Saturday, July 26, 2014

News: 2014 San Diego Comic-Con

Comic-Con Schedule: It's Where TV and Movies Happen

At some point in the past few years, San Diego's crazy-costumed cartoon-centric geek fest Comic-Con turned into probably the funnest convention for Hollywood studios to preview sci-fi movies and, increasingly, TV shows ranging from full-on sci-fi to those with just the slightest hint of otherworldliness.

On Saturday, Comic-Con gets a bit back to its cartoon roots. The day kicks off with Fox's The Simpsons panel (10am) and later in the day Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy (1pm) and American Dad (2pm). Other cartoons on dock include Regular Show (11am), Snoopy (10:30am), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (11:15am) and plenty of others.

But the biggest draws today are likely to be Warner Bros.' huge upcoming movies The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Mad Max: Fury Road and Jupiter Rising - Hall H, starting at 10am.

Check out the complete Comic-Con schedule for Saturday here. And watch Comic-Con live streaming at IGN's site.

Preview: WWI: The First Modern War

History Channel Commemorates the 100th Anniversary of WWI

WWI: The First Modern War (History Channel, 8pm) - Tanks were the first armored fighting machine to be used on the battlefield. These "land ships", as they were first called, were championed by Head of the British Admiralty Winston Churchill.

Adapted from an American tractor with caterpillar tracks, the machine was designed in secrecy to break through the heavily fortified trenches and offer protection for troops that were being mowed down by heavy artillery. Though a massive failure in their first combat in the Battle of the Somme-- they broke down and got stuck in the mud--British government propaganda reversed the story and paved the way for thousands of tanks to be built and become a decisive weapon in the war.

Friday, July 25, 2014

News: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season Five Trailer Released at San Diego Comic-Con

There's a reason all eyes are on San Diego Comic-Con today: the release of The Walking Dead season five trailer. The show's cast and crew, including star Andrew Lincoln, today took the stage at Comic-Con and this is what we got - an intense, incredible sneak peek at season five, which kicks off on Oct. 12 on AMC and Fox International Channels around the world.

News: 2014 San Diego Comic-Con

Comic-Con Schedule: TV Geeks Unite

There may be no better time than this week for geeks of all stripes, but certainly for TV geeks who can luxuriate these days in far too many hours of great sci-fi (and not-so-sci-fi) TV on television and on new and emerging digital platforms. This week, much of that great TV comes to life on celebrity-filled panels and sneak-peek previews at 2014 San Diego Comic-Con.

Friday's events include Inside The Big Bang Theory Writers' Room (10am), Teen Wolf Fan Works Discussion (11am), a screening of The CW's upcoming iZombie (11:30am), The Walking Dead panel including star Andrew Lincoln (12:20pm), ABC's Resurrection (12:30pm), a session that we at TVFirstLook are most looking forward to, a preview of Fox's upcoming M. Night Shyamalan's limited run series Wayward Pines (1:30pm) and HBO's Game of Thrones (1:40pm).

Click here for today's Comic-Con schedule.

If you're not in San Diego, don't get your cape in a bunch. Many of the TV networks on hand are live streaming their events on their sites. And IGN is live streaming many of the major afternoon sessions here.

News: Star Wars Rebels

Disney XD Previews This Fall's Star Wars Rebels at Comic-Con

It’s The Inquisitor in action! Here’s the first clip from Star Wars Rebels that gives us a long look at the galaxy’s new big bad (voiced by Jason Isaacs). Not just any look, either — the Jedi hunter is having a lightsaber fight with rebels Kanan (Freddie Prinze Jr.) and Ezra (Taylor Gray) in this exclusive scene. The footage from Disney XD’s hotly anticipated new animated series just debuted at Rebels Comic-Con event Thursday. Keep reading.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stats: Married

FX Network's Cute Comedy Married Pulls in 1.5 Million Viewers

Last week's series debut of the well-made and utterly likable Married (FX, 10pm) generated an audience of 1.5 million viewers for its initial airing and 2.2 million viewers with encores, based on Nielsen's live-plus-three-day ratings - ratings that include live viewing and three days of DVR playback. The show had 1.1 million viewers in the advertiser-desired demographic adults 18-49.

On that measure, Married is in just-OK territory. It's FX's No. 4 comedy debut after the brilliant Wilfred (now on FXX), Lucky and the animated Archer.

Married is too good for just-OK ratings. On the show, Nat Faxon and Judy Greer star as a married couple with kids. They're too young to sit at home doing nothing but too old to be completely reckless. But they give that a try, often.

It's a funny and charming sitcom about loving the life you have but also longing for the one you used to have.

News: President Barack Obama

President Obama on the Global Economy

President Obama today will discuss the world's economy on CNBC (5pm Eastern) on the wings of good news from the domestic front. Today, weekly jobless claims fell to their lowest level since 2006. And the stock market is on fire - the Dow has been hovering in record territory - Thursday as of 9:50am, 17,110.

Even on the international scene, some news is good. Notably, Spain's epic financial crisis may be easing. That country's unemployment rate in second quarter this year fell below 25% for the first time in two years.

But there is enough economic and political uncertainty in the world to make investors and everyday consumers uneasy, whether it's slowing home sales in the United States or the very uncomfortable trend of disappearing commercial airlines in the Ukraine, somewhere in the Indian Ocean and, now, over Africa.

President Obama this afternoon discusses the world's economy with CNBC economics reporter Steve Liesman.

Preview: Survive the Tribe

Hazen Audel Lives with the Kenyan Samburu Tribe
National Geographic Channel

Survive the Tribe (Nat Geo Channel, 10pm) - Survival of the fittest takes on a whole new meaning as Hazen Audel embeds with the Samburu tribe and learns valuable lessons about thriving on the edge.

In the arid Kenyan mountain and desert, the Samburu share space with some of the world's most dangerous predators, and often rely on a diet of milk, meat — and blood. Collecting cow's blood requires patience, a steady hand and pinpoint accuracy, and Audel's first attempt fails to deliver.

Preview: Undone with Amanda de Cadenet

Fashion Photographer and TV Personality Amanda de Cadenet Jumps Into Late Night Talk

Heidi Klum, Amber Valletta, Rachel Zoe,
Demi Moore, Amanda de Cadenet
Amanda de Cadenet, the U.S.-based British fashion photographer, blogger and TV personality, has been hosting TV shows since she was just in her teens.

These days, Amanda is best known for staunchly advocating for women taking control of their own lives and for hosting the too-short-lived Lifetime talk show The Conversation - a leisurely hour focused on highly successful female celebrities like Jane Fonda.

Tonight, Amanda bravely jumps into late night TV (at 10:30pm) with the half-hour Lifetime show Undone with Amanda de Cadenet. On the show, Amanda and her celebrity guests chat about news from important issues to pop-culture fluff. It premieres right after the season premiere of Project Runway, where Amanda will  be a guest judge.

Check out our 5Qs on Friday Q&A with Amanda de Cadenet.

Preview: NY Med

Everyday Heroism at Newark's University Hospital
ABC News

Dr. Michael Argenziano

NY Med (ABC, 10pm) - It’s just another day at Newark’s University Hospital. First, Dr. Hugo Razo saves a man dying from a blood clot in his lungs and then hustles across the ER to assist security guards restraining a violent patient. Meanwhile his ER colleague, Dr. Tiffany Murano treats a flirtatious patient with a sports injury and a wife who is just about out of patience. Later, Dr. Murano’s good humor runs out when a paramedic gets snippy with her.

Arriving by ambulance with an aorta about to rupture, a woman in her late 60s tells doctors that she has finally met the “love of her life,” a widower who is devoted to her. She fears that if she doesn’t make it, fate will have robbed her boyfriend twice. But her surgeon, Allan Stewart, who was enroute to visit his kids, reveals that he is wearing a Superman costume under his clothes. He vows to do a “super” surgery to make this romance last.

Keep reading.