Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Preview: Una Familia con Suerte

La Gran Final con la Fortunate Family
Mayrín Villanueva, Arath de la Torre,
Luz Elena González

Una Familia Con Suerte (Univision, 8pm) - Rich vs. poor, who is really more fortunate? The López family has the answer.

Pancho López (Arath de la Torre) is the head of this lively bunch that will change the lives of many individuals. Fernanda Peñaloza is a kind and rich socialite who has recently learned that she has an incurable disease and that her beloved nephew, Vicente, is only counting the days until she dies.

Distraught, Fernanda contemplates committing suicide by jumping off a bridge, but by a stroke of luck, a quirky stranger in a run-down truck (Pancho) appears just in the nick of time to save her life.

Pancho takes Fernanda into his humble home and introduces her to his family. After seeing how fortunate Pancho’s family really is, Fernanda makes a decision that will surprise both the López family and her greedy relatives; she makes Pancho the president of her company and he accepts only on the condition that she fight for her life and look for a cure for her disease. Whether the López family’s new fortune is for better or worse, no one knows, but seeing them navigate their new “high-class” world will undoubtedly produce plenty of laughter.

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