Friday, August 2, 2013

5Qs on Friday: Susan Lucci

Devious Maids' Susan Lucci Gets Deadly on ID

In television there are icons and then there are legends. Susan Lucci is certainly among the latter. After 41 years playing the oft-married Erica Kane on ABC's All My Children, these days Susan is the fabulously dressed, rich, longing-for-love Genevieve Delatour on Lifetime's Devious Maids. And, starting Saturday (10pm), Susan returns for a second season as the purring voice of Investigation Discovery's Deadly Affairs.

The show, like most on ID, is a deliciously over-the-top account of a real-life murder, with some reenactments, comments from people speaking about the crime and sultry narration, on Deadly by Susan.

Susan, possibly the most likable Emmy winner around, spoke with TVFirstLook about Deadly Affairs, Devious Maids and being famous for being someone else.

TVFirstLook: OK, around here we love ID: Investigation Discovery. How did you get involved with the network?

Susan Lucci: I got involved because Henry Schleiff, the head of ID, made an incredible presentation to me. It was so witty, funny and smart. He wrote it up with pictures of me as Erica Kane with various men in my life, love triangles that went wrong. He made me laugh. I thought, "I have to meet this man."

My husband and I met with Henry and his team and it was love at first sight. My wish after All My Children was canceled was to be excited about the next part I played and to be in good hands. With Henry, I got both.

TVFirstLook: On Deadly Affairs, you host it and narrate it. How is that different from acting?

Susan: I host the show as a character, so I am acting. I play a part. I had never done much voice-over before. It's fun to have a new skill to hone. I am enjoying this very much.

TVFirstLook: What can you tell us about the show Deadly Affairs?

Susan: These are stories ripped from the headlines. These are dramatic reenactments of love triangles and quadrangles that go as wrong as they could possibly go. What's shocking is how long they go on and that it involves people from every walk of life, whether it's people who met at bible camp or professors.

This is about people who, instead of walking away from a relationship that's going wrong, choose a violent end.

There's a cautionary tale. It is crime and punishment. They end up serving jail sentences. This is real life, which, of course, is stranger than fiction.

TVFirstLook: OK, switching gears. How's it going on Devious Maids?

Susan: Oh, my goodness. I am pinching myself. Working with Marc Cherry is a joy on every level. Every person on the cast is marvelous.Even when an actor has a day off, they come in because they want to see what happens next.

I love how Marc writes. Some lines are hilarious; some are dramatic and touching. I just love it as a member of the audience but, lucky me, also as part of the cast.

TVFirstLook: All right, last thing. You're one of the few people in the world who is as famous for a character you played, Erica Kane, as you are for being you. What's that like?

Susan: I love being associated with Erica Kane. What an amazing part that Agnes Nixon created and I had the great fortune to play. I loved her. I saw the humanity and humor in her. But I didn't think the audience would like her. She was the catalyst for a lot of trouble. I count my lucky stars that the audience did like her and she still holds a place in their hearts.

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