Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: Blood & Oil

Oil Well Runs Dry
Washington Post
CJ Cutter

Within seconds of its first episode, it’s clear that Blood and Oil (Discovery Channel, 10pm) is a dry hole — and whatever other oil puns you’d like to add, including the obvious crude.

The real energy source being explored here is the potential richness found in exhibitionism. In a genre in which a family of goobers who make duck calls can usurp the Kardashian clan’s supremacy, who can blame the Cutters for trying their luck as TV stars?

But this is one of those occasions when a viewer can tell that what actually happened was clearly not enough to appease the basic demands of a docu-series.


  1. Formula for this reality show vs others:

    + 20% more scripted
    + 20% more organic drama
    + 10% more drama music volume
    + 15% more desire to cash in or "money breath"
    - 35 IQ points
    + CJ(what is a CJ, does it stand for a real name?)

    = Blood and Oil

    1. You nailed it!

    2. That's funny but accurate!