Saturday, February 9, 2013

Preview: Twist of Faith

Toni Braxton Belts Out Gospel in Interfaith Romance
Christian Post
Toni Braxton, David Julian Hirsh

Toni Braxton, six-time Grammy Award winner, took on the role of Nina in the Lifetime original movie and told The Christian Post that the Twist of Faith (Lifetime - Saturday, 8pm) has a powerful message for people from all faiths and all walks of life.

"(Jacob is) Jewish, he's a cantor… Not only is it a beautiful story because (Nina) still respects his religion … but (they) can come together in the end when (they) thought love was lost forever. I think that's what the Bible always teaches us, love is the key," Braxton told CP about the movie.

"In the end it's about people finding each other. And sometimes in the world we feel alone and there's always a person for you. God sometimes puts people in this earth just for you, just for what you're going through. When I read this movie I thought it was a movie of hope."

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