Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Preview: The Newsroom

Catch Up on Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom Ahead of Season Two

There may be no show - or show creator - who can divide an audience as swiftly as The Newsroom from Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing).

On one hand, you've got those Sorkian annoyances. Like, all the characters seemingly exist in a literally dark world. You half expect them to start holding onto walls to find their way around the cable news network where they work. And most of them talk in that breathless tone where an actor seems to be expelling the very last bit of air from their lungs. Shwew.

On the other hand, you have, like, really top-notch production values. And the acting on The Newsroom from star Jeff Daniels to co-stars like Dev Patel and  guest stars such as Jane Fonda is way above the norm.

Pick a side. Tonight at 9:15pm, HBO is recapping The Newsroom season one. Season two begins July 15.

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