Saturday, May 11, 2013

Preview: Beverly Lewis' The Confession

A Young Amish Woman Searches for Her Birth Mom
Hallmark Channel

Beverly Lewis' The Confession (Saturday - Hallmark Channel, 9pm) - Katie Lapp (Katie Leclerc) is an innocent young Amish woman who has ventured out of her small Lancaster community for the first time after a painful incident led to her “shunning” from the very township that raised her.

As she takes on the unfamiliar outside world, she is desperate to track down her birth mother, a wealthy and generous woman named Laura Mayfield-Bennett (Sherry Stringfield) who is sadly dying of cancer. With only a few months to live, Laura and her husband Dylan (Adrian Paul) prepare Laura’s estate and will.

When Dylan, a greedy gambling addict, finds out he will inherit close to nothing from his wife, he hires an out-of-work actress, Alyson (Julia Whelan), to feign as Laura’s long-lost Amish daughter—hoping Laura will take the bait and leave her entire estate to her only child.

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