Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review: Alaska: The Last Frontier

The Last Frontier is a Charming Family Drama, Not Just Another Alaska Reality Show

Eivin Kilcher
There are so many TV shows these days about Alaska, including great ones like National Geographic Channel's Life Below Zero and not-so-good ones - pick any show with the word "Gold" in it and you get the idea.

But Discovery Channel's Alaska: The Last Frontier, which kicks off its third season tonight at 9pm, isn't a show about life in Alaska as much as it is a compelling, fascinating and utterly watchable show about family life.

It's about surviving through happy times and through life's toughest challenges with the people you love by your side. 

Alaska: The Last Frontier, a show about the Kilcher family - brothers Atz and Otto and their wives and children, including singer Jewel (who's not on the show but sings its theme song) - too often veers into trite-reality-show territory.

But when it sticks to the Kilcher's everyday lives, their not always easy everyday lives of hunting, farming and fishing, it's great.

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