Thursday, July 4, 2013

TV Marathons: Fourth of July

Zombies, New Houses and America Among July 4th TV Marathons
St. Louise Post-Dispatch

Nothing says "Fourth of July" like zombies -- am I right? AMC will celebrate the holiday with a Season 1 marathon of The Walking Dead from 12noon-7pm Thursday, repeated in black and white from 7pm-2am.

But zombies aren't the only theme of Thursday's TV marathons. You can also watch people buy houses, or bake cakes, or try to pawn things.

Of special note: The documentary series The Revolutionary War will be in constant rotation on the Military Channel, beginning at 6pm Wednesday and continuing until 5am. Friday. And the History Channel airs America: The Story of Us, from 9am-3pm. Here are more options.

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