Monday, January 7, 2013

Review: True Crime with Aphrodite Jones

Journalist Aphrodite Jones Uncovers Real-Life Crimes

One-time Fox News reporter Aphrodite Jones' big get for the third season of her ID: Investigation Discovery series, True Crimes with Aphrodite Jones (10pm), is Casey Anthony lawyer Jose Baez, which will air next week.

Before then, tonight's premiere looks into the troubling case of former New England Patriots football player Eric Naposki, who was sentenced to life in prison in 2012 for the nearly two-decade-old unsolved murder of his then-girlfriend's fiance.

His story is this: It's pretty easy to get away with murder. Seventeen years before his conviction, the utterly arrogant Eric met a pretty poor chick from Arizona. She had her sights set on finding rich guys in Southern California.

She meets and marries the much older millionaire Bill McLaughlin, but starts a relationship with Eric.

Eric - dumb, stupid and arrogant - kills the guy on her orders. Their plot isn't brilliant. They luck out with what seems to be an investigator who mentally checked out. Or maybe it was just a shoddy investigation or dumb luck.

Eric and the gold-digger get away with it for almost two decades.

True Crimes isn't an unfamiliar show. Each episode is well produced and Aphrodite is succinct and to the point. And the cases she covers are captivating.

The one problem with the show is that each hour strains to remain captivating over the long stretch. On a show like CBS' 60 Minutes or ABC's 20/20, Eric's story would've been one segment. On True Crimes, it's a fascinating story that goes on a bit too long.

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