Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: Magic City

Magic City is a Beautiful Steamy Soap
Boston Globe

Jeffrey Dean Morgan
The rich atmosphere serves as a spectacular backdrop for all the intriguing and seductive drama – actually, soap opera. When it premiered last year for its first eight-episode season, Magic City (Friday - Starz, 9pm) was often compared to The Sopranos, since the mob – this time the Jewish mob – is bound up with the plot.

Danny Huston plays creepy boss Ben Diamond, who owns a chunk of the Miramar Playa, and his anarchic temper recalls the likes of Johnny Sack and Richie Aprile from the HBO series.

But Magic City is a very different beast from The Sopranos, so don’t go in expecting that level of character drama and psychological insight. It’s built along more familiar genre story lines that play out like a Harold Robbins novel, with steamy romance, family tension, powerful men, money problems, dirty mob dealings, and plenty of nudity and sex.

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