Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review: Henry Ford

Sarah Colt Digs Beneath the Surface of Henry Ford's Finely Tuned Image
Charlotte Observer

After watching PBS’ American Experience on Henry Ford (9pm), you see what he was as really about.
Control. He controlled his company, he controlled his workers and he controlled his “everyman” image as much as he could. Like many controllers – and inventors – he changed the world, as director Sarah Colt shows in her two-hour documentary.


  1. I think he just know that he will succeed and because of that he wanted to take control. And look what his company achieved. For me, Ford motors is synonymous to perfection. All of my cars are from Ford dealers long island NY and after three purchases from them, all of the cars that I bought are still good as new.

  2. Let me just take my hats off to a great man, he is such an inspiration. I must say I am truly an all-American guy, as I haven't had any automobiles that isn't Ford, or maybe I'm just loyal.

  3. I wonder what Henry Ford will feel now that the car company he started is now one of the largest and expensive car manufacturing business in the world. Just like Franklin, I am taking my hats off to this man.

  4. All of Mr. Henry Ford’s efforts paid off! That’s why I look up on Ford Company for it has a good foundation and a founder.

  5. The man who started all the life of mechanically-operated vehicles. An admirable and smart man, hopefully the people who were passed on by his name continues to give out quality products.