Monday, October 22, 2012

Preview: Presidential Debate

Obama's October Surprise Expected During Tonight's Final Debate

Tonight, Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama face each other one last time before next month's 2012 presidential election. And, judging by the previous two debates and Obama's tenuous lead in the polls, you can expect some fireworks.

Meaning, tonight's debate is also tonight's best bet for some great TV.

The focus of this debate is foreign policy. President Obama is widely expected to unload his October Surprise - you know, the last-minute news that rattles the challenger and shifts the election in favor of the incumbent.
In what may just be the worst-kept secret in DC, the president may confirm reports that Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will meet face to face with U.S. officials with the goal of suspending the country's nuclear energy (and/or weapons) program.

That, and whatever other surprise he unveils, should help the president's chances. He still has a better-than-average shot at winning. RealClearPolitics's average of polls has Obama ahead in Electoral College votes.

For his part, Mitt Romney is expected to pounce on the lingering just-under-the-surface Libya controversy. Specifically, he'll zero in on Hillary Clinton and Obama's mishandling of last month's murders of ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. Some Romney supporters say the Obama administration has been covering up their mistakes ever since.

And, just ask Martha Stewart, it's the cover up that'll kill you.

Still, the confrontational style of the past two debates should be in relatively short supply tonight. Polls show women don't like that style and women are this year's swing vote.

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