Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Preview: Africa

Discovery's Amazing Africa Focuses on the Massive Sahara Desert

The size of the United States, the Sahara in the northern part of Africa is the toughest region to survive. Covering one third of the continent, sandstorms stretch for a thousand miles and rain may not fall here for 50 years.

Some creatures, like the naked mole rat, avoid the heat by living a bizarre, underground existence. Tiny barn swallows must navigate thousands of miles of barren sand to find a single life-saving oasis. But the silver ant, making its global debut in Africa (Discovery, 10pm) , is specially designed to take on the midday sun due to its special "metal jacket" of silver hairs that reflects the sun's brutal rays.

And with the help of five solar-powered cameras left in the Tunisian desert for 20 months - thought to be the longest time lapse footage ever - watch as the sand dunes shift and take shape.

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