Thursday, July 18, 2013

Recap: America's Got Talent

Major Cuts on AGT Las Vegas Round
Houston Chronicle
Mel B

America's Got Talent - The judges, in their giddiness, sent roughly 100 acts to Las Vegas. But! Only 60 of those acts are going to be allowed to move on to the live shows at Radio Music Hall. GRAB A CALCULATOR, math is involved. 100 – 60 = Some 40 acts have to be cut, immediately.
To make the determination as to which acts will see the Rockettes’ stage, the judges have made three different piles:
  1. Straight to Radio City Music Hall
  2. Straight back home
  3. Audition for your life
Except they don’t call it “audition for your life,” because I’m sure So You Think You Can Dance has probably trademarked some variation of that by now.

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