Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Rectify

Aden Young is a Wrongly Convicted Man in Sundance's Superb Rectify
The Hollywood Reporter

Aden Young
In Rectify (Sundance Channel, 9pm), series creator and writer Ray McKinnon, along with Breaking Bad executive producers Melissa Bernstein and Mark Johnson, have focused on the life-altering strangeness of that situation, how the passage of time – especially for a dead man walking – is almost too much to bear, an overwhelming sensory overload of unexpected new discoveries and old, familiar memories and sensations that were taken for granted.

That’s where the real beauty rests in Rectify, which purposefully slows down the movement in this superb character study (running an initial six episodes) and lets viewers bathe in what it must be like for a man to experience the shock of lost time and the wonder of a second chance.

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