Saturday, December 7, 2013

Preview: Nigellissima

Beleaguered Nigella Lawson Debuts Easy-Italian Cooking Show

Martha Stewart had jail. Brit domestic goddess Nigella Lawson these days has a courtroom drama for the ages, with accusations lobbed at her about drug abuse, marital lies, physical abuse and divorce. None of that, however, will be evident on Cooking Channel's new Nigellissima (Saturday, 10:30am).

On the show, based on Nigella's book of the same name, Nigella will be her usual soft-spoken self. Gorgeously dressed as she cooks simple-to-make Italian food using locally grown ingredients.

Her kitchen will be impeccable. Her food stunning. And Nigella will be the TV Nigella we know and love.

Now, excuse us, we gotta get back to those Brit celebrity tabloids.

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