept. 30, 2012)

Often, television series strain to find compelling storylines as they get on in years. But Dexter, the Showtime drama (9pm) that inserts viewers into the bloody life of serial killer/forensic analyst Dexter Morgan, enters its seventh season mining a revelation that will dramatically alter the course of the show.

90210's Jessica Lowndes Has Monstrous Control Issues
Lifetime (Sept. 29, 2012)

A Mother's Nightmare (Lifetime - Saturday, 8pm) - Vanessa moves fast to claim Chris for her own, monopolizing his time and distancing him from his friends and family. His mother, Maddie (Annabeth Gish, Pretty Little Liars), feels unsettled by their sudden relationship and when she discovers a dark secret of Vanessa's she uses all her resources to convince Chris to end it.

Smithsonian Investigates Evidence that Jesus had a Wife
Smithsonian Channel (Sept. 28, 2012)

The Gospel of Jesus's Wife (Smithsonian Channel - Sunday, 8pm) - Damaged and fragile, an ancient papyrus has unleashed a new interpretation of a religious story we thought we knew.

Fringe Final Season is Shaping Up To Be Great
New York Times (Sept. 28, 2012)

Combining an overarching adventure with weekly crime cases and a tortured central love story, it’s a descendant of a couple of other shows that developed similar die-hard followings, The X-Files and Lost. (The writer and producer J. J. Abrams was in on the creation of both Lost and Fringe.)

The Dark Side on Stars Wars: Clone Wars Season Five
Cartoon Network (Sept. 28, 2012)

The shadow of the dark side falls upon Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Cartoon Network - Saturday, 9:30am) season five as the series moves closer to the grim events of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. The big-screen action, unforgettable characters, and rousing adventure of the Star Wars Saga continue, as Jedi heroes face a galaxy of foes.

Big Bang is Still in Outer Space for Tonight's Season Six Premiere
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Sept. 27, 2012)

Days after tying the knot with Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) in the Season 5 finale, Howard (Simon Helberg) fulfilled his lifelong dream by blasting off into space on a NASA mission.

Louis C.K.'s Louie Wraps Season Tonight
USA Today (Sept. 27, 2012)

Emmy giveth, and Emmy taketh away. Many people thought the race for best actor would come down to either Jim Parsons -- who returns tonight in CBS' funniest sitcom, the Emmy-nominated Big Bang -- or Louis C.K., who exits later tonight in the season finale of the should-have-been-Emmy-nominated Louie (FX, 10pm).

Modern Family Returns Fresh Off Its Emmy Win
NBC Chicago (Sept. 26, 2012)

The latest installment of Modern Family (ABC, 9pm) aired in May, but as with any vibrant domestic unit, life proves eventful even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

ABC's The Middle Has Low-Key Midwestiness
TVLine (Sept. 26, 2012)

ABC’s The Middle (8pm) may have only scored a single Emmy nom this year — losing out to Game of Thrones for Outstanding Makeup for A Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic) — but executive producer Eileen Heisler says she and her coworkers handle the lack of recognition in major categories with the same optimistic “Midwestiness” exhibited by the show’s Heck family.

Bitchin' Nadia G Kicks Off a New Season of Bitchin' Kitchen
The Cooking Channel (Sept. 26, 2012)

Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen (The Cooking Channel, 10pm) - Nadia G revamps some of her favorite childhood dishes and shares stories about her youth. Baccala (salt cod) Croquettes with Tangy Dill Aioli (update on fish sticks).

Who Kidnapped DB's Granddaughter?
TV Equals (Sept. 26, 2012)

D.B. Russell's (Ted Danson) granddaughter was kidnapped in last season’s finale cliffhanger and now he leads the CSI team on a hunt to find her, on the 13th season premiere of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, W CBS (10pm).

Life's Upside Down for Jess in New Girl Season Two
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Sept. 25, 2012)

Jess may not be so adorkable this season. When New Girl returns on Tuesday at 8pm on Fox, Jess (Emmy-nominated Zooey Deschanel) will be unceremoniously let go from her teaching position, sending her once quirky life into disarray.

The Daily Struggle to Keep Kids in School
PBS (Sept. 25, 2012)

Frontline (PBS, 9pm) spent a semester immersed in Sharpstown High to produce an unforgettable portrait of four students in crisis and the teachers, counselors, and principal waging a daily, personal struggle to get them to graduation. A troubling and inspiring journey through the maze of an inner city high school, Dropout Nation investigates the causes, challenges, and potential solutions of a national emergency.

2012 Fall TV Season - Huge Night for TV
TVFirstLook (Sept. 24, 2012)

The 2012 Fall TV Season gets underway tonight with a big, impressive lineup of season premieres and series debut. Notably, CBS's entire Monday comedy block and Hawaii Five-0 at 10pm are new. ABC's lineup is brand new, too, with Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars and Castle at 10pm.

Latinos List Expands Its Focus to Latino Entrepreneurs
Latinos Post (Sept. 24, 2012)

The Latino List: Volume Two (HBO, 9pm) is the latest installment in an ongoing series of films and programming on cultural diversity that HBO is trying to promote.

Dancing with the Stars Ramps It Up with All-Stars
ABC (Sept. 24, 2012)

Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars (ABC, 10) marks the first time prior contestants will return for another shot at the coveted mirror ball trophy for a very special All-Star season.

Joan Rivers & Co. Cut Up the Emmys' Best and Worst Looks
TVFirstLook (Sept. 24, 2012)

Joan Rivers' Fashion Police dishes out a special post-2012 Primetime Emmy Awards special. Tonight on E! at 10pm.

Ping, Sherman Cigars and Dream Water on Millions
CNBC (Sept. 24, 2012)

How I Made My Millions (CNBC, 9pm) - Back in the 1950s, Karsten Solheim was a busy engineer who thought he could play better golf if he improved his putter. So he built one himself. The Ping putter, named for the sound it made when it hit the ball, became the foundation of a golf equipment empire, now run by Karsten’s son John, that is still innovating all these years later.

The Life and Times of Carl Sandburg
PBS (Sept. 24, 2012)

Carl Sandburg was, as he said it, "The Eternal Hobo." For much of the 20th century, Sandburg was synonymous with the American experience, a spokesman on behalf of the people. See the trailer for The Day Carl Sandburg Died, which premieres on Monday at 10pm on PBS (check local listings).

The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards Live Tonight
Emmys (Sept. 23, 2012)

The final group of presenters has been announced for the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards. The new presenters are Primetime Emmy winner Kathy Bates and Jimmy Fallon, and nominees Steve Buscemi, Stephen Colbert and Seth MacFarlane, along with Aziz Ansari, Kat Dennings, Jane Levy, Hayden Panettiere, Matthew Perry, James Van Der Beek and Damon Wayans.

Chef Rocco DiSpirito Helps Families Eat Healthy
Now Eat This! (Sept. 22, 2012)

Now Eat This! with Rocco Dispirito (check local listings). - The Paskewitz Family is a large, highly active family with 5 growing boys.

Neil Patrick Harris Hosts Variety Show from Vegas' Smith Center
New York Daily News (Sept. 21, 2012)

From Dust to Dreams (PBS - Friday, 9pm) - There's a very nice old-style musical variety show tucked into this PBS special filmed on opening night of the Smith Center in Las Vegas. With Neil Patrick Harris — who else? — as the host, the fast-paced show provides the proverbial something for everyone. Joshua Bell plays the violin, Mavis Staples sings gospel, Martina McBride sings the Rolling Stones’s Tumbling Dice and Carole King sings I Feel the Earth Move.

Television's Big Night Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel
San Jose Mercury News (Sept. 21, 2012)

The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards (ABC - Sunday, 8pm) - The good news this year is that we have a fresh and funny new host in Jimmy Kimmel.

Eva Longoria and George Lopez Host ALMA Awards Honoring Latinos
Fox News Latino (Sept. 21, 2012)

[The ALMA Awards], which honors Latinos in TV, film, music and sports, was taped at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Los Angeles, Calif., on Sunday and will air on Friday on NBC (8pm).

Filmmakers Spent One Year Documenting Brazil's Wild Side
National Geographic Channel (Sept. 21, 2012)

Secret Brazil (Nat Geo Channel - Sunday, 8pm) - Heavy rains transform the dry land of the jaguar into a water world, and wildlife filmmakers Lawrence Wahba and Haroldo Palo Jr. capture the dramatic milestones.

Stephen King-Inspired Haven Begins New Season this Weekend
Syfy (Sept. 21, 2012)

Haven (Friday, 10pm), starring Emily Rose (Jericho, Brothers and Sisters) is based on the novella The Colorado Kid from renowned author Stephen King. The series follows the shrewd and confident FBI agent Audrey Parkerwho has a lost past, and arrives in the small town of Haven, Maine on a routine case.

Post-Katrina New Orleans' Welcome Return
Philadelphia Inquirer (Sept. 21, 2012)

So while the characters (and the music) would have been enough to make me happy to return to Treme (HBO - Sunday, 10pm) - whose third season begins Sunday, up against the final hour of the Emmys - it's the too-bad-not-to-be-true stories [David] Simon's telling about what the people of New Orleans were dealing with long after the waters receded that's kept my blood on simmer for the eight episodes I've seen so far.

Ben 10 to Rock the World on Saturday
Kidscreen (Sept. 21, 2012)

Cartoon Network’s new animated Ben 10 Omniverse series will roll out globally on Saturday, September 22 at 9am covering more than 178 countries and 27 languages.

Lifetime (Sept. 21, 2012)

Last Hours in Suburbia (Lifetime - Saturday, 8pm) - Teenager Grace Flynn has no memory of the car accident that ended her friend Jenny's life and earned her a jail sentence.

Leslie Goes to Washington on Parks & Rec Season Opener
Los Angeles Times (Sept. 20, 2012)

Leslie and Andy (Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt) visit Washington, D.C., in the season premiere of the sitcom Parks and Recreation at 9:31pm on NBC.

Maya Rudolph's Ava is Looking for Work on Up All Night Premiere
E! Online (Sept. 20, 2012)

Up All Night's season-two premiere (NBC, 8:30pm), Ava (Maya Rudolph) has a very important job interview, and she needs some fashion advice. Does she turn to her best friend and former employee Reagan (Christina Applegate)? No, she pulls the ultimate girlfriend diss and looks to her husband, Chris (Will Arnett) instead.

Secrets are Revealed on Wilfred Season Finale
FX (Sept. 20, 2012)

Wilfred (FX, 10pm) - Wilfred and Ryan are confronted by shocking existential questions about life and love.

Carolyn Parker is a Katrina Survivor Trying to Save Her Home
PBS (Sept. 20, 2012)

In 2005, Academy Award-winning director Jonathan Demme set out to document the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Katrina and the rebuilding of New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward.

Tamar Spins Off from Braxton Family Values
Boston Herald (Sept. 20, 2012)

Tamar & Vince (WEtv, 10pm) - When your sister is singing superstar Toni Braxton, it can be tough to get your time in the spotlight. But for Tamar Braxton, who co-stars with Toni and their clan of sisters on the hit WEtv reality show Braxton Family Values, there’s no such thing as playing second fiddle.

Divorce from a Kid's Point of View
New York Daily News (Sept. 20, 2012)

Divorce isn’t always tough on children. At least not for 12-year-old Grace Goss from the lower East Side, who appears in the HBO documentary Don’t Divorce Me! Kids’ Rules for Parents on Divorce (6:30pm). She brags of getting “double Christmas” and “double Easter” each year in the film.

Some Girls Will Do Anything to Be Queen
Lifetime (Sept. 20, 2012)

Prom Queens (Lifetime, 10:30pm) will document the great social, financial and emotional lengths some girls go each spring by following the teens as they extensively strategize and campaign among fellow students to win votes and achieve their dream.

Simon Sits Out an Hour and It Hurts X Factor
The Hollywood Reporter (Sept. 20, 2012)

For the entire first hour, judge Louis Walsh, manager of Irish pop stars Johnny Logan, Westlife andBoyzone, sat in for the ailing Cowell when he was unavailable for the Kansas City, Mo., auditions.

Black Eyed Peas''s Music Goes Universal
Science Channel (Sept. 19, 2012) (Science Channel, 10pm) - When Black Eyed Peas rapper-songwriter debuted Reach for the Stars back in August, not just in the U.S. or worldwide, but from Mars, there was no doubt that he made history.

Facts of Life's Lisa Whelchel Among Survivor: Philippines Cast
TV Guide (Sept. 19, 2012)

It's been almost a quarter of a century since Lisa Whelchel played vain rich girl Blair on The Facts of Life.

Chef Robert Irvine Faces One of His Biggest Challenges with Michele's
Food Network (Sept. 19, 2012)

Of all the owners Chef Robert Irvine has worked with on Restaurant: Impossible (Food Network, 9pm), none may have been more unprepared than Michele and Andy, owners of Michele's in Corry, Penn.

Big Bro Finale Down to Ian and Dan for Head of Household
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Sept. 19, 2012)

He has spent days dressed as a dog. He has been a "have-not," forced to sleep on uncomfortable bench-like beds and live off greasy junk food. He has been viewed, at times, by his fellow Big Brother contestants as a geeky little brother, angry young man or too smart for his own good.

Young Doc is Indebted to the Mob
Shari Ann Brill, TVFirstLook (Sept. 17, 2012)

The Mob Doctor (Fox, 9pm)- A young female thoracic surgeon who becomes indebted to the South Chicago mafia is forced to moonlight as a "mob doctor" while also working full-time at Chicago's most prominent hospital. Jordana Spiro, Zach Gilford, William Forsythe, and James Carpinello star.

Bones is on the Run on Eighth Season Premiere
Tulsa World (Sept. 17, 2012)

Happy days aren't here again on the new season of Bones. When the Fox series returns for its eighth season Monday (8pm), the plot thickens.

Wendy is Revamped and Revived: A View from the Studio Audience
Shari Anne Brill, TVFirstLook (Sept. 17, 2012)

I can’t remember having this much fun. Last Wednesday, I was in the studio audience for the refreshed Wendy Williams Show, which kicked off its fourth season last week.

American Judge Idol Keith Urban Performs on CMA Music Festival
ABC (Sept. 17, 2012)

Luke Bryan and The Band Perry’s Kimberly Perry host the summer’s hottest television music event, CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock (ABC, 8pm).

New Game Show Makes Home Viewers the Contestants
Let's Ask America (Sept. 17, 2012)

The game is simple: Let's Ask America polls America about fun and irreverent topics to find out what people are thinking, like: Which of these shows did a group of prison inmates say they would choose to watch in their cell for an entire year? a) Dr. Phil, b) Days of Our Lives, c) The View?

UK Talk Host Trisha Goddard Debuts Maury Spinoff
TVFirstLook (Sept. 17, 2012)

Trisha Goddard has had talk shows in Great Britain and Australia, where for many years she was also a news reporter. She was born in the UK, grew up in Africa and established her career in Australia. She survived breast cancer and is a healthcare advocate around the world. Now, Trisha is launching her own talk show, Trisha - a spinoff of Maury, which she guest hosted a few times. (Where to watch Trisha.)

Ice Skater Johnny Weir and Guest RuPaul are Fabulous
Logo TV (Sept. 17, 2012)

Be Good Johnny Weir (Logo, 10pm) goes behind the sequins to examine the outrageous and outspoken Johnny Weir - the Lady Gaga of figure skating. Struggling to make it to the 2010 Winter Olympics, Johnny's controversial costumes and routines made him one of the most talked about figures on ice.

Downton Abbey Season Three Premiering in January
PBS (Sept. 16, 2012)

The war is over, but intrigue, crisis, romance, and change still grip the beloved estate in the thrilling new season of Downton Abbey. Written and created by Julian Fellowes, with its all-star returning cast and Oscar-winning guest star Shirley MacLaine, Downton Abbey, Season 3 premieres Jan. 6, 2013 on Masterpiece classic.

Gloomy, Glum and (Better Than) Great
PBS (Sept. 16, 2012)

Wallander III (PBS - Sunday, 9pm) - The gruesome appearance in the Baltic Sea of two corpses floating in a raft prompts Wallander to pursue justice in an eerie post-Soviet Latvia rife with corruption. Ingeborga Dapkunaite (Prime Suspect 6) guest stars.

Cesar Millan Says Goodbye to Dog Whisperer but Not to TV
TVFirstLook (Sept. 15, 2012)

With a subtle knee nudge, a finger snap and a "tsk," Cesar Millan has trained grumpy, growl-y dogs from Los Angeles to London for the better of a decade on National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild.

Fat Wallets and Wacky Pitches on ABC's Superfun Shark Tank
Entertainment Weekly (Sept. 14, 2012)

“The sharks are hungrier than ever,” the promo for the new season of ABC’s Shark Tank (Friday, 8pm) says – but do they really want to invest in an airtight lid for dinner plates? Still, you’ve got to hand it to these budding entrepreneurs, who sure know how to get Mark Cuban and his cohorts ready to open their (bottomless) wallets.

Götterdämmerung (Twilight of the Gods) Concludes Fantastic Ring Cycle
PBS (Sept. 14, 2012)

Wagner's Ring Cycle (PBS - Friday, 9pm) - Siegfried and Brünnhilde’s love is torn apart by the curse of the ring. A trio of scheming humans separates the two heroes in a desperate attempt to steal the ring for themselves.

FX Takes Over Friday Nights with The Ultimate Fighter 16
USA Today (Sept. 14, 2012)

To hear The Ultimate Fighter 15 (FX - Friday, 9pm) winner Mike Chiesa tell it, the importance of the show to the sport's future remains at an all-time high."You look at guys like Rashad Evans, Forrest Griffin, Michael Bisping -- guys that have won world titles, guys that are top contenders in their weight classes -- they've all been through the show and been through the process."

At Peace with Oprah
TV Guide (Sept. 14, 2012)

The new OWN series Iyanla: Fix My Life (Saturday, 10pm) was more than a dozen years in the making...and that's no exaggeration.

Special for TVFirstLook (Sept. 14, 2012)

NBC has made it clear that they are still in a rebuilding phase and have gotten a lot of help in the unscripted arena from Sunday Night Football and The Voice. But any turnaround requires some strong scripted successes, which explains the robust slate of new programming being rolled out in 2012-13.
Great Performances' Magical Ring Cycle Continues with Siegfried
Great Performances (Sept. 13, 2012)

Wagner's Ring Cycle (PBS, 9pm) - The young hero Siegfried grows up in the wilderness, raised by Alberich’s conniving brother Mime. He puts together the broken pieces of the sword Nothung, uses it to slay the fearsome dragon Fafner, and takes the ring for himself.

Glee Reshuffles the Deck for Season Four
New York Daily News (Sept. 13, 2012)

Glee (Fox) launches its fourth season Thursday at 9pm with major personnel overhauls that reshuffle life for Will as well.

Special for TVFirstLook (Sept. 13, 2012)

The network has been working hard to sign high-profile judges for its flagship unscripted shows X Factor and American Idol, but we’re not convinced it can help (see Howard Stern on America’s Got Talent). After all, Idol is entering its 12th season—though its ratings are still strong enough to keep it going for a while.
Real-Life Drama Ushers in Real Housewives of Miami Season Two
Miami New Times (Sept. 13, 2012)

Get ready for a pretty epic mental picture: It was a beautiful Miami night. A tad steamy, but breezy, and the sunset was upon us at The Forge in Miami Beach. Just when you thought the evening couldn't feel any more like Miami, the Real Housewives of Miami began to arrive in droves for their premiere party.

America's Got Talent's $1 Million Prize Down to Six Finalists
SheKnows (Sept. 12, 2012)

America's Got Talent (NBC, 8pm) - It wasn’t too difficult to get Howard [Stern] to talk about the finals and who he thinks has the best shot at winning a million dollars. And his new prediction might surprise you, because, for the first time, it doesn’t put harpist William Close on top.

The Cranmers Search the Globe for Military Antiques
National Geographic Channel (Sept. 12, 2012)

Family Guns (Nat Geo, 10pm) - Father-son duo Christian and Alex Cranmer's quests for military antiquities have taken them as far as a remote Nepalese palace filled with over 55,000 rifles and muskets hidden for more than a century. Together, they run the family business, International Military Antiques (IMA).

Niesha Jackson is a Bank Robbing Babe
CNBC (Sept. 12, 2012)

American Greed: The Fugitives (CNBC, 9pm) - Street criminals turn to white-collar crime. The feds say Niesha Jackson teams up with her gangster boyfriend and orchestrates a nationwide credit card scheme. The Sacramento couple is convicted of running a network of scammers that stole more than $2.5 million from banks nationwide. But when the law closes in, the fraud’s mastermind hits the road.

Fantastic Met Staging of Wagner's Ring Cycle Continues with Valkyrie
PBS (Sept. 12, 2012)

Die Walküre (The Valkyrie) - PBS, 9pm - The mysterious hero Siegmund finds shelter in the strangely familiar arms of a lonely woman named Sieglinde.

Nat Geo Profiles Brooklyn Legal Aid Lawyers
National Geographic Channel (Sept. 11, 2012)

Criminal Defense (Nat Geo Channel, 10pm) - Brooklyn public defender Adam investigates a crime scene to help a client charged with gun possession prove his innocence.

9/11 Survivor Pasquale Buzzelli Fell 22 Stories from the North Tower
Discovery (Sept. 11, 2012)

The 9/11 Surfer (Discovery Channel, 10pm) documents what could be the last untold survival story from the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against the United States. This documentary tells the true story of 9/11 survivor Pasquale Buzzelli, who rode a blizzard of falling debris from a 22nd floor stairwell of the World Trade Center’s North Tower and lived to tell the tale.

Epic Four-Night Great Performances Event: Wagner's Ring Cycle
Christian Science Monitor (Sept. 11, 2012)

Das Rheingold, the first of four parts in Wagner's epic Ring Cycle (Der Ring des Nibelungen) kicks off Sept. 11 on PBS's Great Performances (9pm) at New York's Metropolitan opera house.

Dr. Phil Delves Into Trayvon Martin's Murder for Season 11 Opener
CBS Television Distribution (Sept. 11, 2012)

Dr. Phil’s exclusive interview with Mark and Sondra Osterman that kicks off the 11th season of his No. 1-rated syndicated daytime talk show will now air Tuesday, September 11, 2012 (check local listings).

The Voice Third Season Debuts with Changes
USA Today (Sept. 10, 2012)

The Voice (NBC, 8pm) - During the battle rounds, when a coach must choose between two members of his or her team, the other coaches now will have a chance to "steal" the eliminated singer. It will allow some of the better singers to stay alive in the competition and add a new layer of competition between the coaches. "The steal is a huge thing," executive producer Mark Burnett says.

Hell's Kitchen Season 10 Winner Heading to Steak in Vegas
Fox (Sept. 10, 2012)

After a long and trying competition, it’s time for the final dinner service and for Chef Ramsay to choose the winner of Hell's Kitchen (Fox, 8pm).

Elle Creative Director Joe Zee Helps Struggling Fashion Lines
Sundance Channel (Sept. 10, 2012)

Sundance Channel is taking fashion rescue coast-to-coast with the third season of the network's All On the Line with Joe Zee (Sundance, 9pm). The critically-acclaimed docu-series starring the fashion powerhouse and ELLE Creative Director will for the first time expand its purview to include the LA fashion scene and LA-based designers who could truly benefit from Joe Zee's fashion design master class.

Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy Wraps Season Two on a Musical Note
Showtime (Sept. 10, 2012)

When Fiona’s assistantJerome (Dan Bucatinsky) and his wife Hayley (Rashida Jones) reconnect with Fiona to make amends, they proceed to inform her that they are turning her memoirs into a dark musical, with or without her blessing.

Wanda Sykes Talks Politics
NewNowNext (Sept. 10, 2012)

The NewNowNext Vote with Wanda Sykes (Logo, 10pm) specials will touch on hot topics for the LGBT voter including; gay marriage, Supreme Court appointments, the economy and healthcare. Added to the mix will be of-the-moment commentary sparked by the trending news from the campaign trail.

Nat Geo's Border Wars Finds Cocaine Paradise
National Geographic Channel (Sept. 10, 2012)

Border Wars (Nat Geo, 9pm) - Mainland borders are not the only targets the Department of Homeland Security must protect.

Real-Life Glee Club Has Its Sights Set on Jimmy Awards
New York Daily News (Sept. 9, 2012)

If you ever worry about the musical-theater talent pool drying up, PBS’ Broadway or Bust (8pm) will be deeply — and tunefully — reassuring. Beginning on Sunday, the three-hour documentary follows real-life Rachels, Blaines and other Glee-type teens who are vying for tor honors in the National High School Musical Theater Awards.

Real-Life Glee Club Has Its Sights Set on Jimmy Awards
New York Daily News (Sept. 9, 2012)

If you ever worry about the musical-theater talent pool drying up, PBS’ Broadway or Bust (8pm) will be deeply — and tunefully — reassuring. Beginning on Sunday, the three-hour documentary follows real-life Rachels, Blaines and other Glee-type teens who are vying for top honors in the National High School Musical Theater Awards.

Sandwich King Jeff Mauro Heads to Chicago's Manny's Deli for Inspiration
Food Network (Sept. 9, 2012)

Sandwich King (Food Network, 11am), where Jeff proves you can turn any meal into a sandwich and any sandwich into a meal, returns for season three with an episode dedicated to the deli.

Doctor Who's Hanging Out with Dinosaurs
BBC America (Sept. 8, 2012)

On Doctor Who (BBC America, 9pm), an unmanned spaceship hurtles towards certain destruction - unless the Doctor can save it, and its impossible cargo of dinosaurs.

David Tutera Tweaks My Fair Wedding for Season Six
WE tv (Sept. 7, 2012)

This season, My Fair Wedding (WE tv - Saturday, 9pm)is unveiled, unbridaled and unbelievable. David Tutera faces off with brides at their boiling point, groomzillas running a muck and mother-in-laws out of their minds. Everyone wants a say, but David puts his foot down and makes it known he's the one in charge.

Candace Cameron Bure Finds (Love and) a Dog
Hallmark Channel (Sept. 7, 2012)

Puppy Love (Hallmark Channel - Saturday, 9pm) - When single mom Megan Nolan (Candace Cameron Bure) moves to a new town, she feels guilty for uprooting her ten-year-old daughter Caitlin (Katie Hawkins). Seeing that Caitlin’s only friend is their neighbor Gail’s (Kali Rocha) dog, Megan agrees to adopt a pooch of their own to keep her company.

Tom Cavanagh Stars in Lifetime's Based-on-a-True-Story Movie
Lifetime (Sept. 7, 2012)

Inspired by a true story, A Killer Among Us (Lifetime - Saturday, 8pm) follows Nick Carleton (Tom Cavanagh), a widowed father of three who is coping with the loss of his beloved wife, while minding his teenage daughter Alex (Tess Atkins) as she bravely tries to uncover the ruthless murder of her mother.

U.S. Open Tennis TV Listings for Final Weekend
US Open (Sept. 7, 2012)

Fri. 9/7

US Open Daily Match Encores
Tennis Channel

TV Networks and TV Stars Stand Up to Cancer on Friday
New Haven Register (Sept. 7, 2012)

[There's] one night when all of the networks come together in the support of one special that brings awareness for the need to Stand Up to Cancer, airing Friday at 8pm on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, live and commercial free. In addition to the broadcast networks, the cable entities HBO, HBO Latino, Bio, Lifetime Movie Network, Logo, MLB Network, mun2, Palladia and VH1 have also agreed to carry the telecast.

Comedian Lewis Black Takes on the Tea Party
Comedy Central (Sept. 7, 2012)

Lewis Black is as angry as ever in the network television premiere of Lewis Black: In God We Rust, debuting on Comedy Central on Friday, September 7 at 12 midnight.

Are MTV's Video Music Awards Still Relevant?
Los Angeles Times (Sept. 6, 2012)

2012 MTV Video Music Awards (MTV, 8pm) - Just as MTV's arrival in the early 1980s permanently changed the way that popular music was seen and listened to, Internet music channels like YouTube and social-networking platforms are reinventing the way that music (including music videos) is experienced and consumed. That could spell trouble for the VMAs over the long run.

Project Runway Designers Hit the Streets Cash in Hand
TV (Sept. 6, 2012)

Project Runway (Lifetime, 9pm) - In teams of three the designers have to sell their created goods on the street in order to earn money for buying fabric at Mood to create looks for fall.

New York Giants Vs. Dallas Cowboys for NFL Season Kick Off
NBC Sports (Sept. 5, 2012)

NFL Football (NBC, 8pm) - Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth weigh in on Wednesday's NFL Kickoff matchup between the Cowboys and Giants. Hosted each year by the reigning champions, the first official game looks to showcase elite quarterbacks while setting the stage for the 2012 season.

Men's and Women's Quarterfinals at the U.S. Open
ESPN (Sept. 5, 2012)

U.S. Open (ESPN2) - His match, and his retirement, put off for at least another day, Andy Roddick stepped out of Arthur Ashe Stadium and into the drizzly night, a black jacket's hood pulled overhead, a bag of ice soothing his right shoulder. He'll try to prolong his U.S. Open -- and his professional tennis career -- on Wednesday.

Former Oregon Prison Official Farhad "Fred" Monem Vanishes
CNBC (Sept. 5, 2012)

American Greed: The Fugitives (CNBC, 9pm) - Fred Monem is presented as the paragon of efficient government spending in Oregon. He ran the Food Services Administration for the entire Oregon prison system, saving the corrections department millions of dollars a year. But according to the FBI, Monem is taking a little taste for himself.

Willie Degel Hides Out at Nauna's Bella Casa
Food Network (Sept. 5, 2012)

Restaurant Stakeout (Food Network, 10pm) - Willie comes to the aid of Tom, proud owner of Nauna's Bella Casa, who's spent the past 24 years building his restaurant into an established Montclair, N.J., eatery.

Comedian Steve Harvey is Daytime TV's Newest Talk Show Host
Chicago Tribune (Sept. 4, 2012)

The Steve Harvey Show (find local listings here) - A straight man hosting daytime TV — as Harvey put it, "a man's man" — is not the ordinary thing: The audience is still predominantly women, and the vibe that works tends to be coffee klatch.

Barbara Walters & Co. Kick Off the 16th Season of ABC's The View
Orlando Sentinel (Sept. 4, 2012)

The View (11am) starts its 16th season Tuesday, and the ABC chatfest will feature actress Jamie Lee Curtis and Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade that day. They will be there to promote books. Curtis has written My Brave Year of Firsts, and Wade has written A Father First. Of course, Curtis can also weigh in on NCIS.

The View's Joy Behar Resurfaces with Politically Charged Show
Boston Herald (Sept. 4, 2012)

The Current TV show [Joy Behar: Say Anything!, debuts at 6pm], and don’t expect Joy to hold back on conservative pols like [Mitt] Romney, his veep pick Paul Ryan, and Mr. Foot In Mouth Todd Akin.

Jeff Lewis Returns with a New Staff and a New Future
Bravo TV (Sept. 4, 2012)

The sixth season of Flipping Out (Bravo, 9pm) finds Jeff [Lewis] and his trusty assistant and sidekick, Jenni Pulos, busier than ever in both their business and personal lives.

Dreamworks' Dragons Franchise Continues on TV
Animation Insider (Sept. 4, 2012)

Dragons: Riders of Berk is the new TV animation based on the DreamWorks film franchise. The CG series marks its debut on Cartoon Network this week (7:30pm), and hopefully brings with it the same flavor of humor and adventure that captivated audiences a couple of years ago.

A Dozen AGT Semifinalists Perform for Three Spots
NBC (Sept. 4, 2012)

America's Got Talent (NBC, 8pm) - Twelve remaining semifinalists take the stage, but only three can move on to the finals.

[clip from last week's eliminations.]

Breaking Bad's Final Episode of 2012
USA Today (Sept. 2, 2012)

[There] are a bunch of must-see shows lined up for the holiday weekend, including the highly anticipated mid-season finale of Breaking Bad (AMC - Sunday, 10pm).

The Doctor Says "Goodbye" on New Season of Doctor Who
Today (Sept. 1, 2012)

The end is near for Amy Pond and Rory Williams, the faithful companions of the eleventh Doctor. BBC America's top-rated show, British-science-fiction-classic-turned-U.S.-cult-hit Doctor Who, returns Saturday, Sept. 1 (9pm) for an all-new season and the start of a five-episode arc that leads up to the couple's exit from the series.

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