Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall TV 2013

New TV Season Kicks Off Today with Three Likely Hits

(See clips below.)

Hey, kids - guess what? The new TV season begins today and, yeah, while the term "fall TV" may not cause thrills like it once did (that wasn't just me, was it?), it's still a super-fun time of year.

"Why?" Well, because as good as some of the cable networks' programs are - and they are - the Breaking Bads of the world are far and few between.

Today, the broadcast networks ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox still spend the big bucks pumping out dozens of hours of new programming each month, much of it topnotch stuff that'll live on for decades to come.

Tonight, the fall TV season kicks off with returning hits like NBC's The Voice and CBS's 2 Broke Girls. But, far more fun are the new shows we'll check out and either love or loath.

The networks are no dummies. They're starting off the season with three of the fall TV season's most likely hits, CBS's Mom with Anna Faris from Big Bang creator Chuck Lorre at 9:30pm, CBS's 15-episode Hostages with Toni Collette at 10pm and NBC's The Blacklist with James Spader, also at 10pm.

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