Thursday, August 8, 2013

Review: Please Like Me

Comedian Josh Thomas Takes on Life's Icky Moments (with a Laugh)
Josh Thomas, Judi Farr

First, Please Like Me (Pivot TV, 10:30pm) is the type of comedy you want to like.

Its star and creator, twenty-something Australian comedian Josh Thomas, is the type of guy who takes the brunt of life's knockdowns for the rest of us. He's gay, effeminate, directionless and not especially good looking. He's cute in an odd way. At one point, he accurately describes his appearance as that of a 50-year-old baby.

Second, Please Like Me isn't funny, at least not in a laugh-out-loud way that you might expect from a sitcom. Josh, the character that Josh based on his own life, deals with life's ickiest moments.

In one episode (repeating at 9am) on Pivot, a new network for young adults, Josh takes his seriously depressed mother to see a psychiatrist. His dad, who's dating a younger woman, frequently checks in on his ex wife - and, who knows, maybe he still loves her - but he does so from a distance. Josh's creepy aunt babysits his mother while Josh goes on a painfully uncomfortable date - with a super-cute guy.

Josh skips through his mundane life, cutely. That's the upside to the show. Josh. He is funny. He is awkward and strange. But he seems to enjoy his life, even those awkward, icky moments. Maybe, especially those moments.

He laughs at life and himself when his aunt suggests he may have a rare illness that makes him effeminate. To find out, she just needs to know the size of his testicles. He laughs on a date with Geoffrey (Wade Briggs) when they have nothing to say to each other. And he laughs, and squeals, in one of the show's funniest moments when Geoffrey is kissing him and Josh fears for his bum.

Please Like Me has its funny moments. There are almost enough to make you come back for a second episode. And, if there aren't, Josh himself may just be reason enough for a second look.

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