Monday, October 20, 2014

News: The FAB

ABC Stations Lock In Tyra Banks Show For Fall 2015 Daytime TV

Disney-ABC announced today that it has garnered clearances for its upcoming syndicated lifestyle show The FAB (Fun and Beautiful) on the ABC Owned Stations for fall 2015.

In addition, social media buff and foodie Chrissy Teigen, fashion guru Joe Zee, interior design professional Lauren Makk, and do-it-yourself YouTuber Leah Ashley will join Tyra Banks as co-hosts when the show debuts in national syndication.

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Review: Twin Sisters

Emotionally Moving Story About Separated Sisters Loses Steam

In the hustle and chaos of international adoptions, with thousands of desperate families searching for countless thousands of abandoned babies around the world, there are bound to be blunders - like twins separated without anyone ever knowing about it.

But, in the case of Mia and Alexandra - one adopted by a couple in the farthest reaches of Norway, the other by an American couple in Sacramento, Calif. - coincidence brought them together, briefly. As separated identical twin babies, who had been found in a cardboard box, Mia and Alexandra shared a couple of things that made their parents, at a China adoption agency, stop and wonder.

First, they looked like each other. And, against all odds, they each wore a red gingham dress - one purchased in Norway, the other halfway around the world. Their parents met each other when the couple from Norway overstayed their time at the agency, just as American families were showing up.

Review: Private Violence

Excellent Documentary About Domestic Violence Will Hopefully Spark Change
New York Daily News

The frustrating part about this latest first-rate documentary on domestic violence is that it’s unlikely to reach the one group that could stop the epidemic.

The ones who could stop it, of course, are the ones who perpetrate it. The rest of us, notably including the criminal justice system, can at best try to discourage it by making it clear domestic abusers will pay the same price any other criminal pays.

Private Violence (HBO, 9pm), sadly, offers little assurance that happens. Keep reading

Preview: Kirby Buckets

Disney XD Launches Single-Camera Comedy Kirby Buckets

Disney XD - these days, home of the animated Star Wars Rebels, today launches a new single-camera comedy (in the style of Modern Family with no laugh track) about a 13-year-old kid, Kirby (Jacob Bertrand), who wants to grow up to be an animator. While he waits, his life is a mix of real life and animation. Kirby Buckets (Disney XD, 8pm).

News: The Voice

Taylor Swift Joining The Voice as an Adviser

You have to say this about NBC's The Voice (8pm): the show's behind-the-scenes team knows a thing or two about luring in big-name talent. Country-turned-pop singer Taylor Swift will be joining the show this fall as an adviser, according to multiple reports earlier this month. She'll be advising wannabe singers alongside advisers such as Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys. The Voice recently announced that original judge Christina Aguilera will return to the show next year.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Preview: Midterms

Caucus Director AJ Schnack Goes Inside Swing-State Political Campaigns

Now, more than ever, political campaigns play out minute by minute on TV and on our telephones. Candidates' every moves are scrutinized and examined. But, that's just how it seems.

Behind the scenes, many political candidates - including those in states that could reshape the future of the United States - plot and plan their futures on screen while dealing off screen with their personal lives, and the affect their political aspirations are having on them. And they deal with campaign setbacks that few voters ever see, despite the media's nonstop coverage of them and their campaigns.

Stats: The Affair

Showtime's Beautifully Made The Affair Reaches 2.5 Million Viewers
The Hollywood Reporter

(Read TVFirstLook's review of The Affair here.)

The Affair (Showtime, 10pm) - Data released Friday by Showtime tout a total premiere viewership of 2.5 million subscribers. That number, which excludes the free clicks from the sampling on YouTube, includes 1.7 million viewers in live-plus-three-day returns for Sunday's multiple plays and 850,000 viewers on-demand and authenticated platforms. Keep reading.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Preview: Big Driver

Maria Bello is on a Revenge Bender in Stephen King's Big Driver

Do ... not ... mess with Maria Bello's Tess Thorne. On Lifetime's first Stephen King adaptation, Big Driver (8pm), Tess is a New England novelist who's driving home late one evening on a long, lonely, isolated stretch of forested roads. That can't be good.

Tess's tire blows out, leaving her stranded alone in the middle of the night. When another driver finally drives by, and stops to help her, Tess's night goes from scary to dangerous. In a hurry. She's repeatedly raped and attacked.

Which could've been the end of her ordeal. But in Big Driver, Maria's Tess is charged up to get revenge on her attacker. Maria co-stars with Oscar-winner Olympia Dukakis and rocker Joan Jett.

Preview: Transporter: The Series

High-Energy Transporter: The Series is Part of a France-to-U.S. TV Trend
The Hollywood Reporter

TNT will premiere Transporter: The Series (9pm), a high-octane TV series based on Luc Besson's hit action-film franchise about a courier who will deliver anything, anywhere — no questions asked.
Transporter: The Series is notable not only for its bumpy road to TNT. 

The show also represents a low-profile but steady trend in international TV: French-made series in English are invading American airwaves, reversing the typical model by which U.S. studios sell their shows around the world.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

5Qs on Friday: Danny Boome

Danny Boome Travels America In Search of (Really Good) Healthy Food

Danny Boome is one of those TV personalities who show up from time to time on cooking shows, each time bringing a lively enthusiasm for cooking and eating that may make you wonder why you don't see more of the handsome, Brit-accented TV host, chef and blogger.

Danny, who's best known stateside for hosting Food Network's Rescue Chef and his appearances on shows like ABC's daytime food-talk show The Chew, is taking over Z Living's show Good Food America. The show kicks off its second season on Sunday at 9pm.

On the show, Danny travels from coast to coast - to restaurants like Wicked Kitchen food truck in Santa Monica, Calif. to True Food Kitchen in Phoenix, Ariz. to Beuchert's Saloon in Washington D.C.

Danny spoke with TVFirstLook about Good Food America and trekking around the country in search of food that's both healthy and delicious.

TVFirstLook: It’s incredible how many states and cities you’re visiting on Good Food America. How are you keeping your energy up?