Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review: Breaking Pointe

Well-Made Reality Show May Be Too Well Made

First, hats off to The CW for giving a relatively highbrow reality show a shot. And, here's to hoping they succeed with Breaking Pointe (8pm), a reality drama about aspiring ballet dancers at Salt Lake City's Ballet West.

But, like ballet itself, Breaking Pointe may have limited appeal. Its quiet beauty won't do much to lure in viewers, as much as we all may wish it would.

The show is similar to MTV's great but under-appreciated Taking the Stage, a show that focused on kids at a performing arts high school. And Breaking Pointe has the look and feel of MTV's The Hills - close-up shots of beautiful people in dimly lit settings.

Breaking Pointe kicks off tonight with Ballet West artistic director Adam Sklute selecting dancers for Ballet West's upcoming season. Meaning, some dancers will receive contract renewals. Others will be let go.

These are ballet dancers at the peak of their careers, including principal Christiana Bennett, brothers Rex Tilton and Ronald Tilton, and fast-rising star Beckanne Sisk.

They're also teenagers and twentysomethings who are caught up in romantic relationships, so there's a lot of love-related drama in Breaking Pointe. But watching these ballet dancers perform and strive for perfection is far more interesting.

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