Monday, January 6, 2014

Preview: Hostages

Shoulda-Been-Better Hostages Wraps Tonight

Toni Collette, Dylan McDermott
It's tough to find a TV show that sounds better than Hostages (CBS, 9pm).

Emmy-winner Toni Collette stars as a surgeon who is given an ultimatum by FBI agents, led by Dylan McDermott, who want her to kill the president of the United States. That or they'll kill her kids and husband, played by Tate Donovan. Jerry Bruckheimer (CSI) produces the show.

To make it even more enticing, Hostages took a page from shows like Sundance Channel's great Top of the Lake. It's a limited-run series that would tell one story over a season, then bow out.

But, as it turned out, that short-run angle has worked against Hostages. Instead of freeing up writers to craft a tight story that built one tension on top of another for a few weeks, Hostages' writing team seems to have petered out, constrained by trying to stretch out a single storyline over an entire season.

The show is good. It's just not great, like we expected it to be.

Tonight's two-hour finale wraps up its season and, we'd guess, the series.

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