Monday, June 25, 2012

Preview: I Killed My BFF

Joshua Drucker
photo: Atlanta Journal -onstitution
Friendship Turns Deadly on Biography

I Killed My BFF (Biography, 10pm) - Josh Drucker is a preacher's son with a calling to the ministry. Andrew Robertson a bouncer and construction worker with a taste for motorcycles.

Both have dark pasts that they're trying hard to leave behind. They never would have met, if Andrew hadn't fallen for Josh's younger sister. What starts out as an unlikely friendship becomes a deep bond, until a tragic event leads to suspicion and revenge.


  1. This episode would have been told in 30 minutes including commercials. It drags and drags until it is unbearable. They try hard to fit a 15-minute story into an hour.

  2. A lot was left out of this episode......I live in the Atlanta area and watched the story on the news everyday. Drucker was a lot worse than this show revealed. Drugs had turned him into a monster. Had the whole truth been told, it would have lasted longer than an hour.

    1. So so true. How can you be a preacher and then murder two people. This man was no preacher. His daddy was. This was all drug related. The televised witnesses said he was a meth enraged lunatic with no regard for human life. Now he sits to await excecution, while we, the taxpayers pay for his three hots and a cot. The system is messed up and this channel really stinks. First and last time I will tune into this wasted of time.

  3. I went to Christian school with Joshua Drucker and follow his posts on his ministry site Todays Christian Ministries. He says that they misconstrued the entire story and it is one sided. He may have killed these people, who is to really know but him and God? From what I understand, whatever happened was because people sold his sister "bad" drugs and she is now basically a vegetable. Hmmm? Maybe he did it, maybe he didn't. I know a lot of people that would have killed someone that basically killed their sister... Who are we to judge?

  4. they really need to come up with some more interesting kills, I mean drug fueled rage - typical, jealous bitch kills her friend - typical, where's the bff turned sadistic vampire

  5. josh was a long time friend of mine and he was really close to amanda, anything that may have happened was out of love for his sister.

  6. Him a felon,Amanda was choosing death over her life period BUT to steal her boyfriends medication, horrible @ bf home&w/his medicine!What kind of a friend or girlfriend could inflict that on anyone (especially if she cared for Andrew at all) to deal with??May something about her desperation, desire to die not caring about ANYONE ELSE BUT HERSELF or a lack of will to continue the character expected from family....also btw no mentioned either was it had been decided by the parents (against all medical advice& pronounced dead more than 3times)to keep their daughter in a vegetation state of life rather than letting her go peacefully as it would seem she desired(my opinion yes of course) in her attempt at suicide.In regards though to Amanda's story, I'd like to add that approx 9years after that "life changing" night so long ago she's been in a wheelchair, unable to speak or care for herself =severe brain damaged vegetated state of existence....when doctor asked her parents to join a experimental medical trial with the medication ambien (normally prescribed for sleep disorders) possibly doing the opposite than what's expected-its presumably helping her for two hours or more a day to unclench hand,loosened body tightness& she's been speaking AND aware of her current circumstances it may appear.I say that because her own chilling words to her parents "the caretakers" who only wanted their daughter back(no matter the horrid facts of what that truly meant in "life" for Amanda) she tells them "it feels like she's TRAPPED IN HER OWN BODY" for God's sake can't they see the error in THEIR CHOICE? If that's even considered a life at all but its definitely not a life she wanted...plain as day in her own actions of attempting suicide & leave life,family-everything behind who she of choose all this?Pronounced dead over n over to be coma like& not an ounce of her previous existence existing nowadays-high school classmates have grown up into their adult lives& she would've choose to be living like she is ...what just greatful to be alive & not to of died that night?Thankful to God 2 be alive today,would she??What becomes of Amanda when her parents pass on?Wow thanks mom & dad for deciding "life"!!So could it be ironic their son will spend "life" in prison just as Amanda was sentenced to "life" trapped in her own body....suicide is not a wise decision but it was her decision to make on her own life. It wasn't Josh decision to make for Lora or Andrew!!The gruesome murder of Lora shot in the neck& then to shoot her again in the head after suffering everything that she did that night.I only pray poor Andrew never knew what happened & was quickly taken from his life unlike Lora's grizzly death.Another fact not in the episode was how criminal this felon onparole "youth mminister" was during his meth binge those 36 hours:stealing Lora's ring,credit cards from Andrew,his wallet & anything he decided he wanted (&her too she is by no means an innocent scared friend in this at all) to get high,visit two strip clubs& rent a room at the Ramada inn!For her part,taking a cab with Andrew's stolen money back to the hotel room because she was underage to get into a strip club (she didn't work @that club) leaving Josh there til he was done partying,drinking &getting high again!She sooooooo scared though that her lying butt goes to sleep in that hotel room that was obtained using Andrews credit card...really?!Lies!!But she is free of any& all charges able to have her daughter, get herself an education & work in nursing WOW!!Sitting there crying in court & on the episode aired makes me cringe to think what she could possibly do now or already even while being scared =\ justice is a chameleon word ,it made us feel justice in regards to Josh....but what about Melissa "Missy"....or Amanda..... where is the justice in that??