Monday, June 25, 2012

Preview: I Killed My BFF

Joshua Drucker
photo: Atlanta Journal -onstitution
Friendship Turns Deadly on Biography

I Killed My BFF (Biography, 10pm) - Josh Drucker is a preacher's son with a calling to the ministry. Andrew Robertson a bouncer and construction worker with a taste for motorcycles.

Both have dark pasts that they're trying hard to leave behind. They never would have met, if Andrew hadn't fallen for Josh's younger sister. What starts out as an unlikely friendship becomes a deep bond, until a tragic event leads to suspicion and revenge.


  1. This episode would have been told in 30 minutes including commercials. It drags and drags until it is unbearable. They try hard to fit a 15-minute story into an hour.

  2. A lot was left out of this episode......I live in the Atlanta area and watched the story on the news everyday. Drucker was a lot worse than this show revealed. Drugs had turned him into a monster. Had the whole truth been told, it would have lasted longer than an hour.

    1. So so true. How can you be a preacher and then murder two people. This man was no preacher. His daddy was. This was all drug related. The televised witnesses said he was a meth enraged lunatic with no regard for human life. Now he sits to await excecution, while we, the taxpayers pay for his three hots and a cot. The system is messed up and this channel really stinks. First and last time I will tune into this wasted of time.

  3. I went to Christian school with Joshua Drucker and follow his posts on his ministry site Todays Christian Ministries. He says that they misconstrued the entire story and it is one sided. He may have killed these people, who is to really know but him and God? From what I understand, whatever happened was because people sold his sister "bad" drugs and she is now basically a vegetable. Hmmm? Maybe he did it, maybe he didn't. I know a lot of people that would have killed someone that basically killed their sister... Who are we to judge?

  4. they really need to come up with some more interesting kills, I mean drug fueled rage - typical, jealous bitch kills her friend - typical, where's the bff turned sadistic vampire

  5. josh was a long time friend of mine and he was really close to amanda, anything that may have happened was out of love for his sister.