Saturday, December 22, 2012

Best TV Shows of 2012

Sons, Unsung and Audience-Less Letterman Among 10 Best Shows of 2012
Tampa Bay Times

[Sons of Anarchy] is the only show on my list which might make a few other critics’ picks; a brutal drama about a biker gang which humanizes gun-running, drug muling outlaws as roughnecks trying to protect their family. This season, the show’s theme was betrayal from inside, with gang leader Jax Teller framing the club’s former leader and main villain, Clay Morrow for the murder of a major drug lord.

With sizable, showy guest roles for NYPD Blue’s Jimmy Smits and Lost alum Harold Perrineau, this season barreled through shocking scenes – An informant bites off his own tongue! A woman burned alive! – leaving us fans shellshocked and begging for more.

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