Sunday, January 12, 2014

Review: Episodes

Matt LeBlanc's Inside-Hollywood Sitcom Is Almost Good

Episodes (Sunday - Showtime, 10:30pm) remains distinguished, mostly, by Matt LeBlanc’s gameness in playing a jaundiced, utterly self-absorbed version of himself, the classic stereotype of a sitcom star with an oversized ego (and at least in the show, other appendages as well). There is truth, as well as some fun, in moments like the former Friends star chafing at being downgraded to the second guest spot on The Tonight Show (Jay Leno, naturally, appears in a cameo as himself) – or his pained expression when someone says “back when you were hot,” reflecting showbiz’s cruel little indignities.

Beyond that, though, the storytelling gets diluted by one caricature after another, trafficking in the illusion of sophistication about the eccentricities of Hollywood. 

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