Sunday, December 16, 2012

Preview: Survivor: Philippines

Survivor Season 25's Big Finale Night

Survivor: Philippines (CBS - Sunday, 8pm) - As always, finale night consumes three hours, with the first two being the pre-taped segments that were all filmed on location before the contestants returned home.

After the jury is seen casting their votes for a winner, the show will go live from the CBS television studios in Hollywood as host Jeff Probst takes the stage to reveal who is the sole Survivor.

Probst will then host, as he has since season five, the live one-hour reunion show with all 18 castaways.
While the reunion show is always fun to watch — especially as a member of the studio audience — the very end of the reunion show is always my favorite part because that’s when Probst unveils a brief tease of the upcoming season.

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