Monday, January 6, 2014

Preview: Private Screenings

Alec Baldwin Gives TCM's Robert Osborne the Doc Treatment
Turner Classic Movies
Robert Osborne, Alec Baldwin

As the face of Turner Classic Movies, network host Robert Osborne has interviewed everyone from Debbie Reynolds and Mickey Rooney to producer Walter Mirisch and director Sidney Lumet as part of the network's original series of Private Screenings documentaries.

Now, TCM turns the tables on Osborne, casting him as the subject of a very special Private Screenings (8pm).

Emmy-winner Alec Baldwin, a friend of Osborne's and his co-host for three seasons of The Essentials, hosts this up close and personal look at the actor turned entertainment reporter. More than a tribute to one man, though, the special is a love letter to the classic movie experience.

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