Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review: Orange is the New Black

Women-In-Jail Dramedy May Be Netflix's Best Original Yet
Los Angeles Times

Orange Is the New Black (Netflix) is not just about a slightly deluded Everywoman renegotiating her understanding of the universe, it's about the fact that Piper is most decidedly not Everywoman, a revelation that may take television executives by surprise.

Piper quickly lands on the bad side of the head cook (Kate Mulgrew) who runs the cellblock like a Russian mobster, and then finds herself entangled with a possessive black woman called "Crazy Eyes."

Eventually, she's bunkmates with a Haitian woman (Michelle Hurst) whose rumored crimes scare everyone, including the very swaggering butch played by the always fabulous Lea DeLaria.

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