Friday, December 6, 2013

Review: Dog with a Blog

Don't Tell Your Kids But Dog with a Blog's Got Some of TV's Zippiest Punchlines

If you've ever stumbled across Disney Channel shows like Jessie or A.N.T. Farm, you're privy to a little-known secret among adults and one that your tweens would prefer you didn't know. The channel's sitcoms are some of the funniest shows on TV. Probably tops among them, despite its not-so-great title, is Dog with a Blog (Friday, 8:30pm), a comedy that's dripping with deliciously sarcastic punchlines.

Clip: Twas the Fight Before Christmas on Disney Video

If ever there was one, Dog is a family sitcom. And it has such a comfy structure that it would fit as well in a 1980's network TV lineup as it does on a cable channel today.

The show is pretty much par for the course.

Dad (Regan Burns) is a child psychologist. Mom is the great Beth Littleford who's probably best known for a long-running gig on The Daily Show. They have three kids - cute, adorable, good actors (G Hannelius, Black Michael, Francesca Capaldi) - and a dog who talks, but only to the kids.

Right, the setup sounds kind of awful. But Dog crushes awfulness under its feet with sharp writing that is witty, quick and super sarcastic.

The acting on the show is mostly topnotch, including the kids. And the show itself has a sense of not taking itself very seriously. Instead, everyone involved seems to just be having a good time.

Sometime, sit down and give it a shot. You may just find yourself laughing louder than its super-young target audience.

Trust me, "It's not weird."

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