Friday, February 1, 2013

Preview: Taste In Translation

Aarti Checks Out the World's Best BBQ
The Cooking Channel
Aarti Sequeira

Taste In Translation (The Cooking Channel - Friday, 9pm) - If you think barbecue is strictly an American tradition, think again. In many countries grilling meat is more than just a meal - it's an obsession.

Ever heard about a traditional "Braai"? That's South Africa's version of a cookout, and we'll try their favorite sizzling sausages. We'll also check out Japan's number one favorite BBQ at Takashi and learn the fascinating history behind this popular grilling style, and the shocking ingredients they love. You'll be mystified by Iran's Persian palette, when chef and award winning cookbook author Louisa Shafia combines flavors like pomegranate rose to create juicy kebabs.

Plus let's not forget the Argentinean family style parrillada, a mix of meat and vegetables big enough to feed everyone, and cooked on their very own original grill. And finally back home with so many favorite ways to BBQ in the USA, which takes the number one spot in our hearts: ribs, chicken, brisket? We'll find out.

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