Friday, June 21, 2013

5Qs on Friday: Todd Lowe

True Blood's Todd Lowe Spills the Blood But Not the Spoilers

Todd Lowe couldn't be less like his True Blood (Sunday - HBO, 9pm) character Terry Bellefleur if he tried, you know, except for being a Southerner. Terry is a war vet who has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder since the first season of the vampire drama. He's a murderer to boot.

In real life, Todd is a soft-spoken, college-educated Texas native. He is also a musician who stumbled into an incredible TV career, starting with bit parts in the late 1990s on shows like Walker, Texas Ranger and - the big break - for five seasons as Zack Van Gerbig on Gilmore Girls.

Todd spoke with TVFirstLook about Terry killing Iraq War sergeant Patrick Devins (Scott Foley), this season's upcoming main character kill-off, and making the leap from being a Gilmore Girls sweetie to a True Blood meanie.

TVFirstLook: OK, what's up with America's fascination with vampires?

Todd Lowe: I'd love to say it's an allegory for minorities. But it's really just about vampires. Oh yeah, and the suspense on the show.

TVFirstLook: All right. Everyone is talking about a major character getting killed off this season. Dish.

Todd: That's the one thing I can't say anything about. I can say it was emotional reading that script. My reaction was, "Oh wow, I'm not going to see that person anymore." But this is True Blood, so anything can happen.

TVFirstLook: Terry killed his Iraq War buddy last season. Now what?

Todd: Well, I would have loved if Terry could've lifted his Ifrit curse and gotten back to his domestic life raising a family with Arlene (Carrie Preston). But there are residual issues that will have to be dealt with.

TVFirstLook: OK, how has the show changed since creator Alan Ball was replaced, first by Mark Hudis and now Brian Buckner?

Todd: The cast has bonded more. Brian has been with the show since the beginning. He has inherited a lot of responsibility. But it's responsibility he is very passionate about. He doesn't want to disappoint fans. He doesn't want to change the tone of the show.

The show was continually evolving under Alan, too. It was constantly morphing.

I think you really need to reserve critical judgement until you can watch the whole season. I think it will be interesting then to see what fans think and even if they've noticed the change.

TVFirstLook: All right, last thing. How did you make the jump from the super-sweet, totally awesome, kinda girly Gilmore Girls, to, like, the totally dark True Blood?

Todd: It was a jump. I finished Gilmore Girls in May [2007]. Then, four or five months later I was in my first True Blood episode. I was really lucky to keep working.

I cut my hair and beard. I was really excited to play someone completely different. I was a wannabe rock 'n' roller on Gilmore Girls. For True Blood, I had to do some Wikipedia research on PTSD. I trusted the writers to write some lines that sounded cryptic but meaningful at the same time.

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